From Straight to Bi Submissive

Hi all

Just thought i would share my story of how i turned from a straight guy into a submissive Bi (probably gay) guy.

It was ten years ago and I was away on business, and spending a bored thursday night in my hotel. Deciding that i would go out for a drink i headed to the nearest bar, which when i walked in there it struck me as very male orientated but never thought any more of it.

There were a couple of guys sitting at the bar, and said hello to me when i went in and they both smiled. I sat at the bar with my beer and one of them shouted are you on your own mate, i said yes and they said come and join us. I thought what the hell and joined them. We just chatted generally for about an hour or so when i asked the fatal question about their partners, and they smiled and told me they were in a relationship which shocked me at first but i am broadminded enough to let ppl do what they want. I was curious about a few things though and asked various questions with the more the drink the saucier the question. Trouble was i was finding myself getting turned on by this and could sense that Tony and Paul knew this as their answers to my questions got dirtier. We got onto the subject of dominatrix and i mentioned i loved dom women which made tony and paul smile. Ah a sissy guy eh they said...i laughed but nodded. Paul then disappeared to the toilet leaving me with Tony who without warning just asked if i wanted some fun with two dom guys. Taken aback with this but feeling horny as fuck i just nodded again.

We left the bar and headed back to Pauls flat. Once in there they sat me down in between them and put some gay porn on the tv. This just made me hornier and paul asked if i wanted to see their cocks, i nodded furiously as paul told me to unzip him and tony which i did rather with a fumble. I looked at them both as these magnificent cocks showed themselves and paul then showed his dom side....suck me cocklover...i was nervous but could not stop and let my lips cover his manhood.....sucking him hard paul was shouting suck me harder cocklover you know you want it...the taste was great as i obediently sucked his uncut cock. Tony laughed and i heard him saying we have picked a good one here Paul. He likes your i was then directed upstairs where i was greeted with my sub heaven with bondage being used on me...tied to the bed ready for their use.....paul loved me sucking him, and i felt some lube being used on my arse by Tony...i was mad for this by now and just wanted these guys to fuck me hard and the inclusion of some poppers just made it worse. As i sucked on Pauls cock i felt my arse being filled with what i thought was Tony's cock until the vibrations started and realised that i was being dildo fucked, i gasped as my arse vibrated and Pauls cock throbbed in my mouth. He likes that Tony was the voice i heard....i tried to speak but was told to shut up and suck. Pauls cock continued to throb in my mouth before it exploded in my throat his hot cum going down my throat...swallow it all was the command.....i dutifully arse meanwhile was still be fucked by this dildo.....i gasped as it pounded me...then was taken out and was then told to suck the dildo....which again i dutifully did tasting my own arse....Tony in the meantime had pushed my on my back lifting my legs in the air f***ed his big cock deep inside me...paul not wanting to miss out sat on my face so that i could lick his arse....i layed there being fucked hard and then licking hot arse....Tony started to groan as he fucked me hard...pulling out he pushed paul to one side and then let his cum explode all over my face and then pushing his cock into my mouth letting his cum slip down my throat....i just groaned...and heard laughter as paul and tony just laughed at me...that was just the start :)xx
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2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm, sexy story! From staight to sissy cock-sucker!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Give us more!
3 years ago
like the story
3 years ago
nice story bitch