Stripper Confessions: Superbowl Gangbang

Hey, guys, it's been awhile, I was outta town for a bit but I just got back to Vegas, things have already gotten a little crazy.

I wrote about my friend Jason before, I have hooked up with him and a few of his friends and I texted him when I knew I was coming back to town. He said he was having a superbowl party and that I should come by. I don't like football but I told him I'd come by. So on Sat. and Sun. morning he sends me texts asking if I was sure I was going to be there, I didn't think much of it but told him that I promised I would.

So, I'm a little horny as always so I dress up for the party, cause I know there are gonna be a lot of guys there, I shower and shave my pussy and put on low cut jeans, a tight T shirt but I put on 5" black heels. I show up to the party at Jason's house and the game has already started, Jason introduces me to a bunch of guys, there are are few there I already know, but now I'm noticing I'm the ONLY girl there and basically every guy is looking me over and there are about 12 guys there.

I pulled Jason aside and asked him what the fuck was going on and he started to smile and just said "what?" I have hooked up with him and his friends before so I know they talk about it and the word gets out. I was like "You're fucked up, I'm leaving." I don't know how he convinced me to stay but he started sweet talking me then we went into his room and smoked a bit and he got me one of my favorite beers and I went back to watch the game with him in the living room. It was crowded so I sat on Jason's lap.

A few of the guys said they liked my shoes and were chatting me up, I know he told them I was coming and that I'm a slut and that it might turn into a wild evening and it pissed me off a bit but I relaxed and had a few more beers and watched Madonna do her half time thing which was the only part that wasn't boring.

My Friends Ty and Lee were there too, I have hooked up with them as well and I got off Jason's lap and sandwiched myself between them. I realized there were six guys there that I had fucked before lol. The doorbell rang and in walked 3 more guys I didn't know so now there were about 15.

Well, soon the game was over (thank god). The guys had been waiting on me hand and foot, bringing me drinks and making me do shots. I brushed my hand over Ty's pants and realized he was totally hard. Now that the game was over all the attention turned to me.

One of the guys asked if I was a dancer and suggested that I danced for them there. I joked "Where are the tips?" OMG, I've never seen guys pull out cash that fast before, in like a minute there was prolly about $200 thrown down onto the coffee table. I laughed and said okay and started doing a little number in the middle of the room. One guy said "Don't stripper's usually take their tops off?" and all the guys cheered so I pulled my T shirt off and showed them my firm breasts.

The guys were really into watching me, Jason handed me another shot and I drank it down, then one of the guys joked "I thought this was an all nude club"
and I joked that there needed to be A LOT more tips for that. And I watched another few hundred pile onto the coffee table, it was funny.

Now I was pretty relaxed and excited too so I slowly pulled off my jeans, just revealing a tiny white thong and I put my heels back on. I sat down on the coffee table on top of the money and spread my legs real wide and starting rubbing my shaved pussy under my thong. The guys were speechless, I was loving the attention ad my pussy was getting really wet.

Another guy brought me a shot but instead of drinking it I took it and poured it over my tits and said "oops, can someone help me, I made a mess."
Jason came over and started licking the whiskey off my belly, working his way up to my breasts and then started sucking on my nipple. Ty joined in and sucked on the other one. I felt so dirty doing it with all the guys watching and it was making me sooo fuckin horny.

Now all the guys wanted to join in so they handed me a few more shot and I poured those on me but I kinda missed and most of it landed on the floor. Jason started messing with me. "you're gonna clean that up, right?"
I told him of course and got on my hands and knees with my ass pushed up towards all the guys and started licking the booze off the floor. To really make the guys crazy I reached around and inserted my finger into my pussy, it was dripping wet. Just then Jason came from behind and pulled my thong to the side and poured some sticky booze all over my ass and pussy. The guys cheered and I felt Jason's tongue all over my pussy and then dark into my tight little asshole. I let him go to work on me and rested my head on the coffee table. That's when I noticed Ty had taken his cock out!

I grabbed Ty's cock with one hand and then started sucking it, that's when I heard Jason unzip his pants and then felt the head of his hard cock at my pussy. I wanted him so bad and pushed back onto his throbbing meat. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard as I sucked o Ty's big hard cock.

That was the signal for the rest of the guys, within minutes they all had their cocks out and the next thing I knew I also had a cock in each hand, then Jason wanted to fuck my mouth so Ty got up and another guy started to fuck my pussy, it felt amazing but my knees were hurting on the floor so one of the guys threw down a blanket. They kept me on my knees for awhile and took turns fucking my pussy and mouth while I jerked off as many hard cocks in my hands that I could. Then Jason took another turn in my pussy and without any warning pushed his cock into my tight little asshole. His cock stretched out my little ass and now all the guys wanted a turn in there too. I wanted to flip over though so I did and took another cock in my mouth and one in each hand while they took turns fucking my little butthole.

I took cock after cock in my ass it was crazy, I'm pretty sure all 15 guys fucked my ass, then Jason laid down and I got on top of him and guided his rod into my pussy while Ty got behind me and started fucking my ass. I hadn't been DP'd in awhile and it felt amazing. another guy started fucking my mouth and I grabbed a hard cock in each hand, I couldn't get enough and came sooo fuckin' hard at that moment. Ty got up and another guy took his place in my ass and they kept me in that position, taking turns DPing my pussy and little asshole.

One guy was huge, like 10" and I thought they were gonna split me in half as he pushed his cock into my ass while I had another big one in my pussy. This all went on for awhile and then I told the guys I wanted to taste their cum so one by one they took turns fucking my mouth, sometimes ramming their cocks down my throat and then cumming in my mouth or in my face. There was still a guy fucking my ass as the other guys were cumming on me and I guess he couldn't wait cause I felt him tense up and then he shot his load deep into my butthole.

A few other guys who were ready to blow their loads and didn't wanna wait started doing the same thing and before I knew it my ass was filled up with 5 or 6 loads of cum while my face was totally covered as well. After the last guy came in my ass I reached back and felt all the cum dripping out of it. It was soo stretched out and I easily was able to put four fingers into it. A few of the guys wanted to cum again but I was so spent and tired but they begged and I got on my knees while I gave a few more blow jobs and then took their loads down my throat.

At this point i was totally covered in cum and spent so Jason let me shower and then I fell asl**p for a bit and when I woke up almost all the guys were gone. Jason had ordered a pizza so I ate a little before I left....I still don't know who won the superbowl but I had an awesome time ;) xoxoxo B.
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11 months ago
mmmmmm FUCK this whore is the best ! I love a slut like this , she's a real team player !
take note girls,
bro's before hoe's
1 year ago
hey guys, I'm back, slightly different profile name but it's me, HMU, might write more soon!
2 years ago
Made my 11 inch BBC hard as hell.!!
2 years ago
What a freak, I love it.
2 years ago
would love to meet you when i cum to vegas
2 years ago
omg.....I couldnt help myself while reading this!! had to stroke my cock the entire time! damn your sexy gir!
2 years ago cock is hard
3 years ago
your such a dirty girl!! :)
3 years ago
That was a hot fucking story. The image of you drenched in that much cum made me hard enough to break rocks. You've done it again darlin ;)
I cam super hard on this story!
3 years ago
Wow, hot!
3 years ago
sounds like a great party!
3 years ago
3 years ago
That story was so fucking hot....loved it.
3 years ago
im pissed i didnt get an invite to that superbowl party! damn that was a great story would have loved to be there!
3 years ago
mmm you are a hottie!
3 years ago
Lucky guys.