Pool Party Gangbang with my GF

Hey guys, as a lot of you know I a stripper here in Las Vegas. I know a lot of you have been dying for another story from me. Sorry, I've been lazy but here is a good one that recently happened.

I get invited to A LOT of pool parties out here, prolly cause I'm a slut and I usually end up fucking at least a few guys at most of them lol ;) Anyway, in July I got invited to yet another at a house where there were a few guys I had hooked up with before. I invited my friend Amber to come along. She's a dancer too and might be even a bigger slut than me if that's possible!

So she picks me up at my house so we can get ready. I ask her what shes wearing and she shows me this tiny silver thong bikini she's going to wear. I really liked it and tried it on myself, omg, it barely covered my pussy and the top was way too small but it was hot looking. Well, we made a few drinks and I settled on this really skimpy blue bikini that is shiny and really made my tits look good. Then we were off.

We show up at the party and there are a lot of people. My friend made us some more drinks and we went to get into the pool. There were a ton of cute guys there. Well, we stripped down and almost all of the guys were looking at us...and I think all the girls hated us!

We got into the water and chilled out for a bit, then some more drinks and some food then more drinks, now it was getting dark but the party was still going. a lot of guys were flirting with us. One of the guys suggested that Amber and I take our tops off, so we did, which pissed off a few of the girls I think cause I heard them say something nasty and a few of them left. Then one of the guys was like "you two should make out" So I grabbed Amber and we started kissing. I have hooked up with her before, she;s hot a shit.

Now when I looked around I noticed all the guys checking out our show and I was getting horny as fuck. The guy who owned the house asked if we wanted to go upstairs in the house to smoke. Haha, I knew what this meant. So Amber and I got out and we went upstairs to the master bedroom which was huge! We smoked for a few minutes while sitting on the bed, there were about six guys in the room with us. Then I wanted to continue the show so I pushed Amber down and peeled of my bikini bottom and pulled her head to my pussy, She started tonguing my pussy. it felt so good! then we switched and I went down on her for a bit. The guys were really into the show.

After going down on her for awhile I got up then sat on her face and made her lick my pussy like that. I was getting so turned on, my nipples were rock hard. I motioned for a few of the guys to come close as they were starting to play with their cocks a bit in front of us. Two guys came up on either side of me and with Amber licking my pussy, I took a cock in each hand and started stroking them then sucking them. Then Amber wiggled out from under me and joined in with a few of the other guys. One of the guys told me not to move and slid under me and started to suck on my pussy just like Amber had been doing.

This went on for a little bit with the cocks in our faces, I was so busy I didn't notice all the other guys walk in. I guess someone told hem that the party had moved upstairs cause when I looked up there were at least 20 guy in the room! Now it just became a whirlwind of hard cocks everywhere. I was on my hand and knees with a cock in each hand and one in my mouth when I felt the first guy o the night behind me. I could feel the tip of his penis on my wet pussy and I pushed back onto him, I wanted it so bad!

Amber was getting fucked too, and she screamed out "fuck my ass" and I looked over to see one of the few black guys with a HUGE fucking cock ease himself into Amber's ass from behind. The guys took turns fucking us. Then then next thing I knew I was riding a guy and I came sooo hard. Then I looked back and saw the black guy that had been fucking Amber before, he pushed me down forward and with a cock still in my pussy he spit on my little asshole then shoved his thumb in and started working it. Another guy got in front of me and offered me his cock to suck and I was able to grab two more, one in each hand as the black guy slowly filled up my tight ass with his 10" of thick meat. OMG, I felt like I was going to split in half but then it started feeling so good, I was taking five cocks at the same time, one in each hand, and one in my mouth, ass and pussy. I came again like three more times, The guys rotated and the black guy who was fucking my ass came around to the front and grabbing the back of my head, slowly pushed his giant shaft down my throat.

He fucked my face for all it was worth and then I felt the first load of cum of the night empty out into my throat and mouth as another cock entered my ass. I looked over and saw that Amber was getting dP'd just like me, and now a few of the guys were cumming. One guy came on her pussy so I crawled over on my hands and knees to her to lick up the cum. When I did this, the guys went nuts! Now she was getting load after load of cum on her pussy and belly and all the guys were cheering for me to lick it off, so I did.

After licking up about ten loads of cum they flipped her over and started fucking Amber's ass really roughly. The first guy pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Amber's stretched out asshole. She had cum dripping down onto her pussy. One of the guys was like " come on, lick it up now" and I just shook my head no. Then two of the guys grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back and and pushed my head down towards Amber's ass. I darted my tongue out and licked up all the cum from around her ass until it was all gone. Then one of the guys called me a good little slut and said "next"

Another guy slid his cock into Amber's ass and fucked it until he came in it. They kept me pinned and made me tongue her asshole again as she moaned in pleasure. This went on a few more times, guys would cum on her ass And I would be f***ed to lick it up, then I said. "I'm not doing this anymore unless someone licks my ass too." And I arched my back and shoved it up in the air. It was a few seconds before I felt a hot tongue in my ass, it felt soo good.

Another load of cum was sprayed on Amber's ass and I eagerly licked it up then began tonging her stretched out little butthole. I felt the tongue in my ass being replaced my yet another cock and looked around to see another 5 or 6 guys had come to join the party. They continued to fuck Amber and I in the pussy and ass, there must have been about 25 guys total, I totally lost count. I know I licked up about 10 loads of cum from Amber's ass though, and another 10 from her pussy, there was just sooo much cum.

Eventually it winded down, and Amber and I passed out on the bed together until the morning when I woke up with another cock in my face and so with Amber still asl**p I took some more meat in my swollen pussy and mouth before he came on my face. It was such a crazy night! I could barely walk the next day and had to call in sick to work. I' a bad girl, I know.

Anyway, hit me up guys if you wanna chat xoxo B.
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10 months ago
Hot as anything I have ever read. Great story!
1 year ago
1 year ago
fuck sounds like one hell of a party.. mmhmmm
2 years ago
Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty! love it!!
2 years ago
great story...sorry I missed that party
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story and great party!
2 years ago
I'm glad you put your foot down and told 'em,lick your ass or you won't continue! Well done. Well said. Great story!
2 years ago
out-fuckin-standing. Reminds me of some adventures I've had with strippers. Keep posting!
2 years ago
Great story thanks for sharing
2 years ago
2 years ago
I'd love to cum to a party and find a hottie like you!
2 years ago
I'd like to find you at a party ;)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot as shit...my cock is literally dripping here in my office.
2 years ago
ur such a hot slut! i fucking love it! u make me wanna come to vegas and not give a shit about the gambling haha