Eating her till she Cums

Your soft thick thighs I kiss and lick making my way to your succulent pussy lips. While I'm kissing your thighs you rub your soft semi-hairy pussy in a circular motion. Our eyes all the while watching each other not sure what's to come. But it looks as though you have been wet for a while thinking of me tongue fucking you.

My mouth is already watering with anticipation of your sweet taste. I rub the hair of your lips with my fingers and start working my way up and down, stroking you as you rub your tits. As you start to moan I begin to kiss your pussy lips. Then my tongue penetrates you opening your sweet box. Your sweet aroma coupled with your moaning encourages my tongue to start working your clit.

I start by licking gently and kissing your throbbing clit all the while tasting your juices, lapping it up as if hungry. I part your lips with my fingers and with more vigorous tongue motions lick, eat and taste all of you. My nose is now rested on your achy clit as my tongue dances on your skin. Your body oozes with cum that I can't help but finger and then taste. With your hand on my head you encourage me to tongue your hole. I spread you open wider and begin to drive my tongue deeper, deeper into your soft crevasse.

I can feel you about to cum as you grip my head even harder. You softly tell me you're cumming and begin to moan uncontrollably. Your juices flowed like a river that I drink from. As you cum I watch your face and rub your soft round belly. When you're done you smile and I return the smile. I move my body back down to your still writhing box to clean you up. You rest your beautiful feet on the back of my head as your orgasms continue. I don't let any of your cum go to waste as I lick it all up. We kiss for a while, as you taste your own juices.

Our hands feel each other as I caress your warm, soft skin. I hold your body close to mine, touching all your beautiful curviness. You grab my cock and stroke it eagerly. You motion towards my throbbing cock and say, "I want to suck your cock till you cum!" I smile in anticipation of your sweet lips around my big thick cock…

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