the big stretch

Calla, a beautiful 35 year old woman, went to a house in Reno, a house that
specifically centered on analism, or in this case... anal fist fucking! To be
admitted, she had had to fill out a long form and sign it saying that she wouldn't
hold this compary responsible for anything that went wrong.

Once accepted, Calla went there and filled out yet another long form after which
she was tied, hands behind her back and taken upstairs to a room where there was
a Mistress who already had a young girl in bondage. The Mistress's name was
Helga who had come over from Germany just two years ago. She was huge, almost 6
feet tall and weighed almost 250 lbs. After tying Calla to an iron railing that
ran along one wall, the female guards went over to Helga to help her tie the
young girl up. First they stretched her arms out so they could fasten them to
the bed posts. Next they took a wooden bar any placed it across her stomach
before folding her legs back up over her head. The wooden bar was pulled down
tight and fastened in place. In this position the girl couldn't move much at all
other than just wiggle.

Finishing the tying, the guards came back over to Calla and introduced her to
the two women on the bed. First, naturally there was Helga, the German dyke. The
girl, whose name was Linda, was no more than 19. She could have weighed no more
than 100 lbs. Linda had come to Reno from England for this very act. As the two
guards were leaving, they told Calla that she could go over to the bed so she
could see everything Helga was doing to Linda, because the tether would reach
that far. Then the guards left, closing the door.

Helga turned around and looked at Calla. "Come on over here and see exactly what
I will be doing to you. I want you to see everything so you will know exactly
what is coming for you. I'm not easy, if that's the way you have had it before.
Come on, get over here."

Calla shuffled her feet over to the bed and sat down on it.

"That's a good cunt. Watch close now." Helga reached for a tube of KY which she
inserted into Linda's ass and began to squeeze it into her ass. When the tube
was empty, Helga picked up yet another and began to smear it all over her hand
and arm. Laying the tube aside, Helga jabbed two fingers into Linda's ass.

"Yeeeoooohhhh," Linda yelled out.

"You'll think yeeeeoooobhhh when I'm through with you. I don't go in for those
short anal fist fucking scenes most of you girls have been receiving. At the
minimum, this will last for two hours!" And she thrust her third finger up into
Linda's ass.

"Two hours," Linda began to pale. "Why so long?"

"I figure that is the length of time a cunt like you wants in the first place.
Especially you, Linda, who came all this way from England. Look down at my arm,
Linda, check out those dimensions. Thick isn't it? I've measured the thickness
of my forearm and it's 4 inches thick! Beyond my elbow, my bicep is 5 inches

"I can't take but your hand only, I swear," Linda was gazing down at Helga's arm.

"Well my little girl, you are going to take a lot more than that today. You came
all the way over here for this, so I'm going to give it to you. You're going to
get a lot more than just my hand," and Helga pushed her fourth finger in.

"No! No! I'm begging you, please don't get beyond your wrist."

"Little girl, these walls are soundproof. What I do to you is beyond hearing.
And you signed that form saying I wouldn't be responsible for anything. So I'm
going to give it to you up your ass. Much, much more than just my hand and wrist!"

Helga began to work her hand in now, twisting and turning it back and forth
until her entire hand slid into Linda's asshole.

"Oh, that feels wonderful," Linda cried out.

"Wait a minute. What's that I feel? I think I'm feeling dirty shit. Did you take
an enema before you came here today?"

Linda shook her head no, "I'm sorry about that. I just didn't think of it."

"You're going to wish a thousand times over that you had of remembered to do
that. Now I know for certain that you're going to get a lot more than just my
hand and wrist."

"Oh no. Please no," Linda begged again.

Helga began to move her fist back and forth, each time going a little deeper.

"No, no. Don't go any deeper!"

"Oh you're going to get it. I'm starting to feel a lot of shit in there. You
naughty girl, you. To have another woman fist your ass while you need to shit."

"I didn't feel like I needed to shit when this all started. Please forgive me."

