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Hi sexy people...

I'm Diane, married and a slutwife! I love fucking especially big black cock... the darker the better... the bigger the best!

I want to hear from you... email me. I want to see photos and videos of your cock in action. I’m inviting you to have a good look at my photos and tell me how you would like to use my tight pussy. You never know… I might let you.

Just to get you started here’s one of my most memorable nights out. My husband and I have always fantasied about situations but never had any intention of realising them. On our nights out I would always wear something sexy that showed lots of skin and this excited him and me because of all the attention I got. We would come home after our night out and fuck like crazy. But this particular night was different!!! It happened a few years back while partying with my husband in a very busy night club on New Year’s Eve... This was my first experience outside my marriage let alone a black man!!!

To help you visualise, I'm slim and petite with perky tits (see my photos) and a creamy complexion. My pussy is always bald (it gives better access).

That night I was wearing a very short red dress (meant to be a top) which was see through in bright light (I’ve got dark nipples… mmmh). It barely covered my pussy (actually it didn't) and the front was open down the centre with two straps that just managed to cover my boobs. The back was bear with just a tiny piece to cover my ass. To make the night more exciting, my husband insisted I wear no panty...no bra... and my 5inch red stilettos...

Just after midnight and a few minutes into the New Year, my husband decided we needed more drinks although we were aready little tipsy ... the bar was packed and people were pushing their way to get to the front. We followed suit!
It was here my adventure began! In amongst the crowd a black guy decided to push his way behind me (I always fantasied about black men). I couldn't see his face and didn't bother too much about it either...

As the music got louder, the crowd got rowdy and the pushing got worse. Instinctively I pushed my ass out to keep my balance. This happened a few times and each time the guy’s cock behind me kept rubbing against my ass. I started getting very horny and I could feel my pussy starting to moisten.

I looked ahead for my husband but couldn’t find him. With all the pushing and shoving, we lost each other. Here I was almost naked and alone amongst a crowd of strange men. The black guy behind me must have sensed my fear because I felt his eyes all over my body. Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. It must have been the excitement and fear of being around strange men without my husband present.

The guys must have noticed that I was alone because I suddenly started feeling more bodies rubbing against me. My pussy started to get wetter and my fear disappeared. The thought of having a sexy black stranger so close behind me got me very excited. I could feel the heat from his body on my naked back. My whole body started to tingle as he got closer suddenly my body responded. I instinctively moved my ass into his crotch.

I could feel his huge cock massage my butt and it felt so good. My head was spinning from the excitement and my body was responding to his every touch. I was in heaven when suddenly my husband appeared in front of me. Instead of being shocked, I immediately stuck my tongue into his mouth. I was so turned on that I didn’t care that the black stranger decided to slip his hand under my dress. In fact my body responded, while I was kissing my husband, by spreading my legs slightly apart.

As my husband turned to face the bar, my black stud wasted no time. I immediately felt this monster cock on my wet pussy. As I looked down between my legs, I saw the most beautiful pitch black cock with the biggest head I’ve seen. This sent me over the edge. I spread my bare legs as wide as I could even though my husband was dangerously close. I was a bbc whore in heat!!!

The crowd got louder as i felt his hard cock push my moist lips apart. With my cunt now fully exposed and my tits barely covered, my knees started to weaken. The feeling of being fuck by a muscular black stranger with huge cock and no protection sent my pussy into a state of ecstasy. As his cock lavishly feasted on my forbidden fruit, I wanted more!!! I pushed my ass violently into his cock to get him to go deeper and deeper into my oasis... i didn’t want to see his face just feel his thick cock stretch and abuse my married pussy.

I could feel his tongue on my neck. His hands was now under my top, squeezing and pinching my tits and nipples... The pain and pleasure was electrifying… I was in heaven!!! The crowd was gone wild!!!

Suddenly i felt his cock stiffen and instantly he explode into my tight wet pussy... streams and streams of hot thick cum warmed my cunt... the thought of having my married pussy filled by a total stranger caused my body to explode… I came six times that night ... and the sexy black stranger... well he walked away knowing that all his seed will slowly makes its way down my bare, creamy thighs while I partied the night away…

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11 days ago
waoooooooooooooooooo skyp me on modecool.love
19 days ago
I have skype heinnie1 and my user name is my number for whatsapp just drop the 0 and replace with +27 for South Africa
1 month ago
WOW! Super hot story. Wish this was my wife telling it.
1 month ago
Very sexy
1 month ago
LOve your story!!!
2 months ago
Hi Diane. Sexy profile. Please add me?
2 months ago
HI!! great profile!!! love the pictures
2 months ago
let me in :)
4 months ago
Thats such a hot story..
5 months ago
Hi friends ?
5 months ago
Wife and I have a similar story that happened in Durban
5 months ago
Hela sexy
5 months ago
Please ad me.
5 months ago
Wow.. that's an erotic tale. Very sexy, as are you.
7 months ago
Love your profile...add me as ur friend.....& I can share my black cock with u
8 months ago
I love the way you write...can we have more?
10 months ago
I Would love to see a video of that night, love the way you describe it
11 months ago
your living the dream ^5
11 months ago
1 year ago
Love your profile
1 year ago
baie nice
1 year ago
Mmmm..our kinda party. Hello from capetown
1 year ago
May I have a friend invite please ?
1 year ago
So Wished you lived closer to me Diane.
1 year ago
love your pictures, so hot. would love to have you on my friends list or keep contact
1 year ago
1 year ago
hot bbc slut
1 year ago
Add Me
1 year ago
That is an incredible story you have about the stranger. Nice profile!
1 year ago
Lovely profile, would be sweet to chat one day.

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