Stripper Confessions-gangbang #2

Hey guys, I really got off on telling you all about my first gangbang, well, here's the story on my second one, this is all true.
I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas, on one of my days off this last summer I decided to go sit out by the pool in my apt. complex and get some sun. From my window I could see that no one was down by the pool this afternoon. I slipped into one of my bikins, this one was lime green and really showed off my tits in a nice way. I grabbed my Ipod and a towel and headed down to the pool to lie out.
I notice this funny thing happens when I lie out by the pool, there is no one there, and then as soon as I lie down, a bunch of guys show up, which is exactly what happened this afternoon!
There was a group of four guys that all came down together, all in their twenties and pretty cute, they were pretty obvious about looking at me and I can't say I minded the attention. Soon one of the guys came up and introduced himself as Mark, we got to chatting and he said that he and his friends were visiting from LA, they had come to see their buddy who lived in my complex but who was at work, soon the other guys came up when they saw I didn't bite and I started talking to all of them, they asked what I did and I told then I was a dancer, then about ten seconds later they asked if I wanted a beer. haha they didn't waste any time!
They brought down some beers and we all started drinking until it started getting dark, I was the center of attention and loving it I must admit. I could tell they were all really into me and it turned me on big time.
One of the guys said he was starving and I said why not bring the beers over to my apt. and we could order some pizza and continue partying. They all agreed and we headed toward my place. I was getting wet just thinking about what might happen, I think we all knew we were not going to order any food!
Once inside my place we all sat down on my two couches, Mark and his friend were on either side of me. They all complimented me on my tits and asked if they were real, I said no, then one of the guys, Andy, asked if he could feel them, that he had never felt fake ones before. I knew this was bullshit but knew where this was leading!
I got up and closed the blinds and pulled my bikini top down, and Andy came over and started squeezing my big tits. Now one of the other guys asked if he could feel them too. A minute later I had a guy sucking on each tit and I was getting really turned on. As they sucked on my nipples I reached down and could feel their hard cocks through their shorts.
Now Mark and he other guy got up and were taking turns sucking on my nipples which were rock hard, I started making out with Mark as I felt a hand slide under my bikini bottom and then felt a finger slide into my dripping wet shaved pussy.
I slid down onto my knees and the guys took their cocks out, I started sucking Marks big boner first while stroking off a cock in each hand, then pulled two cocks into my mouth at the same time, I stayed on my knees like that for a bit, sucking on all their cocks and feeling like the biggest slut and loving it.
I soon felt a tugging on the side of my bikini bottom and leaned forward as one of the guys entered my pussy with his rock hard cock. He started pounding my tight hole as I sucked off his friend and stroked a cock in each hand. They took turns fucking my little pussy like that while I was on my hands and knees, It felt so good handling all those cocks at once and it wasn't long before I came.
As one of the guys was fucking me from behind, I reached back and slid my finger into my asshole and started playing with it. I heard the guy ask if I liked it that way and the next thing I knew his was inching his thick cock into my little rear, I guess I had asked for it!
Now they all wanted to fuck my ass and that's exactly what they did, taking turns plowing their big dicks into my tight rear. It felt amazing, I was the biggest bitch in heat as I sucked their cocks and took them up my ass.
I heard one of the guys on the phone, and he said his friend was getting off work and could he come over and join in, I said sure and then put a cock back in my mouth.
Mark then laid down on the couch and told me to come over, I got on top of him and slid is hard cock into my pussy while his friend fed his cock into my mouth from behind the couch. I then felt one and then two (I think) fingers in my asshole as Andy asked if I wanted to try something a little different. OMG, I had never been DP'd before, my boyfriend had put a dildo in my ass while fucking me but I had never done it with two real cocks.
I said yes and arched my back as Andy slid his cock into my asshole. It felt amazing having a cock in my pussy and ass and mouth at the same time and I came right away! They took turns fucking me like this for about a half hour, rotating between my mouth, ass and pussy, then there was a knock at the door, it was their friend but he had brought two more guys with him. OMG! Seven guys at once? At first I was a little pissed but then I said fuck it and motioned them to come over to the couch where I eagerly stated sucking their fresh cocks.
They continued to fuck me, but the new guys were a little rougher, choking me out a bit and pinning my hands behind my back, I gotta admit, I kinda liked it though. One of the new guys had a huge cock and was fucking the hell out of my face, forcing me down on his tool while his friend banged the hell out of my ass as two of the other guys pinned my arms back, I couldn't stop it now if I wanted. Soon the guy with the huge cock started to tremble and I felt a huge load of cum shoot out and slide down my throat. Quickly, his cock was replaced by another guys who also roughly fucked my mouth but then pulled out at the last second and sprayed his load all over my face. The guy who was fucking my ass started making noises and it wasn't long before he shot his load deep inside my asshole. Mark then flipped me over and the two new guys held me down as he fucked my mouth for all it was worth before coming in my throat.
One of the new guys was hard again and roughly grabbed me from behind, pinning my arms behind me with one hand then started to fuck my ass again as he pushed my head down onto the glass coffee table, he told the guys to come on top of the table and I watched as three big loads got sprayed into pile in front of me.
Still fucking my ass, the guy pushed me forward on the table and pushed my head towards the cum where I eagerly licked it all up, I felt like such a slut and came again with the guys hard cock in my ass. It wasn't long before he pulled out and shot a load all over my ass!
By now the guys were pretty spent and we were all worn out. Five of the guys soon left but Mark and Andy stayed and we did end up getting that pizza, they joked that I was going to fuck the delivery guy and I joked back I was all worn out. We ate then they left to do some partying around Vegas.
The next morning there was a knock at the door, it was Mark and he said they were leaving that day, I told him I had fun, even with his friends getting a little rough and he said sorry. I told him I'd give him a going away present and knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his pants.
He got hard quick and I sucked his cock for a little bit then he bent me over the couch and started fucking my pussy, before spitting on my ass and then easily sliding his cock into my stretched out rear. Soon I felt his muscles tighten as he shot his cum deep into my ass.
All in all it was quite a weekend, one I will never forget... If you like this story, lemme know, it's been fun chatting with some of you, it's nice to be at a place where I'm not judged ;) Bye Bye for now...

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11 months ago
mmmmmm fucking hot ! you are a good little slut ! I need to bring my friends to visit you :-)
thanks for the story I got off on it
1 year ago
I'm back bitches! I have a new profile but yes, this is my story and i'm glad you all like it xoxo Brianna
2 years ago
Sucks soo bad she retired. Best gangbang stories on xhamster by far.
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
another great story!
3 years ago
i like your story =)
3 years ago
Damn I need to meet you!! Vegas here baby
3 years ago
You are sexy lady thanks for your story
3 years ago
Good story,your a good writer, that left me feeling horny.
3 years ago
extremely hot action!
3 years ago
great story I love the detail
3 years ago
HOT story! You are an excellent writer. Thanks for posting all the sexiness.
3 years ago
Loved it doll....I will be in Vegas soon would love to see you dance...
3 years ago
OMG I can't stop jacking off here 2 your story lovely ;-* can u help a brother out here ;-) keep up the good work with them story boo
3 years ago
Great story. Very, very hot stuff ;) Thanks for sharing it with us.
3 years ago
HOLY FUCK! that was such a hot story! wish i could have been number 8! i would love to have a go at u keep up the great work
3 years ago
very good tell us about the rest of your sex life
3 years ago
very nice story
great that you enjoy your life this way
3 years ago
3 years ago
that was so hot made me sooo horny ;)