Lessons in Love Chapter 4

They wandered along the platform to the exit, at arm’s length but fused by excitement and expectation. Uncomfortable in public they kept the appropriate distance apart, only the fleeting glances between them would have given anything away. He led the way and she followed, behind him not at his side trying to look as alone as it was possible to, especially for someone who could not take their eyes off the prey they stalked. They emerged together into the bright sunlight of the city streets, shadows cast by the buildings long and thin in the low winter sun.
“coffee” he asked,
“No, I’m fine” she replied, conscious of how expensive the stuff was these days.
“My place to freshen up then, I’m sure you need it if the journey was half as intense as my wait.”
“That would be nice”
They walked the streets and compared how their own days had progressed so far. Fits of laughter greeted each verse as they realised that their tales of the arrival and wait had been like a building orgasm for both of them. No they were not sex mad, but their descriptions of building desire and tension read like the pages of an erotic novel, and this was only the arrival. What in God’s name would the rest of the day be like?
She had no idea how far or how long they had walked for, such was the idyllic trance she was in, but she awoke from her dream as soon as he turned the key in the door. The reality kicked in and here she was standing at the doorstep of her lover’s house. She shivered, was it excitement or fear?, she was never scared in his company, it had always been in the comfort of familiar surroundings and she felt she could dictate what transpired if ever it drifted from what she would have wished. The enormity of what was about to happen hit home as he pushed the door ajar, no longer in charge she felt vulnerable to whatever his desires or intentions might be. It was defiantly excitement, she felt the familiar sensation of butterfly’s wings caressing her neck and sending tingles into the base of her brain. Her breasts firmed without his touch, warmth and swelling began to spread through her pelvic region.
Turning towards her as he entered the hall, he took her and led her inside. The door closed gently behind them and he lifted her hand to his lips and gazed into her eyes. “Welcome to my home” he whispered, a faint tremble in his voice detectable as he softly kissed her hand. His kiss was repeated for what seemed like an eternity along her arm and all the way to that soft sensitive spot behind ear. He hugged her briefly before pulling away and explaining where the bathroom was for her to freshen up. Her heart fell a little as her expectations were dashed for the moment at least, she was expecting him, no wanting him, to take her passionately such was her building desire, now she was cooling and confused.
He hurried to the kitchen to poor himself a cool drink, hell fire he though, she did things to him he could not explain, he so wanted to take her there and then. Gulping down the cooling liquid he praised himself for his unbelievable restraint, he had wanted to show her how much he respected her, but he had almost lost it the moment they disappeared from the public gaze. How he was going to control himself when she returned was anybody’s guess, but he was determined to be the perfect gentleman. He just wanted to talk, tell her about his life, pass on some experiences of life, while discovering so much more about his divine conquest. He had faced some desperate challenges in his life so far, but nothing seemed as difficult as keeping his hands off jess for much longer.
Returning suitable refreshed, Jess found him in the kitchen an empty glass in hand, he offered her a drink and introduced her to Fudge his faithful hound. The dog lifted his head and enjoyed her petting before dropping back into his bed to continue his slumber. They wandered out to the garden and sat at a small table in a shaded corner of the small plot. He fussed about too much for her, she was fine and his constant attempts to do something for her were beginning to slightly annoy this strongly independent young woman. Sweet though it was, it tended to get in the way of conversation, interrupting just at the point when she thought she had made a breakthrough from idle chat to meaningful questions about him. It was getting cold, for once she was glad when he suggested they go inside. They stepped into the lounge and he led her to a comfy looking sofa in front of a big TV and cosy fire place. She half lay half sat as he turned and stooped to light the fire, she was not about to let him wriggle out of the inevitable any longer.
Stretching out, reminiscent of those sultry poses she performed on her own bed that wonderful night when he tried to improve her math, she seductively arranged herself so he could not resist. Opening several buttons on her top allowed her swelling bosom to fall forward, her cleavage proud and seductive. Raising a leg slightly as she kicked off her shoes, in doing so her skirt lifted several inches revealing the upper part of her taught young thigh and exaggerating the length and slenderness that she knew drove him wild. She licked her lips to moisten them and enhance the plumpness and colour against the pureness of her fair skin. She felt hot, her eyes burned with desire, like a leopard about to pounce on its kill.
He turned to face her and gazed dumfounded at the sight that greeted him. A lump formed in his throat as his mind tried to organise his next move. Nothing happened, he was unable to function as he staggered forward and fell into her arms. a****l instinct took over as they came together, no words were exchanged, nothing needed to be said.
