Good times at the theater with the Mrs.

My Filipino wife is a very modest lady; the product of a Roman Catholic upbringing. Over the past 25 years or so she has fulfilled my fantasies many times over. We first started by watching xxx videos at home. After a couple of drinks and some encouragement from me; she would dress up in a slutty outfit and parade around the house in very high heels; shoes that she dubbed "living room shoes." While watching the videos she would comment on the performers and some of the really hung guys in them. I would ask her if she'd like to play with a guy that was hung like that and she'd usually moan seductively that she would. This became our weekend ritual. We went to a nude beach down the coast from where we lived and she would first go topless, and then nude, and that was a huge step for us. Watching her show her beautiful large tits and dark areolas turned me on immensely. Before the Internet we used to read and post ads in the Swingers Digest and West Coast Swingers, and I was amazed how she would allow me to push her boundaries especially at the Edgewater West motel in Oakland which sadly, has been shuttered to swinging now for over 15 years.

We also used to go an adult movie theater near our home. The theater, now long gone, was a place where we would go after a nice dinner and some drinks and I could get my wife to show off and then let men get close and touch her and play with her. I can't tell you how much of a thrill that was. I remember the first time like it was yesterday. It was one of the hottest days in the summer and my wife wore a short and low cut sundress and some nice heels. We had consumed several drinks when I suggested that we check out the theater on our way home. I was actually surprised when she said OK. We drove over there pretty much in silence before finding parking on the street nearby. We kissed in the car as she told me that she was a bit apprehensive. I told her not to worry as I wouldn't let anything get out of hand My heart pounded out of my chest as we walked into the pitch dark theater. We lingered in the doorway to let our eyes adjust before walking down the left aisle settling into a row about halfway down. When we sat down I purposely left the seat next to the wall open as I sat to the right of my wife. As we settled into watching the movie, the men in the theater sat in the rows, both in front and behind us. What a rush; part fear, and a lot of thrill, as the sexual tension rose considerably. My wife leaned on my shoulder seeming oblivious as strangers began to sit around us. Two guys in front of us would turn their attentions to us glancing back as they stroked their cocks. We were there perhaps about ten minutes which felt like an hour before I began rubbing the inside of her leg, and in the process moving her hem up to her thighs as she cooed in my ear. My hand then went to her top and pulled out her tits which glistened in the movie light as I pulled her closer and kissed her deeply while massaging her left tit. It was then that I noticed that one of the guys in front of us was now caressing my wife's leg. When it was obvious that I saw him and wasn't protesting, he slowing worked his way under my wife's dress. It was when my wife shuttered that I knew that he had his fingers in my wife's pussy. At first I think that she thought it was my hand down there but realized that as I sat back and pulled out my cock. I pulled her hand to my cock as she instinctively gripped it, before slowing jerking me off. It was then that a black guy from behind us had shimmied between the wall and the seat next to my wife. While my wife worked my cock I could hear her wetness from the fingering that she was getting. The guy next to my wife wasted no time in taking out his cock and it was big and hard. Easily the biggest one that she had at this point. My heart pounded and my face got flushed as fear and pure sexual tension consumed me as the black guy leaned forward to get a better view of my wife. Two hands from behind my wife began to rub her tits as she just moaned a bit before releasing my cock as she just sat back, move her thighs a bit obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. It was then that she noticed the black guy sitting next to her with his huge hard on out. She whispered in my ear that she was getting a little scared as she was beginning to get a bit swarmed. I wanted her to get off and told her to sit back and enjoy it. She was moaning and breathing harder as I felt that my own breath leave me, when the black guy made his move. By now my wife's eyes were closed as she was enjoying her pleasure. He gently rubbed her tits, pinching her now rock hard nipples as her hand drifted over to his dick. His huge red mushroom head shined in the movie light as my wife's fingers looked as if they couldn't even hold the whole thing. She began shaking in her seat as she began to cum, arching her back a bit before closing her legs to the guy in front of her. When the guy beside him wanted to move in she told him no as I motioned him to move back, which he did. She was still jerking off the guy next to her as be began to start whispering to us. I couldn't actually make out what he said, but my wife then leaned over and started to suck him as his hands moved from her tits to holding her head down as he humped his cock into her face. I could hear her gag a little as the sounds of slurping filled the area. By now everybody in the theater was focused on my wife who had both of her hands working his big black cock while taking as much as she could into her mouth. By now the other guy in front of us was now working her pussy. I watched as my wife spread her legs a bit to give him more access as she continued sucking until the guy moaned and shook violently in his seat as he came. My wife was also in the throes of passion as she came again, shuttering, twitching followed by the a****l cry of pleasure. “Ok, Ok”, she then said loudly as we both sat back and I gave her Kleenex to wipe her face before straightening up to leave.

That wasn't the first time that I shared my wife, but that was the first time that it happened at the adult movie theater. And it's something that I'll never forget and have replayed in my head many, many times.

We'd love to hear from others into the same. We travel the US on business and really enjoy adult dance parties held at upscale hotels.
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8 months ago
Did that with my girlfriend years ago. She didn't play with others, but had her tits out, and sucked and swallowed me while others watched. Still my hottest orgasm EVER!