Our cuckold beach experience

As many of you know who follow Mary and I here on Xhamster, we live in North Carolina. We went to the beach this past week and stayed in Atlantic Beach, NC at a nice hotel across the street from the beach.

Mary and I made love the first night, and I reintroduced the idea of us going to a bar and finding a gentleman for her to make love to. She is very timid, yet the thought turns us both on so. So, I asked her when we were making love, "Would you suck his cock?" She said, "No. I just don't want to." Will you let him cum inside you?" She again said, "No." What if he wears a condom?" She then said, "Well, yes." Then it occurred to me that she was thinking about letting him go bareback and pulling out. That sent me over the edge and I came inside her, but didn't mention it again.

We have cuckolded in the past and each time was a turn-on. But again, Mary is very shy, and she is very hot! Great body, pretty face, once she gets going, she is like a little pistol in bed.

So, we went to neighboring Morehead City for drinks at about 10:00 p.m. Not many people at this particular bar, but there was once handsome man that appeared in his mid-40s. So, I followed him to the restroom and when we were both taking a leak I told him this:

"Little slow tonight, huh?"

He said, "Yeah. I'm kind new at this. Just went through a divorce and I'm trying to meet someone."

I invited him over to our table. His name was Gary, and Mary seemed to like him. Gary was about 6 feet, my size (180 lbs) and pretty muscular. He said he had been at the beach for a week and was leaving tomorrow (which was Sunday). He had a great tan, not burned, just dark.

Mary and him started talking, and it seemed that she liked his personality. So, after about 45 minutes and another round (Mary had had two glasses of wine - her limit), we invited him to our hotel room.

When we got there, I shared that I needed to make a phone call and that the reception on the island in Atlantic Beach is poor so I would need to drive up the street for a few minutes.

I left Mary and Gary (funny that their names rhyme), alone in the room.

I left and sat in the car for about 15 minutes. Then I went back up to the room. I knocked quietly, and then entered. Well, to my surprise (I guess), nothing had happened. I looked at Mary, who was sitting on the bed, and she looked at me.

Mary said, "Gary was just telling me how his wife cut him off physically for the last six months of their marriage." I said, "Oh God, that's terrible Gary. You must be aching," I responded with a little laugh.

Gary said, "Yeah, I guess that happens."

Mary then winked at me, got on her knees in front of Gary, and Gary then jumped back. "Whoa, wait a minute. We're moving a little fast here. I'm sorry ______, I don't mean any harm with your wife."

I said, "Oh no, we're both serious about this. We want you to enjoy her. Really!"

Gary looked at me puzzled, and then at Mary, and she said, "Honey, really, it's alright."

And with that, against what she had told me in bed the night before, she reached for the bulge in his pants. She started rubbing it, and Gary looked at me and said, "So you're cool with this man?"

"Absolutely. Really, I mean it."

Mary kept rubbing his crotch, and soon she helped Gary remove his jeans. Gary sat on the bed, and my wife rubbed his cock (about 7 inches) for about five minutes. I didn't think she would suck it, but, she looked at me, looked up into Gary's eyes, and started licking it, swirling her tongue around it.

She then bobbed her head on it for about 20 seconds, enough to get him rock hard, and then they both stood up. I sat on a nearby chair, and watch Gary take my wife's clothes off, one piece at a time.

Mary laid back on the bed, and Gary put his head between her legs and licked her for about 5 minutes. She moaned in pleasure, and grabbed his hair and came on his tongue.

Then he positioned himself over her and said, "Oh God, I almost forgot. You got any condoms?" I said, "No," even though I did. Mary bent her head upward to look at me because she knew I had some.

"It's okay," I whispered, as we made eye contact.

She just laid back, and Gary started inching his cock into her. I got some KY jelly and squirted it on her vagina as he was slowly easing in.

Mary started to moan, and Gary started shaking. They screwed for about 3 minutes. I had my cock out at full attention stroking it. All of a sudden, in one big moan between the two of them, Gary came inside my Mary, bareback, and I came in my own hand watching the most erotic experience (and experiment) of our lives.

It was awesome. We were a team. And Gary and Mary, we both quite satisfied. Gary put his clothes on and thanked us, giving me a sincere hug, and Mary took a shower.

That was our true experience just yesterday evening, and we haven't spoken of it since, but it was one I would like to experience again.

72% (9/4)
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2 years ago
call me next time Mary is in the mood!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow@! nice story! Cheers!
2 years ago
so hooot.i would love to fuck your mary..
2 years ago
Very hot!