We did it! Well, she did it! Great Cuckold Experie

My wife went out to a club in Charlotte a few weekends ago and we were hoping to connect with a guy that might want to seduce her. Well, it didn't happen. I was very bummed, but my wife Mary was kind of relieved. She's just kind of shy.

Well, last night (literally 10 hours ago, we went to a nightclub downtown. We danced on the floor to some great 80s music and before long, we were dancing in a group of guys and girls, mainly in their late 20s and early 30s.

There was one guy in the group that was obviously "single" because the number of couples we were dancing with didn't add up. Well, to make a long story short, I made sure that Mary got the cue that if she wanted to pursue him, she should. I told her I was going to sit down after a song. She stayed up on the floor and danced with the guy in the blue button down, starched shirt. I say this, because we never got his name.

Anyway, Mary invited "blue shirt man" over to our table and after I bought him a drink, I popped the question to see if he was interested in going to our place to have some fun with Mary. We have never had a guy over to our house, but I just felt comfortable with this guy. He was the white collar business type, and seemed to have integrity.

So, "Blue Shirt Man" followed us home. I put on some music from my ITunes and I danced with Mary slow while he said on the couch and watched. Then I said, "Hey, you too go ahead and dance." Well, that's when it happened. It wasn't two minutes before Mary and he were making out, and they were feeling each other up.

I suggested they head to the bedroom, and I stayed behind on the couch, sipping a beer for a few minutes. Then I heard Mary moaning, grabbed my IPhone and headed to the bedroom to see "mystery man" plowing her from behind. God, his cock was very, very thick. It was as big around as my wrist, and she was loving it.

Mary turned, looked at me, and said, "My God. I have never. . ." and then she came. Her lover then pulled out and shot all over her back. It was incredible. I got it all on tape, and I can't wait to watch it. This was just seven hours ago! Mary is still asl**p. He left shortly after they came, getting dressed and and simply saying it was awesome.

We don't know his name, don't have his number, but we probably have some stains on the sheets! For a shy woman, Mary continues to surprise me (and herself) at how she can still make it through the different scenarios I encourage her to experience.

Can't wait to talk about it when she wakes up.
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7 months ago
2 years ago
great story. I love it when my wife gets it on with some new young guy
2 years ago
Love it! You are so lucky! I'm in NC and would love to be your third.
3 years ago
You're a very lucky couple.
3 years ago
Great experience. I hope to experience something like this with my wife one day. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
thank you!
3 years ago
Wow! Very nice!!
3 years ago
Great. Thanks for sharing.