Wife Tries Another Man from Ski Trip

Well, my wife and I have had an active few months cuckolding. This past weekend we went skiing in the mountains of North Carolina. It was a pretty weekend and we talked on Saturday afternoon about possibly finding a man for her to sl**p with Saturday night.

On the slopes around 4:00 on Saturday we met a guy named Joseph. He was a dark skinned guy, with a one day growth of beard, and was in great shape. We rode the lift together a couple of times and all three talked. He was there alone, saying that he just needed to get away from his work in Wilmington. After skiing for a couple hours, my wife and I ran into him in the lodge. We had a couple of drinks together and we were so dehydrated from skiing and had such little food in us that Mary started to get tipsy.

I suggested we go back to our room and I invited Joseph. When we got there, my wife changed out of her day clothes and took a shower. We were fortunate that we had two showers and I told Joseph to go ahead and shower and change into some of my jeans.

When Mary got out, she was feeling pretty good. I told her that she should go for it with Joseph and I would take a shower and come out and perhaps they would be going at it. I replaced Mary's turn in the shower and she scurried around the bathroom putting on makeup, lipstick and perfume. I could tell she was excited.

Then it got quiet. I just continued to shower and got really clean and stroked my cock while in there hoping what I would find when I emerged from the bathroom. I took my time. I brushed my teeth, shaved and blew dry my hair.

When I went out into the living area I was taken back. Mary was down on her knees in only her panties and Joseph's white towel was underneath him, and she was giving him slow and deliberate head. She acted like I wasn't even in the room, and I think she was just transfixed on him because he was so muscular, hunky and just chiseled like he walked out of Mens' Fitness Magazine. I was impressed at how deep she was going down on him. Mary is in her late 40s, and Joseph is probably 36. She just couldn't get enough of his manhood, swallowing him to the very base of his cock.

Finally she looked up at him and smiled after her mouth came up to the tip of his cock. She licked the tip, letting sticky streams of his semen stretch out a few inches while she slurped it up. Mary finally looked up at me, smiled and winked, and then went completely down on him. She then lifted her head and stood up, grabbed his cock and said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

While she led Joseph to the bedroom he finally acknowledged me, and I could tell he was nervous and didn't know what to say. I said to him, "Hey Joseph. It's cool. If we didn't want this to happen we wouldn't have invited you back. Go with it. Let Mary be in charge."

They went into the bedroom and I followed.

"I want to do it Mary," I said.

I then went over to her in front of Joseph and slowly kissed her, and then put my fingers in the elastic of her panties and slowly slipped them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and I put my fingers in her pussy. She was soaking wet and it really, really turned me on.

I stepped away and said, "Joseph, your turn."

Mary laid down on the bed, and Joseph slowly licked her pussy for about five minutes. Mary came twice under his tongue, squeezing his muscular, tight shoulders each time she came.

Then Joseph looked at me. "Go ahead," I said.

Mary then said, "Are you sure, honey?"

"Go ahead. You both enjoy yourselves."

With that, Joseph slowly inserted his eight inches into Mary, and she let out a quiet yelp, and then she wrapped her legs around him, while he sped his thrusts up. Within a couple of minutes, they were two a****ls in heat, my wife cumming and shouting out in pleasure, and Joseph grunting like the stud he is. I walked up to the bed with cock in hand and put my head within a foot of his cock going in and out of her pussy. It was so erotic. I was so turned on.

Mary grabbed my cock and wanted to suck it but I said, "Let this be about you and him." I backed away and let them have their moment.

As I stroked my throbbing cock, Mary let out a moan like I've never heard. It was so intimidate, and Joseph started coming inside her, completely bareback, and it was the most beautiful piece of nature one could see.

Joseph pulled out of her and his cum dribbled out a little. I walked over to the bed and then I entered Mary, which I never, ever done after someone else has come inside her. She came again and I came too, and it was so erotic and natural.

What was surprising when it was over was that it wasn't over! Joseph got between Mary's legs and ate her creampie for 10 minutes. She came twice more. I got hard watching it and stroked m cock to attention and came again on her chest while she came on Joseph's tongue.

We still can't believe our day and evening skiing and "snowballing." We DID NOT get Joseph's number! I think he was a little ashamed or embarrassed. We don't know, but all we know is that maybe, one day, we can do something like this again. It's been a wild few months. See our other stories. For a shy wife, Mary has turned the corner. And so have I. So have I.
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1 year ago
should have Joseph's #, guys like him are hard to find.
3 years ago
I love this one.
3 years ago
Great story as always! Thank u for sharing!
3 years ago
Great story. Maybe I should take up skiing.
3 years ago
Cool time had by all:)
3 years ago
Great story, wow, what a wife. I have been skiing a few times myself recently and the thought that a hot coulple like you could be right there on the slopes is really hot.