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anyone kno any good dirty songs?

i need a really erotic song with really dirty lyrics for a video comp im making

im thinking about making a mix up video with music of some of the best scenes in the vids in my favorites. i want to make it trippy and erotic and dirty, very lustful like... My only problem is i cant find a song that is worthy of making it with... ive searched and searched and no song seems to be just rite for it... i don't want to use rap or rock, more like techno or something, but it should have filthy nasty or extremely erotic lyrics...

Do any of you kno any really good techno songs that hav really dirty lyrics?? not one with a really fast beat tho... i want it to be hypnotic and super erotic n' nasty.... the lyrics should be filthy and or extremely erotic... i need a list of really good ones so i can check them all out and pick the one i want to use for it...

i was inspired by a video i saw like this to porn clips with a song called "do you like my pussy" and it was the perfect song but i dont want to use that same song.

any suggestions of a song i should use??? leave the name of the song and if u kno who it's by as comments below...

Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 3 years ago
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6 months ago
Nine inch nails
1 year ago
ginuwine, pony saddle.
1 year ago
...and of course, anything by Lords Of Acid
1 year ago
I've actually found Die Antwoord to be a little on the erotic side.
1 year ago
La Marseillaise
1 year ago
Nine Inch Nails Closer fuck the whole downward spiral cd.
1 year ago
Another Peaches trck = Set It Off
1 year ago
Shake yer Dix
1 year ago

2 guys 4 every girl
1 year ago
Diddle my Skittle - Peaches
1 year ago
Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 needs a 21 century remake
2 years ago
Lords of Acid - any song by them would work. I've seen that suggestion though.

There is a funny song called "help me doctor dick" by E-rotic. Can't imagine masterbating to that song though. haha
2 years ago
fuck the pain away by peaches
2 years ago
This is the best one for me:

Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up:
"I am a bitch
How do you want me?
From behind?
Or on my knees?

I am a slut
Please hold me down
I'll be your noise
This shit will fuck you up"


I Like Bukkake:

Rough Sex:
2 years ago
Yep, 9 inch nails closer.
Love Drum Talk babatunde olatunji
Goldfapp ooh la la
shalomar dancing in the sheets
chris isaak wicked game
Get me off basement jaxx
need you tonight inxs
freak me silk
nice and slow usher
candy shop 50 cent and olivia
2 years ago
anything of rammstien gets me in the mood,maybe one at the begining to get there attention
2 years ago
Both songs are by the Brazilian Girls - "Don't Stop" & "Pussy"
2 years ago

could be nasty n cute
2 years ago
one more Sons of funk - Pushin inside of you
2 years ago
DJ Paul - Still gettin my dick suck
LL Cool J - Doin it
Tyrese - Straight Fuckin
Silkk - Freak me Baby
Missy Elliot Pussy Cat

its Soooooooo Many more I just cant think right now
2 years ago
fucking on the dancefloor by dirty sanchez
2 years ago
Iggy and the Stooges did "Cock in My Pocket" back in 1973-4.
2 years ago
Just about any,"2 Live Crew song, the Whisper song, Fuck u Like an Animal by NIN, Froggy Style by Adina Howard, Doggy Style off the above the rim sound track". I know tons more hit me up if you need more.
2 years ago
Pussy by Rammstein
2 years ago
hahah..what luck i just opened a new blog the other day here on xhamster about sexy song. you should check it out
2 years ago
My Neck My Back
2 years ago
"Candy Licker" by Marvin Sease
2 years ago
"Candy Licker" by Marvin Sease is a classic. Everyone go check it out! :)
2 years ago
Cazwell- Ice Cream
2 years ago
"je t'aime moi non plus" from Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Berkin..
i know, i know it's french!