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hello everybody:)
Posted by lust2010 1 year ago

what a night!

omg so horny tonite! anyone same as me out there?:)
Posted by lust2010 1 year ago

some points for a peacefull world

well i am doing some observation about human behavior in this our world,as i see and talk to other guys,im noticing something,im talking about problems concerning our gender(male)how much problems are around!! ****,i****t,v******e,infidelety,hate,over speed limits,d**gs,torture, name it..most of these unfortunaly our gender does this...why????? are most man happy??? noooooo
now is you woman who can solve so much of needs sex same as eating!!no sexual activity means a lot for most of man,they get nervios and do things as i mentioned,please treat your man and relax him,its g... Continue»
Posted by lust2010 2 years ago

[Story] dreaming

i have a lot of fantasies,i am a man that allways think dirty.i love going to the common gsrden and take off the nieburs sexy panties and what a smell.... Continue»
Posted by lust2010 4 years ago  |  2