Drilled to purfection....

Hit up the Wildrose on Capitol hill last Sat and met Lavine she is a sultry big breasted Latino. Lavine has the most erotic amber colored eye's and puffy lips that beg to be kissed...OMG I am getting hot just thinking about her! Well we started talking and she told me she is a millwright at Boeing. I had no idea what that meant however it was intriguing how she works on heavy equipment with tools and has actually invented some tools that she wanted to patent, working in the legal field I told her I might know someone who could help her accomplish that if I knew what kind of tools she wanted to market. Lavine just gave me this sensual smile with a wink an said she would love to show me her equipment, by then I was so wet I was ready to follow her anywhere lol!
Needless to say we left immediately ~ YESH! At her place we started kissing right away as soon as we were in the door, her lips were so soft an moist, we are both the same height looking into each others eyes while we made out and stripped throwing our clothes anywhere they fell from the kitchen to the bedroom. As we landed on her big bed I crawled down licking an kissing her dark skinned body stopping at her beautiful large breasts taking her nipples in deeply an making them erect as I drooled spit an saliva all around her areolas inserting my wet finger into her pussy and gently rubbing her clit she arched her back and screamed OOOOHHHHHH FUCK YESSS DONNA JUST JUST OH RIGHT THERE!!!! Spasming and sweating Lavine finally relaxed while we kissed. I whispered how I would love to fuck her with my favorite Dildo and she said OHHH that reminds me….Suddenly getting up an running out of the room. I was like huh? But then I could hear her saying mmmm Donna your going to love this… As she came around the corner she held in her hands a big drill
looking tool standing by the bed gripping one end at the handle and the other around the 7“ dildo attached to it. Now I have seen vids of tools like this but, she said no this one is totally different you will see hehe. We started kissing again and she buried her tongue deep into my shaved blonde pussy making me quiver and shake as I rolled over and mounted her gorgeous face grinding my slit into her tongue and Cumming all over her as my pussy juices flowed down her cheeks and onto the sheets! I collapsed on my side breathing hard and she popped up saying Wow Babe you squirted ! That’s so fucking hot now I know your ready for my Hammer drill hehe…She explained what the cordless drill / driver / hammer drill, does its hammer action is provided by two cam plates that make the chuck rapidly pulse forward and backward as the drill spins on its axis with up to 8000 Bpms or blows per minute thrusting forward and back. Intrigued I eyed this dildo mounted where the drill is supposed to go and saw she had attached to the base of the dildo little frilly ½ inch long fingers of plastic soft (looked like a kitchen scrubby with hundreds of little fingers) the dildo was waved bigger and smaller thru the whole 7 inches. Enough already just do me I said as she inserted the dildo into my soaking wet pussy she explained how she would start the clutch slow and as it entered my pussy spinning slow I could feel my inner vaginal walls slightly being pulled in a circular motion as I became wet again and it slid around with out any friction she started the hammer action OMFG hammering back and forth while spinning she got about four inches in and I came squirting all over her Hmr drill as she said oh yea Donna your doing so good wait till the lil fingers brush your clit but first it has to go all the way in Babes all the way Donna all the way as she slid it in with out turning it on until it was buried to the base and the ½ frilly fingers glanced my clitoris. Spinning and thrusting as she pulled it part way out and back into my wet pussy I gripped my nipples and then the sheets arching my back as she drilled me to endless orgasms…….Needless to say I learned how to operate this hand tool on her with the same effects and it WILL BE REPEATED !!!
I have found myself a keeper. Patents cumming soon Lavine LOL . I’m getting wet just writing this...It's time to call L hehe

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2 years ago
love it sounds like fun would love to see pics
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