Lessons in Love Ch 2

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It was now a bright sunny day, the mornings rain had cleansed the streets and fragranced the air with that unmistakable perfume, freshness. Pockets of water remained but the sun was drying them fast and steam rose from mini cauldrons all along the pavement (sidewalk). He was getting near now and was beginning to walk a little faster, he was actually skipping over the cracks in the pavement as he used to do as a k**, he was excited. Hop scotching along, he must have looked a curious sight, but he was in love, and love is a wonderful d**g, so the old Roxey Music track tells us anyway. Turning the corner he starts to run, swinging on a lamp post as he passed, if anyone had seen him they would have thought this was some sickly high school musical dance routine, except they would be very disappointed to find no cameras filming it.
He had pondered what to wear for several seconds, and then decided he would wear what he always wears when at home or at his hobby. Soccer training gear covered everything, nice thick coat for winter, zipped fleece to keep out the chill, a tracksuit to make him look official. Well they weren’t needed today but he still had on his shorts and top, it was as co-ordinated as he gets in casual gear, oh the socks fit with the outfit too. He was not a fan of this seasons kit, the top was of a new material that was not so flattering of his figure, the six pack was still there but it had a protective layer now. Mind you, his legs still cut the mustard even at his age, taught and muscled with well defined thighs connected to his still cute tight butt. The only give away that these were not new legs, were the numerous old scars that littered his left knee like the tracks in a rail yard.
He was c***d like this morning, it had been over a week since he had last seen Jess, but he had still not come down from “that episode” that confirmed their feelings for each other. Perhaps today would write another chapter in this rapidly evolving erotic novel, but in truth he did not care, he was just happy it was not a dream and that Jess had actually invited him round again. He figured that if she was happy to do this, it was as real for her as it was for him, and the dream state had turned to reality. Then it started to bother him, reality, oh god what was it she had invited him for, everything turned sour in an instant. He compiled a list in his head of the worst things that could have happened since that amazing evening.
Had her parents found out? Had she confessed to a school chum about their secret emails? It would have been understandable, he himself wanted to tell someone of the joy he was feeling just to prove to himself it was true. Perhaps jealous of the mature nature of their conversations, both generally and more obviously sexually, had the friend threatened to blow the whistle on them? May be it was not jealousy, but a real desire to protect her. How on earth could she consider continuing this illicit relationship with such an older man who was obviously just gaining self gratification from it all? Worst of all, had Jess herself decided that this crazy emotional roller coaster had to come to an end and she had called on him to tell him it was over. He was nailed to the floor in fear, he turned to head back not wanting to face the music. “Damn it” he said to himself, all his life, since his wife left him, he had walked away from situations he had no control over, fearful of rejection, being made to look a fool, or quite simply not having the balls to see things through. He had to face her, find out why? For over 20 years he had kicked himself for not asking the same question of his wife, to afraid of the truth perhaps, but all it had done was turn himself into the demented self analyst that invented reasons for her wanting to be with another man. Never knowing the truth had crippled him, he was not about to let it happen again.
With renewed vigour he strode forward, but now it was serious strides that catapulted him toward his destination. In the distance he could see a young lady washing her car, it was Jess alright. Even from this distance he was able to make out the figure that had captivated his emotions, tall, slim, rounded in all the right places, and topped with those glossy black locks that he loved to run his fingers through. He lost his fear immediately, he wanted to be near her, his c***d like mischief returned as he closed in for the kill.
Stealthily like a cat stalking a bird, he slowed and surveyed the scene before him. She was dressed like him, in shorts and t-shirt, no socks just plain white pumps. Hair in a ponytail, sponge in one hand, bucket by her side, hose laid out behind her. Unlike him, her body was firm everywhere, her t-shirt, wet in places clung to her waist, accentuating her hour glass figure. Her legs so long and slender lifted her ass perfectly into view as she stretched over the hood to administer the soapy water to its paintwork. As she reached, her breasts squeezed against the surface, forcing the overflow to form an unmistakable silhouette at the sides of her wet clingy top. He remembered being between those thighs, he was jealous of the car, he wanted to be the one she was stroking. He could feel those breasts against his chest once more, such were his memories that came flooding back.
He picked up the hose and silently closed in on his prey. She squealed as the cold water engulfed her body, she stood tall, rigid, arms aloft, as if held up in a bank robbery. As the jet of water subsided she turned slowly, to face her attacker, when she saw it was him she smiled, giggled and swore under her breath, he knew immediately he had worried for nothing. Flinging her arms around him, she whisper in his ear, “I thought you wouldn’t come”, it was evident she held the same fears as him. Releasing him from her grasp at last, he looked down at himself to see a shocked face imprinted on his shirt. The globes of her breasts and hollow of her navel had left two large eyes and a mouth tattooed in aqua upon him. Looking back at her he was enthralled to see her cold nipples erect under her clinging top, the canyon of her cleavage exaggerated by the wet material plastered upon it. “Come, you can dry off, while I shower and get out of this mess” she said, leading him by the hand back to the house.
