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the 2 question HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS version...

ok so as you all know i hav the 2 fun blog questions about what one porn star would you have sex with and what one would you get a blowjob from. a lot of you guys answered that question and i still hav a fun time reading all the answers coz i find it quite interesting how a lot of the answers are different but a lot are the same too... if you havent yet answered those 2 questions be sure to leave ur answers for those 2 questions under the the other blog on my page titled "My TWO fun BLOG questions for guys to answer"

This BLOG is the same 2 questions, only you hav to pick 2 Hollywood actresses.

1) if you could have sex with ONE Hollywood actress, who is 18 years old or older, who would it be?
- if u can think of it, also try to name a movie that she was in, maybe one you thought she was hot in or something - if u cant think of one thats ok
(remember to think long and HARD about your answer ;)

2) if you could get a blowjob from ONE Hollywood actress who is 18 years old or older, who would it be?
(also if u can think of it, also try to name a movie she was in - again, maybe one you think she is hot in or something..if you cant think of one thats ok too)

(the only limitation is that the actress has to be 18 or older)

i cant wait to hear what all the different answers will be, and if certain actresses will be named more than others...this should be quite interesting, maybe even more so that the porn star question in a way...

Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 2 years ago
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2 months ago
1. Marrisa Tomei "My Cousin Vinnie" all the way through to "The Wrestler"
2. Gabrielle Anwar

I love these two gorgeous creatures to distraction.
5 months ago
I would definitely fuck Emma stone an get a blow job from Jennifer Lawrence Emma stone in easy a an jeniffer Lawrence in x men fdays of future past! Also Emma stone would most likely want to try everything and anything :) Jennifer Lawrence because ill hate fuck her throat after seeing her in the silver lining playbook
6 months ago
i like your answer
6 months ago
Current Hottest version

Jennifer Lawrence for both!
6 months ago
MILF version

Diane Lane
Sharon Stone
6 months ago
Sorry about the Hollywood thing but wouldn't waste my time. I love Porn.
6 months ago
1.Sasha Grey 2. Hillary Scott
8 months ago
1.Milla Jovovich
2.Liv Tyler
8 months ago
1. Jessica Alba
2. Angelina Jolie (Probably too generic but what can I say, her lips are too perfect for a bj)
10 months ago
For first i wish Kat Dennings
and for BJ i wish Sasha Grey, if it must be an Hollywood Actress i wish Kate Hudson
10 months ago
gwyneth p., i'm not so into blowjobs...
11 months ago
1. Liv Tyler 2. Ashley Williams
1 year ago
1 Alyssa Milano 2 Angelina Jolie
1 year ago
1) Natalie Portman
2) Halle Berry
1 year ago
1/ Scarlett Johansson
2/ Angelina Jolie
1 year ago
1) Stana Katic
2) Grace Park
1 year ago
I'm in the mood for...
1) Danielle Harris (new Halloween movies, Stakeland)
2) Kat Dennings
1 year ago
leah remini and that chick from the progressive commercials Flo
1 year ago
1. Jessica Chastain - Jolene, Lawless
2. Linda Florentino - Jade
1 year ago
Lucy Liu
Angelina Jolie
1 year ago
1.Mila Kunis,Friends with benefits
2.Sheron Stone,Basic Instinct
1 year ago
1. Amanda Crew (Sex Drive) she is drop dead gorgeous
2. Elizabeth Banks (Walk Of Shame) it's not out yet. It will be in theatre's in September but here's a pic from the movie
1 year ago
I would die to have sex with Hayden Panettíere. And for the blowjob technically she is not an actress but Lzzy Hale from the band Halestorm. Its hard to pick just one for each but those are the first 2 i thought of
1 year ago
Natalie Portman for both
1 year ago
1. Diane Lane
2. Charlize Theron
1 year ago
Kristen Dunst and Avril Lagvine
1 year ago
1. Lauren Cohan 2.Summer Glau
1 year ago
Love to fuck Sandra Bullock..all her movies to me she is so damn edible :) and a blowjob I love Maggie on the walking dead...she is hot..she can blow me anytime :)
1 year ago
To fuck Charlize is up there and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Nasty sex or blow job I have a newbie Rooney Mara.
1 year ago
1. Nicole Kidman 2. Jennifer Love Hewitt