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[Story] Educated by mom's friend

What started as a surreal vision one night soon became a part of my daily thinking. From the moment that I saw my mother's friend, Margaret, in the basement fucking her with a strap-on dildo, I knew I would never be the same. The entire way I viewed my f****y and the world around it changed forever. Things that were abstract and absured ideas were now realities in my own life. I didn't even really know what a strap-on was, and now my mother was a lesbian being fucked with one by a woman
who chatted with me about Shakespear and ate at our dinner table. My world was upside down.... Continue»
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[Story] Experiment with mom's friend becomes more

Once I had tasted a woman for the first time, I was never the same. I haven't looked at women the same since that night. And it didn't take long for my first experience to lead to my next. My mom's friend, Margie, was only too happy to insure that my young pussy stayed wet. The first weekend after I first tasted her breast, Margie was ready to expand my horizons.

Sara and I had grown accustomed to her sl**ping over, though my mother and her were never overtly affectionate in front of us and never declared themselves to be lesbian lovers. Sara and I never asked, and they n... Continue»
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[Story] Taken by Margie pt2

We were lying on the living room couch, with the late morning light pouring in from our big bay window. Margie, my mom's best friend, was lying on top of me wearing just a bra and panties. I had pulled down the right cup of her 38DD bra as I licked and sucked her enormous breast and swollen, hard nipple. Margie had removed my night shirt, leaving only my panties on, and even they were around my thighs. Margie has slipped her finger into my soaking wet pussy. I had only had sex with a boy once, and didn't like it much because it hurt too much. But I was so excited by Margie, her... Continue»
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[Story] At The Glory Hole

I walked into the cubicle in the gents, knowing that there was a glory hole on the side wall of the toilet. The cubicle next to mine was also now occupied, but the glory hole was blocked up with toilet paper. I pulled down my jeans, gave my cock a quick rub to wake it up the pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I could just see through a little gap between the toilet paper in the glory hole through to the next cubicle. Im always nervous at first when I visit a glory hole as you never know who is on the other side.

Getting closer to the very small gap between paper and hole I could se... Continue»
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[Story] wish cum true

A wish cum true

My wife and I have had a strong and open relationship from the start. We have accepted each other and all our wild passions, and we have always been open about our sexual desires. Having said this I will try to express what happened the other night with the same intensity I experienced.

I came home from work and saw Tara's car in the drive. Strange; she gets in after me most days. Never the less, it was a nice surprise. As I walked into the house she met me at the door dressed to the nines: short mini, fishnets, low cut top and those pumps that I love. Tara is 5'4" and 10... Continue»
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[Story] Home Schooling

Summer break had just arrived, and no one was more thankful than Damon Miles. His freshman year at Stanford University was a rough one, and he barely had survived final exams with his sanity intact. He looked forward to a long, relaxing summer at his parent's home in Las Vegas. While studying for his finals, he allowed himself to daydream about long, lazy afternoons chilling poolside in his backyard. As it turns out, his daydreams became reality, and then a whole lot more than he could have ever imagined.

It all started out innocently enough on the first Wednesday of summer break. Damon all... Continue»
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[Story] Playing with Mommy

"Ready for a bath honey?" Anne asked her son as she stood in the living room doorway, already in her flowing white dressing gown.
"Almost mummy," Sammy replied. The dark-haired c***d was kneeling on the floor, wearing just his Spiderman pyjamas as he scribbelled in a colouring-book with wax crayons.
"It's getting late," Anne replied, "It'll be bedtime soon. C'mon honey, it's a school night. You can't stay up forever."
"Okay mum," Sammy said. He sighed and put the book and crayons on the coffee table. Like any twelve-year-old boy, he didn't really like the idea of having to go to sl**p e... Continue»
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[Story] I crossline with my son

Introduction: I cross the line with my son.

It was a warm spring evening and I found myself at home alone. My daughter was spending the night at a friends house and my son was at a party. He had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. He and his classmates would be graduating soon and going off to different colleges or jobs. I was a little restless tonight and not sl**py so I decided to wait up for him. I was dressed for bed in a thin cotton tank top and cotton lounge pants. I had a couple of glasses of wine so I was feeling good and relaxed.

At this time I... Continue»
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[Story] MMF Bisexual Anal Virginity w/ Wife's Crush

The following is the true story my wife and I experienced many years ago when we first explored our bisexuality together with her long time crush.
This cronicle is a longer version of one first shared with a select Hamster Member who inspired inspired me to relate these events after they shared their own experience.
My wife had a crush on this very attractive guy in school we both knew and they dated and the two of them even fooled around a little before he finally revealed to her he was really gay. They always remained friends in school and I eventually hooked up with my wife. We gradua... Continue»
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Anal Sex Tips?

