Lessons in Love: Chapter 1

Welcome to my first ever story. It is just that pure fiction.

I already have inappropriate feelings for my young college student Jess, but it was impossible not to accept the offer to help her with her calculus revision. I stupidly hoped or thought that maybe she had some feelings for me; wishful thinking I know but she drove me crazy. Those deep blue eyes must have melted many a man’s heart, but surely I was not wrong, that extra long gaze and quarter smile were a sure sign she was interested.
Of course it was madness, she was only just 18 and no doubt a virgin, the looks she gave me were nothing more than acute shyness from this incredibly plain but stunningly beautiful young girl. I guess the guys at college looked right through her because she does not engage in the usual teenage drinking and smoking parties. Little do these immature young boys know that here was a creature so beautifully created that one day the world would be at her feet. Hell I digress as I continue to struggle with my emotions and reality.

I knock on the door and wait, looking around at the nice big yard, it must be nice living in the country I muse. Dogs bark excitedly, who needs a door bell I think, then stupidly knock on the door once more. Jess comes to the door and I impress myself with my professionalism exchanging pleasant greetings on the door step. Jess is obviously just home from college still in her uniform, I can tell it’s her uniform because it looks so neat, not one of those ad hoc creations that the k**s usually try to stylize in any other way but orderly. Although I had gazed at Jess more than enough times to be appropriate, this was my first meeting up so close, you know how close you get on the door step. Inexplicably I was six inches closer than I should be, and found myself looking straight into jess's eyes, ok she was slightly raised on the step, but she was tall, I felt slightly less in charge for a few milliseconds as I was faced by my equal. I'd thought all these things in an instant but as I came out of my trance, Jess still had me fixed in a close up stare. She smiled and invited me in, an turned away for me to follow........I was imagining it, no she was not flirting, it was me who was too close not her, math, math, math I repeated to myself.

I followed Jess to her bedroom, we'll have more privacy in here she chirped. As she closed the door behind us panic began to set in, what the hell had I just done, here I was alone in a bedroom with a girl who I had fleeting sexual thoughts for. Professional status returning fast, I told myself that I was the only one foreseeing a problem for I was the only one who knew the deep truth behind my bouts of silence, those half second pauses when you know what to say but can't remember the word that actually kicks the sentence into action. Looking around the room I was surprised, well shocked actually that this typical American teenager was into some sort of industrial metal type band. Various pictures adorned the walls of costume clad rockers setting light to themselves on stage. They had the incredibly epic and obviously German name Rammstein, I was suitably impressed as it cancel out my previous fears and brought me crashing back to reality. Yes this typical USA k** was anything but usual, that taught me never to place k**s into categories again.

I knew she was tiring of the revision, as she would increasingly retract from the laptop and stretch out on the bed in various tiredness poses'. Little did I realise then, that these were flirtatious gestures, such was the seriousness that had overcome me since stepping forth into her boudoir.
I great fully accepted her offer of refreshments, thinking the break would re invigorate her zest for learning, oh how it did, but I was not prepared for the subject matter that was to follow.
She beckoned me to take her place on the bed while she left to prepare something for us. I lay back to stretch my aching shoulders and found comfort in the heat of the bed where she had laid moments before......

I woke with a start, relax said Jess, you looked so peaceful, I have been watching over you for ten minutes and you looked so content. She lowered herself gently to lay beside me, smiled and gazed into my eyes. I truly was relaxed and I smiled back, as if soaking in a warm bath. What happened next I relive countless times. I have no shame, it was right, it was not my fault, it was fate. This was her awakening, though she entered it fully awake, she knew it was going to happen, she wanted it to unfold, she had facilitated the whole thing. I was just grateful she had chosen me, the luckiest man in the world.

For now I'm happy just lying by your side, staring wish fully into you’re azure eyes. I lazily run my fingers through your hair, and occasionally stroke your cheek with the back of my hand, our foreheads meet as we look into each other’s eyes, despite the heat we generate, our noses briefly touch, cold but noticeable, we're so close, unable to speak but just stare. You longingly stare right back into my eyes, and savour the slight contact of my hand against your cheek, and the heat of me so very close to you. I try to mouth the words "I think I love you" in the feeblest German trying to be my romantic best. You chuckle a little at my useless attempt, but are impressed that I even tried. You mouth back my darling I love you too.
Your reciprocation of my feelings brings a lump to my throat, our noses touch once more, we lift our heads to look into each other’s eyes, our noses still touching, our lips meet for the first time. We tremor as our breath entwines, gently we explore each other’s lips, tingling our mouths lock. You feel as if you could get lost forever in the labyrinth of my eyes, and then the unbearable heat you feel when our lips touch becomes too much and you eagerly deepen the kiss. I tentatively reach out my tongue to lick your lips, probing inside your mouth, our warm moist tongues meet and begin to entwine, I cradle your face in my hands, and pull you close, I whisper I want you. It has an immediate effect on you as you draw deeply on my lips and tongue, the first moans of your lust surface from your muffled throat. I back away a little to allow you to breath and ease the ardour building up between us.

As I pull away I notice a glassiness in your eyes, I wonder if it is fear or joy that it has finally happened, I cradle you close as both emotions in equal measure are dancing around my head too. In holding you so close I realise for the first time you are indeed more than just a stunningly attractive young girl, I feel the warmth and fullness of your encased breasts against my chest, an exploring arm wanders down your back and my hand traces across your hips and thighs. You have a magnificent figure that screams out all woman. Taking in the silhouette my hands have just traced, like a blind man I put together a picture in my mind. The image my mind conjures is pleasant enough but I need the real thing, lust taking over me I remember it over 3 years since I last had a sexual encounter. I quickly pull myself together, this is love not lust.