"I can feel all that shit along my arm now, you filthy twat." Helga drove her
arm in deeper. "In a few minutes, I will be dragging all that shit out of your
asshole. All I have to do is go a little deeper," and Helga drove her arm in
deeper. "I'm now halfway to my elbow, but you are going to get a lot more. Do
you hear me? A lot more. When I get through with you, you'll be able to have a
log truck drive up your ass. Does that sound exciting?" And Helga pushed her
fist even deeper, stretching Linda's asshole out a full three inches.

"That's too much!"

"Ha, ha, ha! You'll think that is too much," and Helga drove her fist in even
further stretching Linda's asshole even wider. "You'll be nothing but a big hole
when I get through with you," and Helga drove even deeper.

"Oooohhh, stop!"

"Stop hell, I'm going to go way in. In a couple of minutes your asshole will be
stretched out that 4 inches of my forearm. That will be bigger than this asshole
has ever stretched. And I can feel your shit everywhere. Damn did you ever need
to shit! You must have wanted me to fist you when you needed to shit."

"No, no. I swear to you. I didn't realize that I needed to shit."

"Oh look, it's starting to come out now. It's all brown and slimy. Just for that..."
and Helga slammed her fist in up to her forearm. "There, cunt, do you feel all
that! You *should* feel that, I have your asshole stretched out 4 inches now."

"I never thought that I would have my poor asshole stretched out that far."

Helga drew her arm back and slammed it back in again.


"Like that? And all that shit! Damn you must have needed to shit. I'm not even
in your colon yet and I'm pulling shit out. You see, little girl, you don't have
shit in your rectum. Shit is stored in your colon and only comes down into your
rectum just before you have to shit. I know what I'm going to do, I'm just going
to scoop up that shit."

"What are you going to scoop it up for?"

"I'm going to make you eat it."

"Oh no you don't. You can't make me eat shit."

"Oh no? Watch this," Helga continued to scoop up shit until she had a big
handful and, reaching up, crammed it into Linda's mouth and covered her mouth
while locking her nose with her forefinger and thumb. "Eat it, I say. I won't
turn loose of your nose until you swallow all that slimy load of shit I gave you."

Linda just stared at Helga, realizing that soon she would have to swallow it to
keep from suffocating. Linda began to chew, struggling with the foul mouthful
and then swallowed it down before Helga released her hold.

"See, I told you I could make you eat shit. Don't ever think I can't make you do
anything I want you to do," Helga slammed her fist in even further.

"Help me Calla, she's tearing my asshole up," Linda turned to the woman on the

Calla noticed the lust in Linda's eyes and did nothing to help her. Helga
reached over and grabbed Calla by the hair and pulled her down to Linda's ass.

"Start licking all that slimy stuff up around her asshole. Lick it off my arm as
well. Maybe I'll be a little more lenient with you when it comes your turn."

Calla began licking all around Linda's asshole, licking up all that gooey stuff
being pulled out of Linda's asshole, little pieces of shit, but most of it was
just a slimy brown liquid. Calla's tongue trained all over Linda's out-stretched
asshole and then started licking on Helga's arm as she drew in back for another
shove. This continued for several minutes and slowly Helga drew her arm
completely out of Linda's asshole.

"Thank you Mistress, thank you for stopping this. You've got my asshole
stretched open so wide now."

"I'm not through with you yet. I have a few more tricks for you. Then I'm going
to go in clear up to my biceps, maybe my shoulder."

"Noooooo, please no. You'll kill me," Linda again started begging.

Helga took up a glass with a liquid in it and raised it so Linda could see it. "Do
you know what this is? It's Tabasco sauce. Know what I'm going to do with it? I'm
going to pour it right into your stretched out asshole. Hee, hee, hee. Every
little split and cut I put in your rectum will feel this," and Helga began to
pour it in the tabasco sauce and almost immediately Linda began to yell.

"No more. Please, no more. Put your hand back up my ass. Give me more fist, I
don't care, but please don't give me any more of that Tabasco sauce."

