Mom's friend at sea

I was surprised with a cruise for my graduation from college in January. I was an older student, so I am definitely of age.

I had numerous f****y members with me on the cruise and one of my mom's lifelong friends joined us.

My mom and her friend Betty shared a room and I was with my f****y in the adjoining room.

While everyone else was partaking in the cruise festivities, I decided to head to my room for a shower and a little time out of the sun. After my shower I put on a pair of shorts and laid down on the bed. I must have fallen asl**p and was woken up by someone knocking on my door. I got up and answered it, it was Betty.

She came in and told me she was starting to burn and decided to head back and heard me in the shower from her room. I have known this woman since I was 10 and always wondered what she would be like in bed. Funny, I was now about to find out.

We made some small talk about anything and everything and she came and sat next to me on the bed. She then uttered, "it's been a long time since I've been this close to a man."

I said, "it's been a long time that I wondered what it would be like to be this close to you." It was on...........she started making out with me like a high school girl and I was making a tent in my shorts in no time.

I came to my senses for a second and suggested we go to her room as my f****y may come back and that is the last thing I needed. I grabbed some clothes, etc and we headed to Betty and mom's room.

I walked in and slid off my shorts and Betty took her position on the couch and began to throat my cock with expertise. She would take me all the way in and lick my balls while contracting her throat, I knew I wouldn't last very long in her talented mouth so I pulled out and laid her down.

I pulled off her clothes and was greeted by two extremely erect crinkled up like raisin skin nipples and a 70's style bush covered pussy. I dove in and began sucking on her large tits one by one and then brang both of the nipples together and sucked and licked on them both together.

Betty was making gutteral sounds and begging me to put my dick in her. I was in no hurry and went down to investigate this hairy pussy close up. For being out in the sun all morning, her pussy was fresh and sweet tasting as any pussy I had ever tasted. I was rewarded when I opened her hood and found a huge throbbing clit begging me to suck it. I took it in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it like a lollipop and Betty spasmed uncontrollably telling me everytime a wave of orgasm was rushing through her.

After about 15 minutes she begged me to stop so she could finally feel my cock inside her. Her exact words were, "please fuck me and fill me with your cum, I need it!" As if I wasn't already turned on beyond belief, this made me shiver.

I positioned myself for the entry and rubbed her huge clit with the head of my cock and ran it up and down her engorged extremely wet lips until she begged me to enter. I figured because she had birthed two k**s that I would enter easily, I was wrong. Betty was extremely tight and just kept shuddering and making gutteral grans of passion.

I finally worked my cock all the way into her and then started rythmically plowing my cock into her. I was sure I was going to want this to last a long time in my dreams, but Betty's grunting and eyes were telling me she wanted an old-fashioned proper banging right now.

I could feel her tighten up around me many times and I finally gave her the creampie she wanted, I came so hard that I think I yelled loud enough for everyone on the ship to hear. I was still pounding into her when I saw a tear run from her eye.

I stopped and got off and asked her what was wrong. She replied, "nothing babe, everything is too right, I asked you for a proper fucking and you delivered way more than that!" She then leaned forward and took my softening cock in her mouth and made sure I was empty.

The rest of the trip I envisioned that afternoon but we never got the chance to go at it again. We are currently trying to plan another trip soon and I hope Betty cums!
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1 year ago
I wish I could have someone like that
1 year ago
2 years ago
Great story and Can't wait to hear another one