One last look into your eyes before I disappear from view, tiny kisses raining down on your neck I trace a line of them to the tender spot behind your ears. Your mouth opens as you draw in a deep breath, your head tilts backwards to meet me there. Breathing softly around your ear, my tongue and lips tantalise this most erogenous of zones. My hand is meanwhile sliding down your chest to find the buttons of your blouse. Your chest lifts to meet my touch, tightening the fit of your blouse as you do so. This hinders my progress as I fumble like an amateur with your buttons. You notice my plight and regulate your breathing to assist me, I'm stunned you learn these little tricks so quickly. My mouth has dropped to your shoulder biting with my lips tenderly across the top as I begin to peel open your blouse. I skilfully manoeuvre you bra straps with my mouth to the edges of your shoulders whilst pecking at your tender flesh with my lips. You body has an almost involuntary reaction of shimmying your shoulder to allow the straps to fall to your elbows, allowing your arms to break free.
Slowly, almost secretly I lower my arm across your chest. The sensitive skin of my inner arm traces the volumous rise of your breasts towards the pinnacle of your erect nipples that have lifted the soft material of your bra. It’s easy for me to continue this sweep and reveal those succulent twin peaks. My ear resting on your heart, I can hear your beats drumming the inside of your chest as I gaze in wonderment at your forbidden fruits before me.

I blow gently across your nipples as your body tells you what it wants. The strain of your nipples being invisibly pulled towards the ceiling makes your hand squeeze at your own flesh. You paw at your nipples trying to ease the tension and tell me what to do next. You stop abruptly, almost embarrest by your own actions. Sorry you whisper fearing you have stolen my prize.
I whisper that you should not be afraid of your body’s reaction to pleasure. You should take it in your stride and allow your body and soul to lead you. Your body knows what you want more than any man ever could. Allow it to guide you and in doing so it will guide me in what will pleasure you most.
Taking your body at its word you continue to massage your own breast and nipple while I replicate your actions on the s****r peak using my mouth and tongue. After a while, I manoeuvre down to your navel as you take your own breasts in both hands.

My hands now brush the flat firm flesh of your stomach kissing around your navel. Hands on your upper thighs, thumbs conveniently placed in your waist band, I tantalisingly kiss the open expanses of tenderness before me.
You hips begin to rock wantonly as my mouth moves teasingly closer and further away from you holy grail. With each of your thrusts, I inch down the waistband of your skirt. My head has found its way to your lap as we are now arranged top to tail. Your skirt removed and my hands on your inner thighs, my thumbs start a slow circular motion upwards towards your swollen mound.

My own body’s reaction is to press my hips against your upper arms. You turn to face them sensuously caressing my thighs, as your fingers start to trace the growing outline of my manhood in my jeans. One hand continues to encourage its growth as the other unbuckles my belt and pops the buttons of my fly one by one.
You unfold my jeans to reveal a blossoming outline in my shorts. As I squirm with pleasure you slide your fingers in the waistband and make contact with the fiery dragon within. Lifting the restraining elastic is like opening a jack in the box, my engorged penis slaps against my stomach with a resounding thud.
You trace its length with your fingernails playing delicately with its almost heart shaped head. It twitches and pulses still growing longer and thicker with each pulse as bl**d runs red hot to my phallus. I whimper with pleasure as you continue to explore its veiny length.

My fingers now replicate yours, tracing the outline of your labia as you rise to meet their arrival. Sliding under the elastic of your panties, they feel the fiery heat from within. Stroking your outer lips I feel for the first time your warm moist flesh. Slowly sliding your briefs below your knees you complete the manoeuvre kicking them free. Massaging your lips I bring my mouth close to your entrance, my tongue darts like a snakes to every part of it. Flicking my tongue and massaging in slow circular motions I discover your cliterous as it hardens under my breath.
Once found I go to work in earnest, alternating quick fire flicks with slow lingering suction. My fingers find your entrance and slide tenderly inside. My fingers and mouth work in tandem to accelerate your pleasure. Listening to you moans I discover the sweetest spot of your pleasure pit. Once found I speed up my attentions to match your growing desire.

The act of finding your sensitive spot has bulged my cock to beyond its previous maximum. You sense my urgency and take the thick shaft in your hand and guide the head between your lips. The pleasure is unbearable as I try to fuck your mouth. You withdraw teasing me then unexpectedly plunge the whole length into your mouth. My work on your pussy has found the right spot and you’re uncontrollable as you feast on my shaft. My balls are tightening rapidly as you mouth goes into overdrive, I know I can't hold on much longer.

I work feverishly on your clit with my mouth, sucking hard and deep as it expands in my mouth. My fingers plunge deep within you, stretching your flesh in immeasurable pleasure. Your devouring my cock such is the pleasure your feeling, I take this cue to drive my tongue deep inside you. I feel your stomach tighten as your body starts to buck and writhe, your knees come together locking my head in place. Your hands f***e my face deep into your soaking wet pussy as you cry out " suck me you bastard don't stop"
My head is tossed from side to side as your body is engulf in a tremendous orgasm. Sobbing in pleasure you collapse backward as I come up for air.

As you release me my own pleasures take over me, proud of my achievement I straddle your waist, cock in hand, forcing you to open your mouth in front of me. You have little resistance but I squeeze your breasts brutishly, I pump my shaft In a****l anger. Knotting up inside, my body contorts ahhhrrgg....ahrrrggg I cry as my hot cream burst into the air and streams across your face. Jet after jet of hot sticky cum land across your face and breast, I collapse in ecstasy across your body.
We're back in our starting position but entwined and glued together by our hot juices. Panting from our exertions there is time for one last lingering kiss before we fall into a blissful sl**p.
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