The joys of coaching

We land and I get off the plane and say to myself "it's good to be home." My name is Jamie Sellers. I was a pro footballer or soccer as I call it here, back in the uk for a division two team, but I blew out my knee for the second time at twenty six and I've come to realize my playing days are finished
Where one door closes another opens, as my old college back in Canada called me up about a coaching position. They had an offer of the women's team head coach and heard about my injury and thought this would help me out. I accepted immediately and packed up and headed home. This school was a great chance for me, I looked at it as way to get back to Europe and start coaching the pro's there. So I was willing to take anything I could get even if it meant dealing with twenty five women on a daily basis.

I arrived at the training facility to meet bosses and the team. In the back of my mind I was looking forward to working with twenty five fit girls too. I learned names of directors, recruiters, trainers and various other staff but desperately wanted to meet the talent I was gonna be working with all year. They led me to a brand new gym and I met a few girls, first a five ten centerback named Tori that was streching along side a good looking girl named Cassy. The other girl, I was told was my goal keeper who had transferred from South America. Tori and Cassy were great looking girls but before me was a latin beauty. My guide introduced me and explained that this was Leona and she's learning English but will need extra help sometimes when I'm explaining what I want done. This gorgeous girl was amazing. Olive skin tone, 5'9, big bright blue eyes, brunette and a sexy accent that showed she really wanted to have you understand what she was saying or trying to say. I think Tori and Cassy may have caught me staring but they just gave me a coy smile and carried on with their workout. Tori was a tall light blonde haired girl with brown eyes and hips that grabbed your attention instantly. Cassie was only and inch shorter than Tori and had longer legs by the looks of it. She wore just a sports bra and yoga pants that I could only imagine the treasures that lay beneath those.

I continued on around and throughout the campus and met most of my team. This was gonna be hard to focus I joked with my guide Joey "all my players are beautiful" he laughed and agreed and we continued on. I met a Katie in the library that was one of my midfielders. She was shorter and had big brown eyes and darker pouty lips. Her arms had strong definition and I could see her calves were not something to be taken lightly. Her chest sat proudly in front of her, as if she was just looking for affection for those soft supple mounds. I guessed they were about a c cup and once again I think I looked too long because she brought her book over her chest as we were introduced and shook hands. We went out to the field were I watched from the stands about 10 girls run through drills and finish with a scrimmage.

I wondered over to my new office and noticed the only entrance was via the women's change room. I a small window with blinds that allowed me to see most of the team locker bay and the exit of the shower room. Two more ladies came by to say hi and both seemed to lean over my desk for a period of time to shake my hand after their game. Neither seemed bothered that they were changing only a few meters away from my office and my wide open door. I stayed put and did some paperwork and absent-mindedly listened to the sounds of sweaty women shuffling in to change and freshin up themselves and continue there days. I hears my name a few times and yells and laughter and water splashing and couldn't help but imagine what was going on only a short distance away. I conjured up in my mind all the various pornos I've seen with shower scenes and inserted the girls I'd met today.

I imagined Cassie slowly soaping up Tori and Katie just standing in front of them teasing both girls while tugging on her erect nipples. I thought about how I wished Tina, a girl I met earlier would come up behind Katie and run both hands around her breast while dragging her exposed clit along Katies strong asscheeks. Or how much Tori would be turned on and reach down and begin to rub her little nub to extreme pleasure. Both sets of girls would move up to one another and take turns licking breasts and passionately kissing one another. I could see in my head Leona turning up and kneeling down to taste Cassy's sweet nectar. Cassy would be just holding her by the back of the head feeding her as much of her sex as she could take. I wanted Tina to have two fingers inside of Katie's sopping vagina and thrusting as hard as she could to make the hard bodied angel collapse in the middle of the shower room floor. I could almost hear the grunts and moans of pleasure I so vividly created in my mind. Wishing my thoughts were true I wanted to see so bad my tan skinned goddess turn around just in time to catch most of the spray from Katies shattering orgasm.

I shot awake and came back to reality when I realized I had been rubbing my own hard on this whole time and came in my shorts. Luckily I had a a extra pair in my bag in my office, I reached over closed the door and quietly changed. I made a note to myself to get under control and locked up my room and left the empty changeroom to head home. This seemed like a job I could enjoy.
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