Helga laughed but continued to pour until the glass was empty, then slammed her
closed fist back in Linda's wide stretched asshole.

Linda humped her ass as Helga did this only to feel the Tabasco sauce flowing
down into her colon. "Please Calla, make her stop. My asshole, my rectum and my
colon are all on fire. Help me!"

"You just get behind me Calla. Give me a good rim job," Helga had driven her
fist into Linda's ass up to the 4-inch wide section of her forearm. Dragging her
arm back, she again drove it back into Linda's rectum, further this time.

"Does that feel good, little girl?"

"You're killing me!"

"Oh, you've got lots of room up there yet, and I intend to use every last inch
of that big hole of yours," and Helga drove her fist in till she went to her
elbow. From there she began pushing and shoving even more until she had pushed
her arm in up the fattest section of her biceps. "Now little girl, you should
really be able to feel that. I know your asshole is stretched out a full 5
inches now. Here, let me get you a mirror so you can see for yourself," and
Helga reached over for a mirror which she placed in a position so Linda could

Linda looked down into the mirror and couldn't believe how big her asshole was
now. It was huge! Really huge!

"I'm going to make it even bigger. I'm going to stretch it out at least another
inch. Maybe more. Calla, hold this mirror for Linda."

"How are you going to stretch it further? You've already got your arm in to its
fattest section!"

Helga held up her other hand.

"Oooh no. You can't."

Helga didn't reply, she just started pushing more fingers into the big orifice.
"Want to try for my thumb?"

"Oh no, please no. I can see my asshole is right at the bursting point."

Helga laughed and began working her thumb in. Helga had to really work, but
suddenly her whole second hand pushed in.

"Damn! That's big! I've never done this to a woman, let alone a girl. Your
asshole has got to be stretched out a full 7 or 8 inches wide now."

"I can see bl**d!" Linda screamed.

"So it is, but that is only a little bl**d. I want to go in a little deeper,
just to see how much you can take," and Helga shoved even deeper and began to
saw her arms back and forth.

"You're not going to do that to me, are you?" Calla asked.

"If you don't have shit in your ass, I won't, but if you do... look out," Helga
said as she continued shoving both fists in and out of Linda's asshole. She
finally pulled her second hand out but kept the first one in and began using big
long strokes in Linda's ass. Helga continued doing this for another 45 minutes
before she pulled her fist out of Linda's ass.

"Damn that's big! It must be four inches across right now. I doubt it will ever
return to it's original shape, nice and tight!"

Linda was looking down into the mirror and was amazed at the size of her asshole.
"I'll never be able to shit right again."

"You'll be right back in here tomorrow for another anal assault. Mark my words.
I've seen a lot of women and girls, but I have never seen one take as much as
you have. You're remarkable! Simply remarkable! I think I'll go right back in
there again and see just how much more I can stretch your asshole out. Would you
like that, cunt?"

"Let me go now. I promise that I'll come back to you tomorrow if you'll just let
me go now. I swear I will. You can have me tied up in my room for the night."

"I don't know. I was having too much fun. Oh well, I WILL be able to have you
tied up tonight for your next assignment. Party pooper!"

Linda was untied and she left the room all stooped over, but she didn't care,
she was leaving that torture. She felt sorry for Calla though. No telling what
Helga would do to her...

Helga came into the room that Linda was in, attached to the wall with a long
leash and neck collar. Helga had brought Calla as well as two guards with her.

"Have you been enjoying yourself here? I have let you have an extra day here
just so you could heal up some. Is your asshole all nice and tender again?"

"I don't think I'll ever be able to squeeze my asshole shut, not after that
punishment you gave it," Linda squirmed on her bed.

"Your asshole will stay open like that for some time to come, to give ladies
like me a beautiful chance to open it up again. Now are you ready for another
anal assault?"

"Not like last time," Linda replied. "My asshole is still sore."

"Fasten her down like you did last time for me. This bitch is really going to
get it this time." The two female guards began to tie Linda down again.

"Did you clean yourself out this time, or were you a naughty little girl and
leave that nasty old shit in your rectum?"

