Threesome with my Nephew & his mate

At 19 Calum is my oldest nephew and although my b*****r is not his biological dad, he has brought him up as his own since he met his mum when he was just a k**. With him living some distance away, It had been a couple of years since I last saw him, so at this f****y get together at my b*****rs I was shocked at how much he had changed, mixed race & 6ft 2in he had been seriously hitting the gym and was ripped to fuck. All evening I was having a load of banter with Calum,his girlfriend Lauren & mate Richie, who was 18 yrs old about 6ft & with a shaven head, although he was not as muscular as Calum, I could tell he was toned through his fitted white t-shirt. It soon got two just the four of us still partying, Calum started making more than the 'gay' banter comments with his uncle, & initially I thought I was just getting the wrong end of the stick, but when we alone in the kitchen getting a drink, he just came out and said 'So you top or bottom? I've let Ritchie throw a few fingers up my arse too keep him happy when am nailing him, but hats it' I was gobsmacked and just laughed it of, but then he asked me if I was up for a threesome with him & Ritchie, I was like 'oh yeah and Lauren's going to watch is she' making a joke of it, Calum replied 'with another one of my vodka & coke's she will be out like a light' Back in the living room I could'nt help but get a proper bone on just thinking about it & thought 'hmmm great wank for me later' well low an behold Lauren had fell fast asl**p & within seconds our Calum whipped his massive, rock hard cock out & told Ritchie to clean it, right on his knee's he started to polish his smooth cock & Calum eyes were transfixed on mine. He told me to come over, when I did he unbuttoned my jeans and started sucking me of after a couple of minutes Calum said we can pop round to Lauren's house as her parents are away and Ritchie groans like a bitch, five minutes later we were all naked in their house and Calum was ordering Ritchie to 'suck my cock & eat my arse' I returned the favour with the orders and joined Ritchie in working over Calum's cock balls and arse with my mouth an tongue. 'So you top or bottom then uncle Gary' Vers I said, with that my nephew, 15 years my junior had me on all fours with my arse in the air and his tongue right up my hole, getting it ready for his huge cock, with both me & Ritchie like old alley cats on heat, presenting ourselves, taking turns as he took no prisoners and banged away as hard as he could for a good 30 minutes, then without speaking a word he had Ritchie squat down on my prick while he rammed his cock down my throat, after a few minutes he told us both to open up then squirted a load of thick jizz over our faces and put his bell end in our mouths to clean it all up, I then emptied my load all over my chest while Ritchie blew his load over my balls. Joking, I said as we were getting dressed, that's one secret that's not coming out of Christmas dinner & Calum firmly told me I was the only thing gettin stuffed!
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2 months ago
I just tell it as it was... just uploaded my latest escapades
5 months ago
I enjoy your writing. No, I enjoy your fucking.
6 months ago
Haha glad ur enjoyin my taboo fuck sessions
6 months ago
mmmmm another fucking dirty incest tale...mmmmmm good boi ;)
7 months ago
Yeah I had stage of feeling up guys asleep and got exstacy off the risk of waking him and being shamed. My two best school friends and most joyful being my 17 year old mate who stayed over lots. He was a dream in looks and of had a fantastic big bubble butt that was smooth and it teased me daily as he sagged and bent. He had his own fetish for flashing me with butt slit and it just was not said into fact. I wish Id tryed pull him with a line like what a nice butt. So he got bed rubbed as he was drunk i had his booty in my hands face all night. yummy flesh licks stolen and had by cruel intentionx
7 months ago
Love taboo fucks me lad, got quite a few tales I cud tell about ne an my cousin when we were 14 until he joined the raf when he was 19 but reckon I'd get in shite ha
7 months ago
fuck yeah thats hot
7 months ago
Nothing like taboo fucking too get the juices flowing is there
7 months ago
fucking mint!