Joys of coaching part 2

A few days had passed and slowly I've begun to meet all my girls. I walked through the change room on my way to my office when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks and just about dropped my morning coffee. Cassy had just got out of the shower and had a towel done up in a bun around her head, and one around her waist. I tried to turn around and leave quietly, but she noticed me as she turned around. Coach! She exclaimed "Sorry to startle you, had a early workout before class didn't expect you to be here this early" she stated as she held one arm across her chest to half cover herself.

I tried to think about what I should say that would be and sound professional in this situation and came up with "sorry""my office""your beautiful"
She just laughed still bearly making an effort to hide herself. "last years coach was female, so most of us are pretty comfortable with staff walking in here." I finally got real words out of my mouth and replied with "I'll try and knock next time to give warning" Cassy agreed but assured me that she and the rest of the team are big girls and it's really not a big deal as she undid the towel from her head and her breast sat still and uncovered. I sensed the stiring reaction, I was starting to feel and started walking past her towards my office. As I passed by she reached out and brushed her hand on my thigh and I turned to her. Cassy spoke in a soft voice that I knew only the two of us could hear. "It's going to be a wonderful year with you around coach."
I wanted to reach out and cup her glorious orbs that sat only a foot away from me.
She stepped closer to me and I could feel her stiffened nipples through my own shirt as her hand touched my inner thigh and traced up towards my crotch. She could feel my hardening shaft and new she had me.
I put my coffee on the bench next to us and reached out with my right hand and dragged it along her cleavage. She let soft moan escape her lips and undid my zipper. "What if someone comes?" I whispered. In a soft calm voice she said "It's early, nobodies here yet" I was still nervous but raw emotions took over and I wasn't about to stop this little goddess from doing what she had started doing.

She fished out my hardened cock and looked up at me with it in her hand. By now I had two hands on her breasts and was tugging and rolling each nipple through my fingertips. I now heard my belt buckle echo as it it the hard floor in the empty change room. She giggled at the look on my faced as she lowered her self as those lovely hard nipples escaped my grasps. She began by licking the underside of my head and and fondled my shaven balls. She started licking just little circles around my head tasting my pre cum. Teasing me she ran her fingernails along the side of my shaft. I knew she was just toting with me and so desparetly wanted to shovemmy length to the back of her throat. She looked up at me wide eyed and started feeding inches into her mouth. She was making this look so hot, I knew I was gonna last long. I felt my head touch her throat and she let out a little gagged cough and let back some. She reached passed my balls as she started bobbing away on me and caressed my taint and then went a little farther and touched my hole.

Instinctively I shivered and she let out a gargled laugh and sped up her pace. Next she backed off completely and touched her you've to my slit where a could see I long line of pre cum connecting us. She drew to fingers to her lips and licked them as I watched her then reach back for my hole while she started jerking me off with her left hand.
I wasn't ready and didn't expect the gentle push she gave as her two digits entered me. She swallowed me fully again and started working those fingers ever so slowly. This girl new what she was doing and started pushing her head onto my rod till I felt her nose brush my pelvic bone. She had to finger working me at an increasing speed and was kneading my balls just coaxing my load. I felt it building up and let out a grunt that sounded nothing like english but she got the idea. She blew me hard and fast just waiting to feel it run throughout my shaft. She lulled back and curled her tounge around the tip of my engorged head. My body stiffened and and I released thick spurt after spurt of cum. She did her best to keep up all the while thrusting now three fingers in and out of me. She had a rope hanging from her chin to her boob the she quickly scooped up with a finger that twenty seconds ago was inside of me. She stood up as I sat on the bench. "That was amazing!" was all I could say. She started getting dressed and disappeared into a stall. "I wanted to welcome you to the team" she said as I could hear a trickle of her starting to pee. "I have to meet up with some girls for breakfast before class" she yelled out she flushed and came out of the stall in some yoga pants and a school shirt. "I'll seya at practice later" and she was out the door I just stood up took a swig of my almost cold coffee and walked into my office.

I sat down in my chair replaying in my mind the event that had just happened. I really loved my job I thought to myself. I pulled out some pallets and couldn't wait for practice to start.
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3 years ago
nice one coach
3 years ago
I think it moved..., very hot. Can't wait to read more.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
nice story, hope there is more.