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Riding Kimmies big tongue in Hawaii :~ HeHe

This happened at a girlfriend’s house in Hawaii. I had agreed to visit Nala for a week meet her friend’s Lisa and Kim an have fun partying and maybe hooking up with someone hot at a local spot. Little did I know the heat was right in front of me hehe , this is kinda how it happened on the second day visiting Nala.

The four of us swam around, splashing each other and generally having fun. Lisa crawled out an spread herself out on the deck, letting the warm sun dry her. Nala and Kim raced back and forth, and I just loafed along. After about thirty minutes we all got out and sat around in Nala's backyard, stark naked talking.Kim produced a couple of joints and we smoked them both, getting a pretty good buzz. Nala said we should grab something to drink. After getting pretty buzzed we made our way into the bedroom to change and go out.
Nala picked up a bowl of fruit, and fed me a slice of pineapple. It was cold, and sweet, so I ate it. I figured this was some sort of "rite" that they were doing to me, so I didn't resist. Nala sat next to me on the bed, as naked as I, feeding me kiwi slices, apple pieces, berries, g****s etc.

"Hmmm, now this might be interesting." She said, picking up a banana. I giggled, then laughed at the age-old idea of special uses for a banana. I watched as Nala peeled it. She looked down at me, playfully.

"How far down do you think you can take it?" She asked.

"Hmm," I said, giggling too, "Eight inches!" That was the size of my last boyfriend and I'd taken him all the way.

Nala fed the banana too me, and I arched back letting it slide into my throat. She pressed it deep, and then withdrew it. I gagged a little, but not much. Lisa showed up with a tape measure and ran it from Nala's finger to the end.

"Jeeez, pretty good." Lisa said. "Nine inches."

"Really?" I said.

"I'll bet you're a pretty good cock sucker." Lisa said, leaning over.

"Among other things." I said, giggling.

"Watch this!" Kim said, taking the banana from Nala. I raised my head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. She sucked it in, then closed her lips again, then pushed it back out. I was amazed at the sight of it, and I felt both envious, and aroused thinking about her ability.

"That's a ten inch banana too." Lisa said.

"Try this." Nala said, reaching into a drawer and tossing Kim a very long dildo. "It's f******n inches long."

Kim arched her head back like a sword swallower, and we watched most of it disappear. All but one or two inches which she held on to with her fingers. She pulled it out, and bowed.

"Gawd, girl!", Nala said, "You're incredible."

"I have other talents too you know." Kim smiled.

I had been aware of being aroused, but now I realized that Lisa was drawing circles on my right breast with her fingers. I was about to say something to her, when Kim interrupted, without saying a word.

Kim stuck her tongue out, and held it out a full five inches from her lips! It was the most incredibly long tongue I'd ever seen, still is!

She flicked it up and down, and around, then pulled it back into her mouth and smiled.

"Ohhh Jeeez-us!", Nala said, "You'd better show us how that works."

"Glad to." Kim said.

Kim crawled up onto the bed between my legs, and I shifted a little bit, adjusting to her closeness, and aroused by her oral abilities. Kim bent down towards my pussy.

"Yess!" I screamed.

She stopped, far enough away from my pussy, or so I thought. I felt the tip of her tongue graze my clit, and I jumped. "She's too far away!" I thought wildly. "How?!" I wondered, then remembered her tongue. Then "IT" happened. Kim slid forward, putting her mouth fully over my pussy, and slid her tongue up inside me.

Rockets, bells, whistles, horns, everything went off in my head. I arched up and thrust against her invading tongue. I orgasmed for several long seconds, and then fell back on the bed. But Kim had just started. She wiggled that snake-like tongue inside my pussy, and I felt it starting up again. Expertly, she fucked me with her tongue, which was both stiff, and soft at the same time. I squeezed it with my pussy, feeling it slither past in or out. Then she sucked my clit, her tongue flicking rapidly over it and circling it with the most beautiful rhythm. I arched again, coming hard and moaning.
When I opened my eyes, Kim was sitting up and smiling at me. Lisa and Nala were fingering each other's pussies. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin!

"Was that all me?" I asked, shocked at the wet mess on her face.

"Um-hmmm!" Kim replied, "You cum a lot hon, and you taste good too."

Nala leaned over and licked the length of my pussy, tasting me and making me arch up. "You're right, she does taste good."

Lisa repeated it, and then they all took turns, each taking only one lick of my pussy. It was driving me crazy, and I wanted to cum again. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nala sucked my clit, humming as she did. The vibrations set me off, and I climaxed with a loud moan, clenching Kim's slippery tongue in my pussy.

"God girl!" Kim cried out. "You almost sucked my tongue into your pussy!"

Kim slipped up over me, and bent down. Our eyes met, and she turned her head, coming closer. I responded automatically, and we kissed. Her tongue entered, then filled my mouth, passionately swirling all around my tongue, licking the roof of my mouth, and under my tongue. I could feel my own wetness becoming a flood. Kim was turning me on! A LOT! I pulled a trick of my own, and sucked her tongue into my mouth, treating it like a cock, and sucking on it. Kim let me, then began to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. We did this for long minutes, and I could feel her pussy dripping onto my belly. Now, for the first time, I wanted, really wanted to lick her pussy.

"Let me eat you." I said breathlessly when she sat back.

Kim gave an "ohhh" sigh, and moved over me, lowering her blonde bush to my mouth. Her musky, fragrant smell was erotic, and I licked her pussy lightly. Her taste was what I expected, much like mine. I began licking her pussy up and down, then circling her clit. In no time, Kim was rocking her hips back and forth over my mouth and tongue, her cream soaking my lips and chin. She squeezed her full breasts, moaning loudly. Kim soaked my face, then Lisa climbed on while Nala began licking me. Over and over, I ate each one of them until my jaws ached. Nala was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lisa's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face. While Lisa ate me, Kim and Nala lay next to me, in a very torrid 69, and Kim got off and rubbed her pussy all over Nala's tits. Nala made me suck her tits before I came, and Lisa licked Nala's cream from mine. When we finished, we all made a circle, sucking each other's pussies.

From then on, we were inseparable the whole week. Especially since Kim and I loved to get each other off. I loved her long tongue in me, and she loved the way I could suck and flick her clit just right to make her cum hard. I found all the heat right where I was staying…OOOMG I still fantasize about this. Every now and then we get together I miss her most of all... that long tongue OH Kimmie !!!! She is a Viking Goddess... Have you ever kissed someone and had them actually tickle the back of your throat with their toungue? It is soooo fucking erotic.

Posted by lustydonna 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Nice and hot , great story thanks for sharing
2 years ago
I could picture and feel everything...5*s
2 years ago
Beautiful, super hot story. My favorite quote: "was that all me?". Very good job!
2 years ago
great hot story
2 years ago
Mmmmmm .... feeling very horny now ;) xxx
2 years ago
wonderful and sexy! Thanks
2 years ago
2 years ago
This is so beautiful. I love this.
3 years ago
Oh Donna that was wonderful I would love to have a girl friend with a 5 inch tongue. WOW
3 years ago
Mmm thats the sort of reason I travel (wink)
3 years ago
Glad that you're not looking past the girls. Cocks are good, but we can be fun too.
3 years ago
mmm you're a lucky girl...
3 years ago
yummy baby lovely
3 years ago
Great story, thank you, Donna!