Watching my s****r-in-law fuck

My wife and I spent the holidays with her s****r and husband. Jeremy is close to my age, 45, and his wife is 40 and quite attractive with a firm figure, large breasts and long, flowing blond hair.

Jeremy got a new laptop for Christmas, so we were playing with it and downloading different videos. I went to Xhamster to show him the site, and he was mesmerized. I showed him the search tool and typed in cuckold. We turned the volume down and watched as a wife got plowed by a friend of a husband's who was filming. Jeremy is pretty shy, but I could tell his jeans were getting tight. He shared that he had always had a fantasy of being watched fucking his wife Amy.

I told him I had always wanted to watch someone fuck in person. I didn't share that I have seen my wife fucked on three different occasions with me being a cuckold. He would get too freaked out by that, and he might tell his wife (my wife's s****r). Anyway, I encouraged him to tell me more.

Jeremy went on to describe what could happen. "We could leave the door partially open with the lamp on and someone could peak through the door while we were doing it," he said with a grin. "And like what time could this happen," I said. "12:00 midnight," Jeremy said. Just then Amy walked into the den with my wife Mary and we shut the lid of the laptop.

"What cha all doing?" Amy said. "Oh, just learning about the computer," said Jeremy.

On December 26th (the night of our conversation), my wife was fast asl**p by 11:30. I tiptoed out of room and headed up the hallway to the master. The door was ajar and yes, Jeremy was sitting on the edge of the bed and Amy was giving him head with her back to me. Jeremy looked up and saw me and grabbed Amy's head to push it further down on his cock.

I pulled out my cock and began stroking it. It was so hot to watch Amy, a woman I've known for 21 years, giving head to her husband. She was wearing a nightie, and her butt was showing through the bottom as she sat on her knees on the floor.

Jeremy, pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. They both stood by the bed, and I watched him take her top off and slowly suck her breasts. In the dim light I could make out her nipples and they were large and pointing, telling me that her husband was still able to really turn her on.

Jeremy's cock pointed straight out and she rubbed it as he licked her breasts. Jeremy lay Amy on the bed, and pulled the rest of her nightie off. He didn't waste anytime, and put his cock at the entrance of her vagina. Yes, this was it. Jeremy's back was to me and he started to easily thrust in and out of Amy and she began to moan with pleasure.

I continued to rub my cock and was really getting turned on, watching people I've known and adored for so many years having at it like wild a****ls. I thought back to all the get-togethers we've had, and how close we've become as a f****y, yet not being bl**d related. It was like I was making Jeremy's fantasy come true and he was helping me with mine (again).

Just then, Amy whispered, "I want to get on top and ride you." I thought, "What a great piece of action I'm about to get."

Amy surprised me. She got on top of Jeremy reversed, and she was facing the doorway in an instant. I just stood there as she rode him, and yes, she could see me. She looked right in my eyes and I could tell it was turning her on. I don't know if Jeremy told her I was going to be there or if she just sensed it, but she started riding him for all it was worth, staring me straight down, as she came with Jeremy.

I exploded in my hands, and tiptoed back down the hallway into the bathroom to clean up.

We got up early the next day, had breakfast, and nothing was ever said. My wife Mary and I left and drove five hours back to our house in North Carolina. I haven't told my wife what I witnessed, but it is so impressed in my mind. What an awesome experience. I hope I can see others, or at least see them again, screw in front of me.
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6 months ago
1 year ago
great scene and idea. good clean fun
2 years ago
that would be fun to watch the s inlaw
2 years ago
Great, would love to read more
2 years ago
Oh yes, something more needs to happen.....great start!
3 years ago
Very good. I like this one a lot. I've been there and beyond so I can really relate. Hope there are other tales for you to spin as we all eagerly read along.
3 years ago
great writing..

going back more someday .. lol
3 years ago
great detail
3 years ago
Another Great one.
3 years ago
Caught your skiing story first and had to read a few more...this one is hot too. Sounds like Amy is quite a naughty girl, she was probably hot as hell watching you cum in your hand while she rode her husbands cock.
4 years ago
another great story..
4 years ago
very good not had the chance