Their mouths locked in a devouring kiss, hands gripping heads, as they almost ate each other, such was the passion that was suddenly released. His hand instinctively reached down and grasped her butt, kneading her succulent cheek as he drew her towards him, his thigh rising between hers, as he thrust his hips at her so she could feel his desire building in his groin. Her hands were franticly unbuttoning his shirt, tearing the last few from their anchors as she desperately wanted to feel his flesh against hers. Both of them wrestled with each other’s buttons and peeled back the tattered remains in unison, they fell to the floor like a pair of eels writhing in a bucket. They came together on their knees, kisses being planted randomly where ever they were able to land as the franticly explored each other’s flesh. Somehow getting to their feet they stayed locked in a kiss, as he unbuckled his jeans and she stepped out of her skirt. Once free of their restrictions they caressed each other’s bodies feeling the heat from their skin searing one another’s flesh as it made contact.
They parted briefly taking in each other’s beauty as they stood before one another. She unclipped her bra, and slowly let it fall, it held for a second on her erect nipples, before falling to the floor. He lowered his briefs, his rampant cock bouncing as it was released from its restraints. He stepped forward and slid his hand into the waistband of her panties and eased them over the cheeks of her ass, sliding down her elegant legs before nestling at her feet. They kissed once more, tenderly this time, bodies caressing each other where ever they touched.
She was not going to allow him time to recover his composure, and slithered down his body kissing it as she went, her nipples tracing lines along his torso, electrifying them both. Her fingers echoing her nipples down his back as she dropped to her goal. His erect penis nestled briefly between her breasts as she kissed his navel, before she bowed her head and licked the tip of his outstretched cock. Her hands drifting around his buttocks before cradling his heavy balls gently beneath his love muscle. Her tongue encircled his purple gland, pausing to tantalize the join between head and shaft. She traced his veins that were throbbing with pleasure all the way down to his sack, before placing one of his love eggs between her lips and massaging it in her mouth. He let out a low groan as it popped from her mouth and she started a slow retracing of her steps back to the tip, all the time her eyes focused on his, watching as his face contorted in the pleasure he was receiving. Reaching the head once more she took his shaft in her hand and smiled wickedly, before placing a kiss on the glistening opening that oozed a sweet clear fluid. The shaft pulsed in her grasp, its girth thickening with every beat, her lips closed around that massive head, pulling at the deep ridge between gland and shaft. Her breasts and nipples tingled as she enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him. Her clitoris throbbed in time with his cock, her labia swelling as her vagina began to moisten with her desire. She began to swallow his cock, sucking deeply as he massaged her shoulders in time with her.
He could stand no more, his legs trembling as she worked on him. He dropped to his knees and kissed her once more, forcing her backwards as he did so. He lowered her gently kissing her body as she fell away from him, lifting her thighs as she fell back, he placed them over his shoulders before kissing her moist lips between them. His tongue burrowed between them placing pressure on her love bud, he knew he had hit the spot as her back arched in response to his actions. He flicked rapidly with his tongue, whilst his fingers massaged around her opening, teasing out her juices as she responded to his touch. His thumb entered her, probing the soft flesh within, all the time his tongue and fingers continued to administer untold pleasure on her. She felt an orgasm rising within her, her body writhing in time with him to heighten her own desires. He tasted her juices as spasms began to take over her body, it urged him on more as his tongue dived deep inside her before sliding back out and tantalising the tip of her clit. He took it in his mouth and sucked hard bringing her to the brink of ecstasy, she toppled over the edge as his thumb worked furiously in her tunnel, her hot fluids oozing from within.
As she slumped back on the carpet, he marvelled at her body in the flickering light of the fire. It cast beautiful shadows across her tits that were still heaving from her release. He kissed them tenderly, sending renewed waves of pleasure through her body, cupping and caressing them he brought his lips to her mouth and told her he loved her. She smiled in contentment as he lay alongside her, their legs entwined. Rolling gently across her he whispered in her ear, “I need you my darling, may I take you”
She smiled and replied “I thought you’d never ask, I’d love nothing more in the world”
They kissed some more, as he manoeuvred effortlessly between her thighs, the underside of his penis now pressing on her pubic bone, her legs automatically parted, her knees raising to offer herself to him. He began to rock his hips slowly, the underside of his cock now in contact and sliding along the moistness of her lips. She took deep breaths, trying to relax and allow him access, but he was not trying to enter her just yet. Taking his shaft in his hand, he gently drew its head up and down between her lips, coating his plumpness with her juices. She shuddered as they began parting naturally, they felt the heat it generated and she began to feel faint. Her breathing became shallow, so he kissed her forehead and said “Jess I love you, are you alright”.
