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Going to try cuckolding again

I've decided when my wife gets home from work in a few minutes that I'm going to tell her that I'm really ready for another cuckold experience. It's been about two months, and it just turned us on so much last time that I can't get it out of my head. I hope she'll say the same thing.

She is so, so shy, but once she goes through with it our sex is unbelievable for about a month and then starts to wane again. I'm thinking that I really, really want to try a young man this time in his early 20s. She has remarked when we're eating out about some of the hot college students who come into our favorite restaurant from time to time.

Maybe we can hook up with an athlete. Mary is so athletic, and while she's had so men in great shape, not really has she done a true "athlete" since she dated a basketball player in college. She has had a black cock so that fulfilled that fantasy of mine (more than hers). I'm thinking that maybe we'll go after a younger white male who has ripped abs and a large cock (although that's hard to predict). It's really more about personality for us and the ability of her lover to allow us intimacy and for him to be gentle and intimate with her.

I'll keep you posted. I've got to go slow with this conversation. Maybe after a glass of wine tonight I'll give Mary a massage and begin to explore with her the thought. She's just really, really timid and each time, after about a month after the experience, she says she thinks it was her last.

We'll see. . .
Posted by luvtowatch 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Looking forward to read you next edventure! :)