This happened quite a few years ago but never told anyone. We were camping with about 16 people from Mums's work, all in tents and the year is about 1975.
I was about 17 at the time and I was sharing a tent with a bloke of about 35ish who worked with Mum. On about 2nd or 3rd night we had a camp fire a few drinks and everybody was pretty marry. I had a few in a coffee mug so nobody noticed and around 11 I said that I was tired and went into my tent but couldn't sl**p because of the noise. About an hour later everybody started to get ready for the night and the guy I was sharing came in as well. I prented that I was asl**p and we didnt talk. He changed into his tarck suit and than gone out again.
About half an hour later he came back with one of the secretaries who was about 23 at the time. She was a big girl, short but really big bum big tits, very sexy really, a true bbw with an amazing hourglass figure. They spoke very quietly as they thought I was asl**p, I could not see much but could make it out that they were kissing and touching and really getting into it. I could see him getting her undressed and he wanted her her to suck him. She did that but it wasnt enough, he pulled off all her clothes and started licking her, the tent was filled with the smell of her juices it was amazing. All this inches from my face as I pretended to be asl**p in my sl**ping bag. After a while he got her on her back and started fucking her, all I remember is her amazing hair and thick thighs with him in between fucking her really hard but hardly making any sound. When they got undressed they threw their clothes eveywhere and her knickers were not far from me. I managed to get hold of it and started smelling it and wanking myself as he was fucking her right next to me. It was amazing, I came at the same time she did, it was one of the strongest orgasms I ever experienced to this day. I never let go of the knickers, it smellt amazing, she was looking for it but he just said oh dont worry, we will find it in the morning. I of course never gave it up and hidden it in my bag. I sniffed it and wanked a few more times before it started to fade but never gave it up.
I took it home it was the first one in my collection. When the smell was gone I wanked into it, many many times I reckon at least 100 times fantasising about her and her big firm ass wishing it was me who fucked her that night.
I often saw her in the office she always turned me on, it was amazing to go home and wank into her panties thinking about her. I had a few pics of her from the trip, I would put it out and look at her as I was exploding into her knickers. I really ahd a lot of fun with her . . . and she never knew.

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3 years ago
you dirty litte pervert bless you my son good story
3 years ago
should have made a play