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hotwife slut

Omg. Careful what you ask for!lol but I love it.
I convinced my very conservative wife to have sex with other men 7 months ago and wow. She is now a full fledged Hotwife. She has had sex with 9 men (13 if you include the 4 from over 15 yrs ago when she first tried it.) She has fucked most of them multiple times and now has 3 regulars she cycles through almost weekly. She has swallowed all 3 men's cum multiple times and some of the others also. I let one man visit her at home and he quick fucks her leaving his cum either down her throat or in her mouth. She is such a slut and I love her new en... Continue»
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[Story] Married woman finds lust

Kara was brought up in a church going environment where she was taught that her body should be saved for the man she was to wed. When most girls her age were off exploring their sexuality by giving up their virginity, she was saving herself for the man of her dreams. She did give in to a few exploring hands and roaming fingers on occasion but kept her maidenhood intact.

Most of those same girls who were considered sluts in school ended up settling down to be good little wives and mothers. More than a few grew in size and shrank in attractiveness.

Kara on the other hand was a very yo... Continue»
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sexual awakening

My wife about 6 months ago went through a sexual awakening of sorts. several years after she was being shared with other men, her sex drive went down to I would say "normal". All of a sudden she is a kinky wife with a drive that surpasses any teenagers, boy or girl. I'm not complaining mind you. Anyone else ever know of this happening? I though it would subside in a few months but she has maintained her kinky sex drive having sex no less that 4 to 5 times over weekends alone.

Leave comments and questions.
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I know everybody will feel really bad for me. Lol. But, my wife has suddenly turned into a total slut for any sex I want from her. She finally gave into her desires of lust and wants to be taken roughly. She wants me to make her do things she has always said no too.
I'm exhausted! I love it but my cock is getting numb.
Posted by luv2sedcwife 1 year ago

[Story] Good Girl No More

Okay, some of this story is true but unlike the last one most of it is only a fantasy of what I would like to happen with every part having a little truth to it. The beginning is totally true.

She did it! Or more accurately we did it. My wife reluctantly went down the road of no return. She is now a total slut! I encouraged her to be the slut she is today because of my own personal needs of perverse pleasure I derived from seeing people fuck in front of me. I figured my wife would be the best to watch since I lusted after her the most. Kim is a petite woman that married the only man ... Continue»
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[Story] Good Girl Gone Better

Most of this is true. I did indulge a few parts but most is true.

At the time she was a 20 year old wife just married 1 year prior. She's a petite brown haired 5 foot girl with 34 B succulent breasts that are very soft yet firm and perky with very excitable pink nipples that begged to be licked and sucked on. Her best feature was and still is her ass. Firm, deep and built to take a good hard pounding. Her ass has and still turns the heads of young guys and older men alike.

Kim has always been told that she looked very young for her age. Much too young to be sexually active for sure. ... Continue»
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