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what is your #1 FAVORITE XHAMSTER VIDEO???

i had this question posted up on my old xhamster page, and ive gotten requests to bring this question back so here goes...

If you could only pick one single XHAMSTER video to have with you on a deserted island, what one video would that be?

It has to be a video found here on xhamster.

if your answer changes over time you can always post your new answer :)


Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 3 years ago
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1 month ago

Love this video, If you PM me, I'll tell you why it's my favorite.
3 months ago
I would have take this one but only watch the last 3 minutes over and over. It is the way sweet young pussy should be fucked.
1 year ago
O no you got me here. SARAH SINGER hard to find.
1 year ago
hi I am looking for a few, or even better, a group it. but not so many in the group have experience fully the demand for it. I'm bi curious and very open and not shy. please get in touch. swinger club parties are okay.

hi ich suche ein paar , sie oder noch besser eine Gruppe. habe noch nicht so viele Erfahrung in der Gruppe habe aber voll das verlangen danach. bi neugierig bin ich auch und sehr offen und nicht schüchtern. bitte meldet euch . swingerclub partys sind okay.
1 year ago
I like watching a little panty wetting while I masturbate
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Oops I missed a letter

I just LOVE at the 6:15 mark when the huge load drops down into her mouth. That made me blow my load big time!!!
1 year ago
So many but I'd have to say the one that I last got off to and today it was this one...
1 year ago
Anything with Carina Collins