Once inside she threw him a towel, and wandered into the bathroom. He watched her disappear, his eyes transfixed by the sexy sway of her hips, he so wanted her all over again. The shower started and she called out to him not to be bashful and come and talk to her, he did not need a second invitation. He entered the bathroom and sat staring at the silhouette through the mist. She babbled on to him as she showered, but he hardly heard a thing, he looked at the pile of clothes on the floor and back again to the shower, he knew she was naked behind the curtain, so close but so out of reach, his mouth dried despite the moisture in the air. “Oh dear” she said, her tone did little convince him this was an accident, as the soap sk**ded across the floor and landed at his feet, “you wouldn’t bring me that would you please”. He gulped as he rose to his feet and an arm from within pulled back the curtain.
Presenting the soap like a choir boy at the altar, he tried to take in the beauty that stood before him. Hair lank and wet framed that angelic face, her eyes glistening blue like sapphires. Her nose cute and small, had droplets of water clinging to its tip. Pouting naturally, her lips stood out against her pale complexion wanting to be kissed. The foamy soap covered her shoulders and breasts, but did nothing to hide the curvature of her generous flesh. Taught and perfect, they sat together catching the soap as if fell from her hair. The vision before him and the humidity of the air conspired to moisten his skin with glistening perspiration you might as well join me” she smiled. He stepped in beside her and stood transfixed, she lifted his arms and slowly raised his shirt over his head. He naturally bowed his head to allow jess to remove his shirt completely, as he looked down his eyes took in the gorgeous breast now rinsed of soap. Perfect mounds sprinkled with goose bumps and glistening in the clear water clinging to them that formed tiny rivers that gathered at her cherry nipples rising from strawberry areola, a fruit cocktail he was unable to resist. Cupping one tenderly in both hands he lifted it like a goblet to his lips and tasted the champagne, she pulled him closer so he may empty the cup. A rampant urgency took over them both, it was good job they were in the shower because things were about to get hot.
Hands and arms flailing franticly about each other it was perhaps a good thing they were coated in a slick covering of suds. Their mouths lock together like leeches, they devoured each other with wanton lust, wanting to grab on to something but unable to grasp, their slippery bodies only magnified the passion. He was hard now, she could feel it through his wet shorts, dropping to her knees she tugged hard at the waistband but they would not fall, the inner drawstring cutting in to his waist as the purpose of its inclusion became clear. Franticly trying to release the knot only made things worse, as she struggled with the waist band she could feel has length between her forearms. She brought them together around his shaft to form a tunnel. He rocked his hips back and forth, enjoying the grip her arms afforded him. Stunned a little, she looked at her wrist and slowly down to the bend of her elbow, he filled the whole space between them. She stood slowly as the knot came loose, dropping her hands to her crotch as he kissed her once more. Discreetly she dug her wrist into crotch and her elbow into her navel, mapping out on her body where his swollen cock might fit, she tensed a little as she tried to imagine it filling the gap inside her. Quickly regaining her composure, her hands gathered his waistband and slid the shorts effortlessly over the peach that was his backside. The front caught his swelling and caused it to dance as it finally sprang free. She clasped the underside of his gland in the palm of her hand, her finger and thumb straining to meet around the circumference of his shaft.
Sliding her hand slowly down its length she cupped his love eggs in her palm as its head throbbed at the bend in her elbow. Juggling his testicles gently she applied pressure with her forearm against his navel, his shaft now pumping involuntary in the crevice she created. She felt his legs buckle slightly as the intensity of his feelings strained every sinew in his legs.
With her hand pleasuring his scrotum and his shaft rhythmically pumping the tight void created between her arm and his navel, she was u*********s to the fact that the back of her hand was being f***ed into her own love tunnel. He had skilfully lifted her onto the tiny saddle that the back of her own fist had created, his deliberate act allowed him to set the pace. Both hands were now between her thighs cradling her softly as he drew her back and forth over her own hand. She could not escape the pleasure he was forcing upon her, thinking it was she who was pleasuring him, the movement of her fingers only increased the pleasures she was inflicting on her own flesh, as her knuckles kneaded her gaping lips. His fingers danced around between her legs like a pianist on a grand piano, she felt them tenderly part her flesh and sink inside her. She started to ride the saddle herself, forcing his fingers deeper within, her arm crushed against her body she was imagining it was his length inside her. As his straining cock slid along her forearm it was mirrored against her body to reflect within herself. She felt every pulse of his member twice over and began to sob with pleasure. He echoed every throb of his cock with his fingers inside her, she felt as if he was actually within her, and so desperately wanted him to be. He took control once more, regulating his thrust, taking her to the very edge of orgasm, he knew what she was feeling as she pleaded with him to take her, she wanted him to make her a woman, his woman.
Her cries of passion were too much for him, he thrust strongly like a piston against her, it was too late for anything else, he had reached the point of no return. She felt every muscle along his length contract and his balls were ripped from her grasp as they contorted to send his seed gushing from within. She felt the power of its travel from balls to tip as he released his love for her between them. Each and every spasm of joy was echoed within her as she bit into his chest in uncontrollable passion. Wave after wave of hot sperm erupted between them, she writhed and bucked in tandem with his weakening pulses, as her own orgasm shook her whole body. Collapsing in his grasp, she felt they had made love but she was still a virgin, she cried in his arms as he kissed her tenderly and whispered soon my darling, soon.

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