"I cleaned myself out this time so I wouldn't have to eat that stuff again,"
Linda made a face. "It was horrible. I came over here just for an anal fist fuck,
but you plowed my ass real deep, with two hands!"

"When I get through this time, I'm going to place a big open tube up your ass so
you will be leaving a trail everywhere you go. Then you'll have to lick it all

"Oooh no! Please no!"

"Now, let's see how strong that big hole is - Oh, it's almost back to it's
original shape. That's good, now let's see just how much it fights my finger,"
and Helga inserted a fore finger full depth. "No resistance at all. Your tight
little asshole is not so tight anymore."

"How can it be tight after what you did to it last time?" Linda cried.

"Here's the second one. Wow, it just slides right in! What a big dirt hole you
have. It must have really took a stretching last time, so here comes number
three. Now I felt some resistance that time. Calla, squirt some lubricant right
into the palm of my hand. That's enough for now, now smear it all over the back
of my hand and arm, clear up past my elbow. This little girl is really going to
get her butt-hole screwed this time."

"You're not going to go in past your elbow again, are you?"

"For sure, Linda! I want to really butt-fuck you with my fist. Here comes number

"But I'm so sore from last time."

"You'll be sore for many days when you leave here."

"Calla, don't let her do this to me again!"

Calla noticed Linda's eyes, they were shrouded in lust. Helga folded her thumb
over and began to push it forward, a little at a time.

"Don't use that Tabasco sauce again. I felt that all night from last time."

"I only used that last time because you shit all over my hand and arm. Maybe
this time I won't need to use it," and Helga shoved her whole fist inside.

Linda moaned slightly but widened her thighs as best she could.

"You really want it, don't you bitch. I saw you hunch your hips down. Well, I'm
going to give it to you. Like this," and Helga drove her hand up into Linda's
rectum at least halfway to her elbow. "Tell me you love it, cunt! Tell me!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes, I love it when you stretch my poop-hole out like that!"

"The little bitch has my arm in her ass to the four inch wide section now and
she's telling me that she loves it. Grease up my arm now Calla, all the way to
my shoulder, and grease up my other hand too, I think she's wanting both of them,
don't you honey?"

"Yes, put both your hands in my ass, but don't go all the way. Give my ass a
real good screwing that it won't forget," Linda rolled her head back and forth.

"Don't you worry, sweet cunt, I'm going to start putting my other hand in now."

"It feels so good I want to pee!"

"Don't you dare piss on me," Helga threatened. "If you do, I'll give you more
fist than I did the last time."

"I can't help it," Linda rolled her head back and forth. "It just feels so good
it makes me want to piss all over your arm," Linda mumbled and piss began to
flow from her urethra all over Helga's arm.

"You asked for it now. I'm going to give you more than I did last time."

"Oh no, please no!"

"Oh yes, bitch," Helga shoved her hands in deeper. "Pissing like that all over
my arm. That was unforgivable."

"No, no. Don't do that to me again. My poor asshole can't take another pounding
like you gave it last time."

"Calla, do you need to shit? I know you do it about this time. Can you do it?"

"Yes Mistress. I didn't expect you to fist me today. I knew you wanted to work
on Linda today."

"Squat right over that bitch's mouth and give her a big mouthful. That's right,
now let loose."

"Pleae no, Mistress. I gag on that foul tasting stuff"

"You'd better not gag this time! I'm warning you! Go ahead Calla, dump her a big
mouthful. Here it comes, it's soft like ice cream. I bet you will love this,"
Helga remarked and drove on a little deeper, spreading Linda's asshole out to a
diameter of six inches.

"Get your mouth open, you little twat," and Helga gave her arm another shove.

Calla's shit dropped down into Linda's mouth.

"Chew it up and swallow it! Do it bitch!" Helga demanded as she drove her arm in
to her shoulder this time.

Linda closed her mouth over the shit and gave a couple of chews and then spit it
out all over Helga. "I'm terribly sorry about that. Please forgive me, please.
You know I can't stand the taste of that stuff."

