Our second cuck experience after 3 years

My friends on xhamster have encouraged me to ask my wife for another cuckolding experience so we talked about it for a few days and she finally agreed. On Saturday night we went out for the first time in months and we were both extremely nervous. We went to a downtown night club and and were the oldest people there (my wife is 48 but extremely, extremely hot with a perfect body). We've been married 19 years.

We danced two dances and then sat down on a couch in the lounge. A young student from a nearby university came by and started talking to us. It was so crowded in the club that we invited him to sit down. We talked about sports for a while, and then I got up to go to the bathroom and winked at my wife.

When I returned, she was sitting closer to Dan and and shouting in his ear. It was a perfect set-up because the music was loud, so it was so natural for them to be so close and shouting in each others ears. I sat next to Dan and then said, "Why don't we get out of here?"

Dan was reluctant and said he had come with some buddies. I yelled in an inconspicuous way, saying, "Do you want to get laid?" He looked at me in amazement and said, "Hell yeah!"

So, we all headed to the car and drove to the hotel just down the street. We all went up together and it was easy to coax Mary into the situation. I began by kissing her deeply while Dan fixed a drink from the mini-bar. I put on some mellow music and the evening evolved very naturally.

Mary and I kissed and kissed and I put my hands under her skirt and she moaned. I hadn't noticed that Dan had moved behind her, but I did when his hand bumped mine on her hip. I broke away and said quietly to Mary, "Enjoy this honey. This night is for you."

I sat in a chair to watch it all unfold. It didn't take long. Mary removed her blouse and Dan unsnapped her bra and began sucking on her tits. Mary then unbuttoned Dan's shirt and licked him from his lips all the way down to his belly button. She then unbuckled his jeans, pulled down his pants and he stepped out of them. She rubbed his cock through his underwear and looked at me and said, "Honey, do you still want me to do this?"

I nodded, "Go ahead honey. Make him cum."

Mary smiled. As she pulled his underwear down she looked at me. Then she turned and looked at his cock for the first time. It was huge. Very thick, at perfect attention and was probably about eight inches long. Dan looked so excited I wasn't sure he was going to last.

Mary sighed and said, "Oh, what a big boy." She then looked me square in the eyes and said, "Honey, are you sure you want me to continue?"

I was so hard because she was teasing me and Dan at the same time. I pulled my pants down and began jerking my cock.

"Yes, honey, I really want you to enjoy this. Go for it. Suck his cock and make him cum."

Mary smiled, looking me in the eyes, and lowered her head and in one thrust shoved Dan's cock completely down her throat to his balls. She held it there for probably 30 seconds, sucking for all it was worth, making slurping noises deep in her throat as she applied pressure to the base of his cock with her throat muscles. Dan sat down on the bed. Mary lifted her head and looked again at me.

"Do you like this honey? Do you like me sucking his big, fat cock?"

She then licked his head and pulled her head back to let the juices dangle and form a string from her lips to his cock about 6 inches long. She slurped the juice back in her mouth and then put more saliva on his cock, pulling her head slightly away, looking me in the eyes as she did this several times.

It was so erotic. Mary lowered her head all the way again to the base of Dan's cock, held it there and I couldn't take it any longer. I went over to Mary and jacked right on the side of her face. I've never, ever done anything like that before, and it sent Dan over the edge and he came too.

I was worried how Mary would handle this because normally she's innocent about this sort of thing, but she surprised me. She licked Dan's cock clean and I mean swallowed everything to the last drop. My cum was in Mary's hair and on her cheeks and she didn't seem to mind, but also didn't wipe it off. She wanted to taste Dan's cum and mine was like a symbol but not for consumption.

We all laid on the bed for 10 minutes. Dan and I rubbed Mary's shoulders and both kissed her alternately. We both seemed to come to erection at the same time, and it was time to give Mary what she needed. I started kissing Mary deeply while Dan sucked her tits and put his hand between her legs and fingered her.

Mary began to moan. Dan looked at me and asked, "Do you mind?"

I said, "Be my guest."

Dan positioned his cock between her legs, and then I said, "Wait."

No one knew what that meant because we were all very hot. I grabbed my phone and said, "I have to video this."

Mary said, "Oh, I don't want my face on film honey. I said, "Don't worry. You'll want to see what I'm getting."

I filmed Dan entering my wife, oh so slowly, oh so tenderly. It was so amazing, so erotic to see this for the second time in our marriage. I had to film it because I knew it would be a great turn-on to watch it in the future. Dan's sleek body on top of my wife, while Mary squirmed underneath in heat.

I filmed probably 30 seconds of him entering her, slow and steady and with passion. I then stopped filming to join in the action. I kissed my wife the entire time Dan screwed her.

"I love you baby," we kept saying to each other. Dan probably screwed Mary for a good 20 minutes missionary style. It was so basic and so very, very hot to just be a part of it.

He finally said that he was going to cum and asked if he should pull out. "God, I forgot about condoms," I said. That's right, all this time this 22 year-old was barebacking my wife and I hadn't even thought about it. Mary said, "I really want to feel him come inside me honey."

"Go for it," I said.

Dan let out a groan and exploded in her, and then he slightly pulled out. I looked closely and Mary had quite a bit of cum oozing out of her vagina. I grabbed the phone and filmed a few seconds and took a couple pictures.

It was so amazing. We got Dan's number, and he said he wouldn't tell anyone. I kind of doubt that, because if I was his age I would be telling all my buddies about the night I screwed a sexy, innocent hotwife in front of her husband bareback.

I'm glad we went through with it. We'll see what happens in the future. It definitely won't be a regular thing, but it sure has us hot. We've watched the video every night since that episode and both cum very quickly when we're making love.

90% (72/8)
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7 months ago
1 year ago
Very exciting, wish I was DAN
2 years ago
i wanna be like Dan
2 years ago
Great story. Loved the ending.
2 years ago
Great story, thanks! More of the same please :) xx
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
I want a wife like her to have lots of guys cum in her for me to lick her
3 years ago
Very hot story
4 years ago
HOT story. Thanks for sharing.
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Damn!That's Hot!!!
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Very hot story.
4 years ago
Very good-it is always good to share the wife with the younger generation.
4 years ago
Hot 'n' horny here... must have been so much more for the three of you. Thanks for sharing.
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are there anymore ?