Caught in my pantyhose outdoors

The other I was feeling frisky after buying some new pairs of pantyhose. It was a gloomy day and cold, so I figured their wouldnt be too many people out. I know of a spot that has some trails. Its usually doesnt have many visitors during the summer months, so I figured their really wouldnt be anyone out hiking or jogging at this time of year.

I decided I needed to wear a pair of my new pantyhose outside and take pics and maybe a vid. I put on a pair of pantyhose and a dress. i then put a shirt and a pair of pants over them. I wrapped my high heels in a towel inside a plastic grocery bag and put some snacks and a soft drink on top. To make it look like I was there hiking or taking pics of nature. I reached my destination and started towards the first trail. I started walking looking at the ground for recent activity. I seen some horse tracks and tracks of a large dog, but no fresh human foot prints. As I walked down the trail I came to a fork. To the left was a trail that lead to the main trail. I took the right trail as I didnt want to get caught. I walked for a few mintutes and found a nice spot. kind of open but had some cover. I quickly noticed some sort of sheet or blanket. This had me worried. There might be someone camping here. I scouted the area very extensively and saw nobody, but noticed the main trail was about 60 feet away from the area I found with the sheet.

I went back to the area before by the sheet(see pic#1) and found a nice rock for sitting. I pulled my pants off exposing my hosed legs, wich are now glistening from the sun, wich is getting thru some patches in the clouds. I dont do this very often and my heart started to race really fast. even more so than when Im buying pantyhose/lingerie at department stores. I slipped on my heels and stood up looking at my legs. I then looked around for a few minutes, making sure I was alone. I then took off my shirt. I stood there in only a dress,pantyhose, and high heels. I started to walk around, but the ground was soft and my heels would sink into the dirt some. I took some pics while walking around. Leaving heel marks all over this "campsite". I went back to the rock where I placed a towel on it. I spread my legs and stated to stroke my cock. I had a semi because I was very nervous of being caught. I spred my legs on 2 smaller rocks and stroked my cock. Looking at my legs shining in the sun, caressing them, they are so smooth. I was fully exposed and started thinking about some female hiker walking up on me, catching me in my pantyhose. wanted to record my self stroking in pantyhose outdoors but that thought led to an explosive orgasm, and I exploded before I could get the camera. I was so excited and turned on I came before getting fully erect.

So Im finishing up and took one heel off when all of a sudden I heard something towards the main trail. I looked and it was a dog. A dog with a bandana around his neck. It was SOMEBODYS dog. I sat there sort of shocked. It hadnt seen me yet. I waited a second to see where it would go. it stated coming towards me but didnt see me. I figured the owner was nearby. My hearts really racing now. The next few seconds were pure instinct and didnt even remember thinking just action. So I started to get up to get my clothes on. Well now the dog saw me and started to come investigate. As he got closer, me half dressed i think about its owner walking right up. My pants were up and my jacket and shoes were on and at this point the dog is at my rock. I without trying to yell at the dog, tell him " get the hell out of here", it did no use. he is smelling my stuff at this point. So my only thought was the owner walking up any second. 25 seconds ago I was having an orgasm in my pantyhose, now Im rushing for my life. So I walked away with my back towards their direction, as not to have my face seen or my unbuckled pants and open jacket showing my dress top. As i walk away i try to buckle my pants. The buckle breaks!! OMFG!! I try to fix it while walking and holding my pants up but it looks like rocket science to me at this point. All I could think about was getting caught. I walked about 20 feet and stood behind a tree. My stuff all sits on a rock. a towel,camera,shirt,and one high heel. I try to think so I can assess the situation and get out without getting caught. I then realise that my other high heel is in my pants and up to my ass. How the hell did I get it there?? the buckle was of no use. I threw it in my pocket. I sort of look back and the dog has moved on about 10 feet in another direction, but its owner a man came about 20 feet from the rock. He seen me and had to have seen the stuff on the rock, but there were some tress in between us so there is no way for him to get a good look and tell what I was doing.

I hear him call his dog and they start to move on. I drop the heel out of my pants and quickly head to the rock. I throw everything in the bag and start to head out. I have a bag in one hand and im holding my pants up with the other. I power walk towards my car. As I approach to were I parked, sure enough theres somebodys car by mine. I gave a quick glance back to see if that dog was behind me. Im in the clear and quickly got in my car and left. My heart was pounding from the adrenaline. It took a few minutes to calm down. I got home looked at some of the pics I took, started stroking again, and thought about how I almost got caught in my pantyhose heels and a dress, and had another exploseive orgasm. I think about that now and laugh. how embarressing that would have been and how everything almost went all wrong. Later I took a look at my buckle. Had it fixed in a few seconds. LOL
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1 year ago
Lovely account of an exciting adventure. Would love to see the photos. Cheers
1 year ago
I have done this too. But I was just wearing a pair of black wolford fatal 15 pantyhose and a pair of heels.
boy was i horny! I came without touching my dick!!
1 year ago
I to have done this.but I was dildoing my ass when two females almost caught me.
2 years ago
afterwards this story was probably used to get of a lot :)
2 years ago
adrenaline rush!
2 years ago
Close call and this is arousing