Anal Sex Tips:

-We avoid using products like anal ease at first since if you cant feel pain then you actually might hurt something. Extreme pain tells you when to stop before that happens!

- Have you had anal sex with the wife before? Our tried and true method is the same with men or women: Stretch her out using lubed fingers one by one until usually 3 make a cone shape. That's usually big enough for most cocks but size accordingly :-P If you think about it the old adage about big hands and big cock kinda makes sense and 3 of those fingers on that guy with that cock should correspond... Continue»
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[Story] Wildest dream with my boyfriend & me with a bi

My wildest dream is to have pleasure with my man and another bi-guy who will fill my full feeling needs and enjoy every minute of it....
It all started when I convinced my boyfriend to have a threesome with me and another bisexuel open girl who loves sex like me and when we were finished the in the moring he was sl**ping so sexy and i could not help myself but to start licking his sexy little pink ass and making him think now it's a guy on him and more and more he was starting to like it...and over the weeks and months of determination to make him love it even more that i would tie his penise... Continue»
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Prostate massage fun

I had been friends with my buddy for many years. If you read my blog you would know that his was the first cock that I ever sucked. We get together about three times a year and really enjoy sucking each other off. We have never fucked each other. We both draw the line at great kissing, cuddling and sucking. This year, he asked if I would like to try something new> I said what do I have to do and he said just lay there. We were both on our sides sucking each other's cocks when I felt something cold and wet on my rosebud. I went to protest but he said relax, I won't try to put my cock in ... Continue»
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[Story] Moms and their sons


Alison paused outside her son's bedroom, her beautiful face spreading
into an amused smile as she listened to the soft moans and rhythmic
creaking sounds emanating from the other side of the door. Her son
Randy was beating his meat again. Actually his full name was
Randolph... after his grandfather, but everyone called him Randy, much
to Alison's amusement. A fitting name for a sixteen-year-old who spent
most of his time alone with his cock in his hand, she thought with a
smile. In the year since her hus... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 4, pt 2

Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile to read earlier chapters. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

...the rest of the chapter 4

I pulled his head to my cock and he opened his mouth wide. I thrust my hips forward until I felt my cock hit the back of his throat. I told him to relax as I felt the resistance, then with a slight hesitation my dick head popped down his throat. “Fuck yea” I said, feeling the tightness of his throat on my cock. As I held his head and pulled it closer I told him I want your chin touching my fucking ... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 4, pt 1 o

Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile to read earlier chapters. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

It was Tuesday, the first part of June, and the neighbors who were going out of town were leaving in the morning. The wife came over to give me the key and tell me the things she wanted me to do while they were away. Bring in the mail and paper and water the plants she had put by the sliding glass door in the den. I had done this for them the past few summers, so I knew all the stuff she wanted done. She paid me like five dollars... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 3

Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile or use stories search to read them. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

Before I fell asl**p that night, I was thinking about what had happened earlier. The thought of Jason's cock sliding in and out of my mouth again and again, me trying to take as much of it as I could without gagging was making me so horny. Thinking about how he warned me he was about to cum, but I didn't need it because I could tell he was going to pop. When I felt his hips thrusting up and his balls tightening, I knew ... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 2

Re-post of previous story with new title. Hoping that having a titillating title gets it more views and comments. Please rate and comment.

It had been probably three weeks since Jason and I had run up to his bedroom that afternoon and had experienced the pleasure of sucking each others cock for the first time. But to me it felt like it happened just yesterday. That's because every night since then when I was jerking off in bed before I went to sl**p, I would relive that day in my mind. I thought about how lightheaded i was from nervousness as we raced up the stairs to his bedroom. Ev... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 1

Re-post of previous story with new title. Hoping that having a titillating title gets it more views and comments. Please rate and comment. Will delete first post when this goes up.

Jason and i became friends in junior hi school but didn't start fooling around together for a few years. We both had a thin build, me a little taller than Jason and both of us had medium brown hair. I didn't have much body hair and Jason had a little more than me. It began the usual way we, would jack off in front of each other. I'd watched as he stroked his hard cock and I know he was doing the same. One ... Continue»
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Trip to the Northeast June 2014

We are taking a trip "back home" this week. We will be in Bucks County PA early in the week and then Thursday and Friday heading to Gunnison Beach for some naked fun in the sun. This trip to Gunnison the goal is to get some complete strangers to rub her down with some suntan oil. She wants total strangers rubbing her down then getting more and more bold rubbing and squeezing her boobs then her pussy. She is pretty sure it won't take much of a stranger rubbing oil in to her pussy lips and spreading them for a peek inside and she will be cumming.
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[Story] Ms. Nora Milks Him Dry

Ms. Nora Milks Him Dry

John, the 18-year old son of the owner of the printing company, was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the voluptuous new black temp who had been working at the office for the last week. All the young men in the office had their tongues hanging out whenever she was around. She carried herself with grace yet had a supremely confident quality that when she put her mind to something, she got it.

