Forrest Time

IT was my first time in a long time thinking about dick. I loved the first time i sucked dick i loved it and always wanted more. I worked near fenway park boston and new there was alot of gays around the area but never new were i could go without being seen. I got some liquar and walked down the park way were i thought no one was to smoke my blunt and drink my liquar on braek. IT was dark and trees were every were it was hard to see. I Walked and saw a big black man looking at me and rubing his cock. im about 5'8 140 and very slim and smooth he was older about 20 years and 6'4 about 250 pounds soild. I walked over and said may i help u he said yeah let me get some liquar and some of that blunt. I said okay but what u doing out her. he replied this is the gay spot at night k** what u didnt know. I got so excited and said let me see it then papi. He said come in these woods i got a spot for you. I walked and saw a stole for me two sit he pulled out his fat 11 inch steel black dick semi hard at 11 inches all ready and said here boy take it. I was in shocked never seen a dick like that plus scared i alawys licked big dick but just was scared. I sucked it and it tasted soo good i was spitting on it sucking it for ten minutes when i seen his legs shake and he said o shit here it comes he took his dick out my mouth and was cumming i was so mad took his dick back in my mouth to taste that cum. he said mmmmmmmmm what a freak whats ur number k** i gave it to him and the rest is history prt 2 coming

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