"Now you've really done it, bitch. Now I'm really going to open up your shit-hole
so that you'll never be able to take a normal shit again," and Helga shoved her
other hand in even further, stretching poor Linda's asshole out till it reached
a point where she had been two days before. "There cunt, that's about where I
was the other day. Feel good? It better because you're going to get more. Your
poop chute is stretched out about 7 inches right now. I don't think I can go any
deeper than I am with my shoulders being so far apart, so I'm going to pull out
and grease up Calla so she can go in real deep and then I'll be able to go in
with both my hands too. What do you think about that, smart ass cunt?"

"No don't! I'll eat shit, I promise I will!"

"It's too late for that," and Helga began to drag her arm out. "Now Calla,
grease up your arm good and really give it to this slut, she got shit all over
my tits."

Calla greased up her hand and arm and drove it up into Linda's ass right up to
her shoulder. "It feels so warm with my arm up her ass," Calla reflected

"It's going to get a lot warmer by the time I'm through with her ass," and Helga
drove her hand up into Linda's ass right along side of Calla's arm. Deeper and
deeper she worked her hand until she too was in to her shoulder right along side
of Calla's hand and together they linked fingers and began to pummel Linda's ass.
They would pull back a few inches and then drive their fists back in to their

"Does that feel good, twat?"

"It hurts but at the same time feels good," Linda's face was etched in both
pleasure and pain as each woman continued driving their locked fists in and out
of Linda's rectum.

"Do you think it is time for me to add my other hand?" Helga asked.

"Please no. Look how you've got my asshole spread out now."

"It's only about seven inches now because Calla doesn't have much of a fist or
arm. I want to drive my other hand up into your rectum until you are just
begging for mercy."

With that, Helga began working her fingers right along side of both her and
Calla's arms. For the time, both Helga and Calla kept their arms completely
buried and still as Helga was pushing more fingers into this enormous rear

"Did you ever see an asshole this big before, Calla?" Helga asked.

"No, never. This is about twice I have ever seen a girl take before," Calla
remarked as she stared at the stretched hole.

"Please, I'm begging you to not put any more in my ass. I promised you that I
would eat your shit... all of it! I'll eat all that nasty stuff."

"It's not nasty," Helga responded. "My shit will taste like candy, it's so sweet."

"Allow me the honor of eating all that candy that comes out of your ass. I'll do
it. Oooucchhhh! Just don't put any more into my ass!"

"Don't be telling me what I can do or what I can't do," Helga remarked.

"My rectum is splitting, it's splitting open!"

"So you'll eat my shit, will you?"

"Yes, yes. I'll gobble it all down."

"What about Calla here, she still has some more. Will you eat it too?"

"Yes, yes. Anything to get you to pull your arms out of my ass," Linda answered.

"That's a deal that I don't think I will pass up. I'll get my video and make a
film of you wolfing down my sweet chocolate as well as Calla's here. Maybe I
should find some more guards out there that would love to use you. I'll film all
this, and call it 'Perverted Slut.' Does that sound good to you?" and Helga
again inched her hand in deeper.


"Tell me again, I want to hear you say it."

"I swear I will eat your shit!"

"All of it?"

"Every last bite."

"You'll lick this shit off my titties too, won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, all of it."

"And I can go round up some of the female guards too?"

"Not too many though," Linda thoughtfully answered. "That much shit will start
to lay heavy in my stomach and I'll have to throw it all up."

"What if I go get four more guards for this? Think you'll be able to eat that

"I'll try my damndest. Please just pull your arms out of my ass."

Slowly both Helga and Calla began pulling their arms out, that long trip back
down Linda's dirt-road. "Now if you fail, me and Calla will go right back to
work on your ass, and this time we'll add more to what you've got in your ass."
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1 year ago
my next one, i can't figure out an ending... what i have in mind seems too cliché.
1 year ago
I love this story, please post more like this one :)
2 years ago
I looove that story. My favorite.