My fucked up weekend in San Diego

Hey guys, it's been awhile, some of you have been asking for another story and I didn't have a new one...until this weekend. As some of you know who chat with me, I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas. Anyway, I work with this girl who is like the biggest slut in the place but she can be cool too, she is the only other girl I know who admits to like getting gangbanged so we kinda bond over that cause she makes me feel a little more normal, shes 28 and let's just call her Crystal.

Anyway, she has this total sugar daddy, Mark, down in San Diego and he comes to Vegas and she goes down there sometimes, he's a total pervert too but cool in his own way and really loaded. So she tells me shes going down to do a bachelor party and Mark is paying her $2,000. She asks if I wanna go, that she can get me the same amount and I'm like "no way, no one pays that" so she gets on the phone and tells him she wants to bring me, and that he has to pay me the same and hes like "lemme see a pic" so we send him one and hes like "yeah, shes totally hot, bring her."

So I ask her what we have to do at the party and she just smiles and laughs and says whatever we want to. And she tells me that he's putting us up in a room too. So on Friday we leave and drive down there, the traffic sucked, Crystal kept telling me how much she wanted to get fucked that weekend. So we drive right to Mark's place. It's like a fucking mansion, omg. He's about 40, okay looking, and he's just by himself, so he gets us drinks and we go out on the balcony. The Crystal is like "Daddy, we need some money for some outfits for the bachelor party tomorrow, please." and he's like "oh yeah?" and basically pushes her down on her knees and takes out his cock! Im like, omg. So she starts sucking him off and he's like "come here" to me so I walk over and get besides Crystal cause it was really hot and we take turns blowing him, then he tells us to make out and Crystal is hot so we do it, then we suck him off some more until finally he comes on both of us. Then Crystal starts licking the cum off my face, it was pretty hot.

Next thing I know he gives us $500.00 each, wtf??? But I take it. We have a few more drinks but no more sex stuff, then Crystal and I went to the hotel room that he got for us, it wasn't too fancy but it was nice. Now it's late so we go to sl**p in one king size bed. I wake up at like 4 am, Crystal is going down on me and makes me cum really hard, I hanked her and we kissed for a bit then I passed out again, I was so tired.

So then next day we sl**p in and then Crystal takes me to this store which is like a bondage store but they didnt have anything cool so we went and bought two pairs of "fuck me" heels each in this cool shoe store, I love shoes hehee. Anyway, we went out for sushi and just kept the rest of the money.

Then we went back and took a nap and when we woke up it was time for the bachelor party at Mark's. Crystal wore a really short black dress with black heels and I wore this silver sort dress that I basically stole from my friend and clear plastic heels. We showed up and the driveway was all BMWs and Jags and stuff. There were about 14 guys inside and they clapped when we came in, Mark introduced us and then we went into the bedroom to get ready.

Crystal was like, "lets put on a really hot show, you just follow my lead, you can be the slave." It sounded hot so I was like ok. I stripped down to my heels and a thong and then put thigh high fishnets on and a bra, Crystal stripped down to black hot shorts and a bra and her heels and she was like lets go.

We walk out and all the guys are gathered around, Crystal puts down the blanket and tells me to get down on all fours and starts spanking me and calling me a slut. I'm totally turned on, every guy is looking at me and looks like they want to fuck me! So she takes out a dildo and then pours oil all over my back and ass and pussy and says "should I fuck this little slut?" and the guys go crazy. Then she starts fucking me with the dildo and I start getting into it, then she says "should I fuck her ass?" and they go insane! So now shes drilling my ass with the dildo too, and she puts another one in my mouth. Then she rips it out of my mouth and calls me a little whore and grabs my hands behind my back and cuffs me with the furry cuffs. she continues fucking my pussy and ass with the dildo and then says "I need some help" so this guy get up and takes over with the dildo and she gets on all fours in front of me and makes me lick her pussy. Now the guys are going insane and start taking turns fucking my ass with the dildo as I lick crystals pussy. Crystal then says, "okay, you've been a good little whore" and takes the cuffs off and tells me to give some lap dances so I do, the first guy I get on reaches around and puts his fingers right in my pussy, I was like, wtf? but it felt good, so now Crystal and I are both grinding on the guys when I look over and Crystal has a guys cock out and as she grinds on one guy she's sucking off another.

I didnt know if this was the deal or what but now there are like 5 guys around me with their cocks out cause of what Crystal did. so I'm like "fuck it" and start sucking them off, I have one in my mouth and one in each hand and now I feel someone fingers in my ass and I'm getting really, really horny. So I look over at Crystal and shes like "are you having fun?" and I just laugh, shes got about half the guys around her taking turns fucking her mouth, and now I feel a cock pressing against my pussy, OMG, I wanted it so bad, I pushed back onto the cock and I was like "fuck me guys" and then I felt the guy deep inside me as he started to fuck me really hard. I looked up at Crystal was leaving the room with Mark but I didn't care, now there were about 13 guys around me, I had never seen so many hard cock in all my life. They started getting rough and were like "suck my cock you little slut" and I did my best to keep up.

I think the third guy was inside my pussy when I felt two of the guys grab my arms behind my back and put the furry cuffs on me, I tried to resist cause I was not down for it but it was no use, my hands were now cuffed behind my back, they continued to fuck my pussy and mouth and then I felt the first cock of the night push into my little asshole. I said "no, don't" cause they were getting too rough but someone just jammed another cock in my mouth. Crystal was nowhere to be found now, these guys were basically r****g me now but theres that fucked up part of me that really liked it too. I came twice as they were fucking me. I heard them snap pictures on their phones too as they were taking turns fucking my ass.

Then they picked me up, still cuffed and threw me down on the bed, one guy grabbed my head and f***ed his cock down my throat as the other guys continued fucking my ass and pussy. I lost count of how many guys fucked my pussy and ass, some guys started cumming on me, in my hair, on my ass, all over, then they took more pictures.

Finally Mark came back with Crystal. Did she uncuff me? No, she grabbed me by my hair and f***ed me down on my knees and made me suck Mark's cock until he came in my mouth. After that I passed out on the floor, still cuffed! I woke up to yet another guy fucking me in my ass, which was totally stretched out by now and I was like "can you please uncuff me" and he was like "in a minute", and pulled out, yanked off his condom and came all over my ass, then he uncuffed me. OMG. I was free. Crystal was passed out on Mark's bed, what a bitch! Most of the guys were gone. I found a blanket an went to sl**p on the couch, the next day Crystal and I went back to the hotel, I could barely walk. I was like "why did you do that to me?" and he was like "You had fun didnt you?" I just smiled a little, she is still fucked up...oh, btw, Mark paid us, by check haha, wtf. Anyway, hope you all like my story;)
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2 years ago
Anytime you come to San Diego, Give me a call. ;_0
2 years ago
Wow I'm throbbing now
3 years ago
damn, best orgasm this week. gotta stay away from her storys cause my balls are starting to look and feel exhausted.
3 years ago
dam that would be fucked up lol
3 years ago
Well that was some party would have loved tobe there mqaybe you invite me next time thanks
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Hot story. Your such a dirty girl
3 years ago
great story, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Wow that's fucking hotttt u were force fucked by 14 men and a woman not many women can say that
3 years ago
mmm love to have this done to my wife :)