Isabella was in a world of madness … beautiful euphoric madness.

Still basking in afterglow, her vision sharpened and she could focus on the smooth flesh of Edicus’ thigh as he sat beside her.

How had she so easily betrayed the man she loved—and with a Draeli male at that—an alien in the truest sense of the word? And to know that he could so easily impregnate her—at will…

...that he did so without asking...

What would she tell Aaron when she set eyes on him again. She grimaced as she felt a new wave of nausea hit. With the pang came a new batch of dark blue swirls of color that speckled her skin.
The passion manifest…?

She laid back onto the bed her pussy still wet form his cock juices—as guilty as she felt she could not stop herself whenever he touched her. Dammit, why she was so fucking weak?

The bed she laid in did not feel foreign. It didn't feel familiar either. Her eyes moved upwards from his toned thigh, to the Draeli male’s slender waist, and all the way up to his gently smiling face. His look was soft in a peculiar way, but this moment did not last, for his face shifted to something more sinister, his beautiful mouth stretching into a nearly inhuman grin, and his eyes lit up like glowing charcoal, not too intense but still ready to burn.

“Maie' Ferrahn,” he whispered teasingly.

“What?” She yawned and stretched her limbs slowly on the bed, her skin making swishing sounds on the fabric. “You're so annoying Edicus, but I love it. Are you ever going to let me go back to sl**p?”

Tilting his head, Edicus answered a in a light tone, “Hhhnn … no.” He bent over her and touched her nose with his, still grinning, but in a much more natural way than before.

Her eyelids still rather heavy, Issa didn't even flinch. She sighed and turned her head to the side. Edicus nuzzled her neck and gave her little kisses. She rewarded him with a puppy-like whine. Delightful memories rushed through her mind, and she reached up to stroke one of his wings. That wing twitched, making a slight flapping sound.

“Mm … Hold me close,” he commanded, and Issa obeyed. Her fingertips pressed into his shoulders and her legs wrapped around him. Full of an almost unreasonable greed, their mouths met hotly, moist, and they groaned and whined into each other. They drank of each other.

His hips slowly pushed towards her, the head of his penis teasing her lips with just enough pressure and plenty of heat. He had Issa repeating throaty sounds into his ear, “Ah ah ah Aah!” She hissed when he rubbed her clitoris with his dick, and he bit his lip at the sound.

Edicus' eyes lit up again. Some spice in the sport always brings perfect entertainment.

“He would be so heart broken,” he whispered, feigning a sympathetic tone. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and carefully drew upon her. His eyes moved up to examine her face as she began to remember who this other man was. Issa's mouth twisted in anguish as an almost acidic pain ate at her heart, and she looked away from him. Edicus' eyes seemed to smile.

Issa tried to move him off of her, but he only chuckled and held her wrists at each side near her head. He stared down at her and told her, “I know I'm quite odd to you, but you'll need to forgive me. I do love fucking you, and I certainly do love playing with your pretty little head.”

She would have scolded him, but he kissed her again … and ran his hands down her waist … and had his tongue draw invisible circles on her collar … then her belly. “Mmmmmmmmm … Edi … Ed ...” She was losing her control again. Isaa didn't really think she cared. He smelled so good … felt so good … made her secret canal quiver and ooze from joy. He pushed a finger into her, and she clawed at the bedsheets. “Nnnnaaaaaaa … please … I need you … fuck!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Edicus hoarsely retorted, as if he did not believe her, even though he clearly did. “You need me, despite that sapling of a man in your heart.” He made certain to press against a certain bundle of nerves inside her as he said this, making her back arch and her toes clench.

Issa cried out something like, “Aaaiiiii ...”

He took her cheeks in both of his hands and gave her a shockingly innocent looking kiss on her forehead. His flushed face and heavy breathing contrasted the gesture. “Feeling empty, Honey?”

“Like a … a …” Issa struggled to think properly. “I don't know! The fucking sky! Just fuck me!” She sc****d his arm with her fingernails, and Edicus complied happily, groaning as he slid his cock into her, stretching her, and they both moaned. He rocked into her carefully.
“Hhah … ah … ha ha ha ...” Edicus gritted his teeth, but kept his game in mind. “Poor dear Aaron … you love him so well, and yet here you are with me making your nerves scream.” She gave him a horrified look.

“What?! You twisted … you … aagh …!” Issa grabbed his thighs and insisted, “Harder!” She needed him to make her forget her guilt, but here we was tormenting her with it! He rocker her faster, and she made sharp cries of ecstasy from his movements. He lifted her ankles up and rested her legs on his shoulders. “Ah … ah … so deep! More! More!”

“Maybe you will say his name.” Edicus licked his teeth like a hungry a****l and groaned. “Such delicious insanity!” His wings stretched out behind him with pride at being able to drive her mad.

“Edicus … please … Ah ah ah ah!” She started screaming, her body pulsing. “Aaaaaahh! So good … give to me hard!”

He yanked her hair to pull her up to him, and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. He seemed to purr into her mouth, and she screeched into his, scratching red lines onto the center of his back. She thrashed and met his movements with her own intensity, reveling in his scent and the sounds of their flesh slapping into each other, in the warmth of his mouth, in the hot invasion of his penis branding her. When his movements quickened and he squeezed her buttocks with vigor, she closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into his chest. He growled as he squirted into her, and then fell upon her.
She whined, “Aaron?”

Some time afterward, when they weren't gasping from such exercise, and Issa was thinking she needed to clean herself up, she had a sudden thought. “Edicus, will the baby have wings?”
“Yes,” he said, grinning like a damn demon, “and it will be sooo painful.”

Issa's jaw dropped at the thought.

Edicus laughed. “No, Maie' Ferrahn, only during their adolescence do they grow wings, around 500 years or so, depending on the c***d.”


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