My auntie

I was about 14 when I stayed at my uncles house for 2 weeks while on school holidays. He had a a nice bbw wife, who was about 35 at the time. He was doing shift work and sometimes had to leave at 10 PM. They lived in a small flat with not much privacy for anyone. I slept in the lounge room and they slept in an adjacent room but it had no doors only curtains. Lots of times I pretended to have fallen asl**p while watching television so I could watch my aunty getting undressed for her evening shower. She was a big lady, very big breasts and a big wide bum and a cute tummy. She always wore white or light pink underwear and as this all happened in the 1970's she wore stockings and suspenders. It was an incredible sight watch her undress and than put on her dressing gown and head for the shower. As oon as she was out of the room I knew I had about 20 minutes before she finished. She usually left her knicker on top of the pile as that was the last one to come off. First I just wanted to touch and feel her silky/nylony panties but soon enough I was smelling them, holding them close to my face inhaling the fresh almost warm aroma of her pussy and licking the moist crusty crotch area. It was incredible and it gave me an instant hard on, I only had to touch myself and rub my penis a few times and I was exploding all over the place. In fact my very first wank and orgasm happened while holding her panties to my face. The aroma was so strong and overpowering that I never lasted more than a minute. I did this every time I could, over quite a few school hollidays.
Now I am in my early 50's but still remember the smell of her vagina. Just recently I visited them (she is in her 70's) and found one of her panties in the bathroom. I instantly grabbed it held it to my nose and started inhaling it . . . it wasnt the same but it still gave me an instant erection, so strong that I wanked myself off in no time, this time into her knickers which I never dared to do when I was a teenager.

Her panties started me a life long seek-smell-wank mission every time I had a chance and ahd wanked to dozens of panties over the years. Its an addiction still cant give up to this day.
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3 years ago
nice one and agree that used panties are impossible to just leave alone without a sniff or a lick.
3 years ago
a pro wanker excelent
3 years ago