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[Story] Our First Cuckold Experience!

Hi, so I will start off by telling you some background information about our first cuckold experience that happened on Friday. Me and my girlfriend Melody had been wanting to do this for several months now but had never found a guy that fitted the bill. She is around 5ft 3 and Chinese with black hair, a cute face and a hot body.

Me and my girlfriend Melody go swimming a few times per week and you get to see the regulars who go at the same time. We noticed that this one guy kept checking Melody out a lot, he could practically never take his eyes off of her and he seemed to be there at the s... Continue»
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Going to try cuckolding again

I've decided when my wife gets home from work in a few minutes that I'm going to tell her that I'm really ready for another cuckold experience. It's been about two months, and it just turned us on so much last time that I can't get it out of my head. I hope she'll say the same thing.

She is so, so shy, but once she goes through with it our sex is unbelievable for about a month and then starts to wane again. I'm thinking that I really, really want to try a young man this time in his early 20s. She has remarked when we're eating out about some of the hot college students who come into our fav... Continue»
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[Story] My Best Friend Visits (Continued)

When Mario arrived my wife was visibly nervous. She was not the young girl Mario remembered. She had grown into a full woman with a great body and Mario took notice of that. I could see him looking at every inch of her body. I could also see a hunger in his eyes that I remember from years before. As for Mario, he was still a very handsome Latino man. He was visibly older and more mature. My wife took notice of that also. I could see how she took side way glances at Mario as we talked. I took all this sexual tension in and began to make plans in my mind for getting these two in bed again.

Fo... Continue»
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[Story] watch wife fucked as i hide

I never dreamed I would be able to write about the actual fulfillment of a long held fantasy of mine! For years I have wanted to see my wife with a black man. Amy and I married over 12 years ago when we were quite young. She is 32 years old and has medium length wavy brown hair and green eyes. She has an attractive figure with C-cup breasts. She does aerobics and keeps her self in shape. We married young so she had only been with a few guys in all her life, three in all though she is quite sexual nonetheless, nothing kinky but she enjoys sex. She reluctantly gives me head when we make love but... Continue»
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[Story] Sex with my husband's friend

"I" knew or at least I thought I knew, something bout our close friend Russell that my husband John didn't know! John and I'd known Russell for about six years, and even since he'd come to work at the same company my husband still worked for. Russell had eventually changed jobs, and left the company, but he and John had remained close friends. Back when they'd worked together they began playing golf almost every weekend, and even after Russell left the company, they continued to do so. As a result of that we also got to know his wife Lisa, and he and her and their k**s were over at our house q... Continue»
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Tonight I will surprise my wife at a nightclub

My wife Mary and I are going out tonight in Charlotte, NC, to a night club. I have screened a young man off of Craigslist to come over to our table and start talking with us. My wife doesn't know that I've arranged this.

We've had some cuckold experiences before (see our other stories), but my wife feels guilty after them and said after the last one that she was done sharing her body. We will see. Watching her with another man turns me on so much, and I end up masterbating to the videos and photos I take and also we both have wild sex when we watch the short videos too.

She is a wild w... Continue»
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