Ms. Nora was a stunning black woman with a breathtaking full figure that looked as if it were built for sex. She was 5’5 and of thicker build but it was her 40D’s and he... Continue»
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[Story] ONE NIGHT STAND IN EINDHOVEN (the Netherlands)

Last month I was one week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I am Dutch and bisexual by myself.
I'm an average height, some older, medium build with a very suntanned skin and I have blond hair cut very short.
I took a seven days time out in Eindhoven just to visit a male and his female friend, relax too and do a little sight seeing.
On my final night in that town I had dinner with my friends after a long day wandering the streets. We stayed at a bar all evening until both of them wanted to go back to their own house in the North of that town.
I went back to my hotel also but thought it was a l... Continue»
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[Story] First blowjob

My first blowjob happened on my high school graduation night. I went with some of my friends to what was called lockdown at the school. You just went and partied at the school until 6 am the following morning.

The night was full of all sorts of fun, but the best fun would happen early the next morning. There was this girl I had a crush on all through high school. Her name was Jessica. She was about 5' 7" she has blonde hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, probably a c cup for her breasts. I never had the nerve to ask her out, and decided I had to that night or I may never see her ag... Continue»
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[Story] First time with Jessica

I told you about the first time I received a blow job a while ago. It was by Jessica, my high school crush. This is taking off from the date we went on a few day after that night.

I picked her up at her house. I had to wait for her to finish getting ready. I sat in her living room talking to her mom for quite sometime. Jessica finally came out. She had on jeans, and a red tank top. It was one of those with the spaghetti straps. I knew she didn't have a bra on.

We walked out to my car. I opened the door for her. I got in, and off we went. I had waited for years to have this... Continue»
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[Story] Her First Cock

Collins Louise Parker was a high school senior. Her hobbies included playing flute for the school’s concert band, trying to draw what an emotion looked like, and dancing to pop music in her bedroom. Her favorite foods were pizza and chocolate. She liked horror movies, 80s sit-coms, and the color pink. But none of those interests matched the intensity she held for a secret obsession.

Collins Louise Parker was infatuated with cock.

She was addicted to cock. Not that Collins was sexually active - far from it. She was, in fact, a virgin who’d never seen male genitalia in person. That lack of... Continue»
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Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring s... Continue»
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Went to strip club and came in my pants

Went to the strip club for the first time in along time since I was 19. The stripper literally made me cum in my pants and made out with me. Does that usually happen?

Guess i should elaborate some...

This was only my 2nd time first in a LONG time anyways there was a thicker stripper very attractive she was dancing and i felt odd being there but had to go up and put some ones on counter for her during her dance. I then went back to my wall to stand. She came around about 15 min later and said you tipped me didnt you? and talked for a sec and took me back for a dance. she took my shirt off... Continue»
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The First Time Being Humiliated

Stacey was my highschool sweetheart, we dated for close to four years. We were both our firsts and had a great relationship. It took us almost 3 years to finally have sex. However since early in the realtionship she always initiated oral and me fingering her so as a horny teen I was still happy as can be.
When we did finally have sex we were both 18. Obviously for the first time it was awkward I could not even get my cock in her at the beginning. I finally slid it her tight pussy I was on top and pumped what only could have been a handful of times before I came. We tried again that n... Continue»
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Things the opposite sex say

Two female co workers were talking about their sex life. Both were complaining that the men they are with want to do anal. Both didnt want it and were complaining about being nagged.
The one asks me if I ask women im with to do that I laugh it off. But then she says how about I put something up your ass! I actually got a semi hard cock in my scrubs.
She asks me again if your girl wanted you to get it up the butt would you? I said of course not and shes like exactly!

But in my head i was thinking I have taken it in the ass and I would love some action now haha.

Another thing majorit... Continue»
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Various Hot Gifs

Wish she was at my gym

what a hot ass

Wonder if she works out at the same gym with the girl above

Gianna likes it!

Ho... Continue»
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Slap me in the face with it please

[image] Continue»
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