She could not answer but her smile was all that he needed to continue. Her heart was racing now, but the feeling between her legs was pure heaven as his gland started to widen her lips further. He pushed a little and the head of his cock was swallowed by her vagina for the first time, she gasped as her lips clasped his shaft. She could feel every pulse as his cock raged at her entrance, and she relaxed a little more as pleasure replaced fear. He felt her response and eased a little deeper, and began a slow rhythmic dance between her legs, the tip of his cock now siding slowly back and forth just inside her. His soft gentle touch calmed her , she was now enjoying the strange new feelings within her, as her love tube stretched and contracted around his shapely tool as it probed within. Her vagina enveloped his head and gripped it tightly, but her love juice was beginning to flow in earnest, as her body began to assist its progression. Previously moist, she was now wet, moans of pleasure replaced her shallow breathing. His cock was now coated in her fluids easing its passage and heightening his own pleasure, he could feel every little fold and crease of her lips as they kissed his head persuading it explore deeper inside her. How he ached to go deeper and groaned with pleasure, the enormity of what was taking place adding to his emotions. Gently increasing the depth of his strokes, he began to fill her more. She was now enjoying the feeling of his manhood, relaxed now, her love tube responded to every, pulse, vein and inch of it, sending incredible waves of pleasure through her whole body. They were together in motion now, gently swaying back and forth as his cock burrowed deeper and deeper inside. Her hips began rising and falling in time with him to encourage the ingress within her, she was not just a willing partner anymore, she was integral to feelings and emotions that were spilling out between them, he was not just fucking her, albeit as gently and tenderly as any lover you could imagine……., they were fucking each other, he and Jess were making love !!
Her tight virgin pussy was griping his cock like nothing he had felt before, as his pleasure mounted, so his thrust began to lengthen and strengthen, his lubricated shaft glistening before it disappeared deep inside once more. His balls were almost pushing at her ass, his whole length almost fully swallowed by her, he knew the next few thrusts would send her to a new level of pleasure and slowed in readiness for her reaction.
He drove it deep inside her, making sure she could feel the root of his cock against her clit for the first time, he held it there, his hips raising slightly to elongate the contact between them. The moment hit her like an earthquake, she thought she was in ecstasy until he filled her fully and their groins locked like magnets. She almost past out with pleasure as the sensations rumbled through her body. Over and over, again and again, he performed a grinding motion that rubbed against her centre of pleasure, she lost control, crying out in pleasure with every stroke. He was in control, giving his lover the most intense pleasures she would ever feel, and he felt good, very good indeed. Wanton abandonment took over as she clawed as his body, not wanting this incredible feeling to end. His hands went under her butt cheeks lifting her pelvis to meet his, this seemed to increase his depth by another inch as she felt the head of his cock kissing the entrance to her womb as he thrust deeper and deeper.
They were both perspiring under the strain of their exertions, their bodies sliding together in molten lust. Out of control, pleasure ripped through her abdomen, sending spasms through her crotch and down her thighs. Finding strength she never knew she had, her hands grasped his back and butt holding him deep. Impaled on his throbbing cock, her body shook with emotion, pleasure and exhaustion. Her orgasms pulsed though her vagina, trying to draw the seed from within his loins as it massaged his shaft with every contraction. Fireworks exploded in her head as the earthquake shook her body. At that moment she had no idea where she was, it was a place she had never been before, just pleasure, pure unadulterated pleasure that engulfed her whole being, body and soul.
Her spasms had sent him to the brink and he grunted prehistorically as his climax began to well up in his pelvis. He fought her grasp trying desperately to withdraw. He so wanted to fill her with his hot creamy emissions, but with no protection he was mindful of the consequences, though in reality it was too late for that already. As she collapsed with the overwhelming pleasure of her orgasm, he was able to prise himself free of her grasp. Rising from her hips he knelt before her, proudly grasping is glistening phallus in his hand, her final flood of juices assisting his long slow stroking motion. His own orgasm ripped through his loins almost immediately, his back arched, hips still thrusting.
“ I’m Cumming, oh god I’m Cumming” he wailed, as hot jets of cum spilled from within and drew lines on her navel. He collapsed over her, resting on his hands above her lifeless body, sweat dripped from his brow, and mixed with hers. She opened her eyes and looked up at him smiling contentedly.
“I love you” she mouthed.
“I hope it was special” he panted breathlessly. “I tried to make it so special for you”.

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