Visiting The Bookstore

So when I was married to my first wife I went through a period of serious curiosity of my sexuality. Now, I had "experimented" with men on more than one occasion. Once I had admit to my wife that I was sexually attracted to men as well as women, a flood gate opened in my mind. I had sexual urges and didn't have a man to act them out with. I had told my wife that I wanted to fuck my boss at the time but wasn't sure if he would be interested and wasn't about to just ask out of fear that he would fire me. (10 years later I reconnected with him and confessed my attraction. He told me he had the same feelings and the same fears. We have had sex numerous times since.)

I did have sex with a mutual friend of ours and even though my wife had personally seen me suck his dick on two different occasions, I still didn't feel like I could just hook up with him whenever.

This lead to me going to an adult bookstore that was on my way home from work. This store sold various sex toys and books but also had a big back room with a dozen or so private booths. You would get tokens and go back. You would go back and masturbate to movies. On the wall was a window that had a button and if both people pushed their button you could see what the other person is doing.

At first, I was scared when a guy would motion for me to come over. I didn't want to get caught by the workers. Then after visiting the store half a dozen times I realized that they don't care. The more I went the more daring I got. A guy would motion for me to join him and I would get dressed and go into his booth. We would suck each others dicks and then go about our business. A few times and I would put my clothes on but wouldn't button my pants. A few more times and I stopped putting my clothes on completely. I would pick my clothes up and walk around to his booth totally naked. Now this was of course during a slow time when there wasn't a lot of people there.

Then I changed tactics. I would go to the back corner which was secluded. I would get totally naked and leave my door partially open. I would play with myself and guys would watch me and sometimes come in and join me.

One time I was doing this. I had my door open and I was totally naked. A guy walked in and I shut the door. It was a very good friend of mine from school. I had no idea he was into men. He had no idea either. We said hello to each other and mentioned that we had no idea that the other liked men. While we were chatting I helped him out of his clothes and started playing with his cock. He started sucking my dick and man did it feel good. Then we switched and I sucked his cock. He was quick to cum. Took me maybe 10 minutes. I happily swallowed his load. He then bent over and told me to fuck him. I spit on my cock and slid it into his pussy. The thrill of having sex with a man and in a public place was too much for me and I was close to cumming after a few minutes. I told him I was going to cum. He told me to cum inside him. That sent me over the edge and I erupted into his pussy. Afterwards, we cleaned up and kissed as we got dressed. We walked out together and he gave me his number. He said that he lived alone and I was welcome anytime. I told him that I would have to take him up on that offer...and I did. He fucked my wife and I regularly!
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