They always look after you.

They always say your parents know best. And mine certainly did. They never cared whether I was sporty or not. They never criticised or mocked me when I wanted to become a actor. To them I was there son and they simply wanted me to be happy.

I shouldnt have been worried when I considered I might be Gay but I still bottled it up and never told them. I was driving with mum to visit her friend Angie when we got chatting. She knew something deep down something wasnt right. I was 19 and had never brought a girl home with me. I rarely went out of the house, say only play on my xbox. Why wasnt this young lad going out on the lash and on the pull.

Thats probably what made her ask if I was gay. We had a mini row when she broached the subject. I started to feel my bl**d boil. Why was she asking this! She had no right!

I naturally denied it. Felt it wasnt for her to know. It wasnt the right time.

We walked into Angie's house. Angie was the same age as mum, appraoching her mid 40's. Angie was my godparent and used to babysit for me when I was younger. Mum and her grew uptogether as teenagers and young adults. Mum always called round during the week to catch up - I was in toe because I needed a lift later on. And I needed a chance to thank her for my birthday money.

I walked into the house. I nearly hit the door arch as I was 6'1. I had wavy blonde hair, wore a t-shirt and brown shorts and sandles.

I walked in and sat down. Her tabby cat 'Paulie' jumped up on my lap and she brought out some teas and coffees.

'Thank you for my birthday money by the way Ang'

Angie: Oh thats ok sweetheart hope you got something nice with it.

I smiled. I wasnt in the mood.

Mum: We have had a bit of a row in the car. I doubt he's going to be talkative.

I fidgeted in my seat. I didnt want the conversation brought up.

Angie: Something upsetting you? Something on your mind?

I started to shiver. Why did women always know your innermost thoughts. Both began to gang up on me.

Mum: He's having relationship issues, he wont come out to me and his dad.

'Mum!...thats my business!'

The room went silent.

Angie: Its ok sweetheart, Mark my eldest considered being gay. We accept it and moved on when he told us. Your folks aint going to have any hang ups.

The door creaked open and thats when Stu walked in. Stu was my godfather and the wife of Angie. He was in a dark green dressing gown, bald, goatee beard, and quite stocky and muscular. He looked awful. He was very pale.

Angie: Are you feeling any better sweetheart.

She jumped up and felt his head. It turned out he was off ill from work. There was no way he was going into the garage. He slumped down in his chair.

Stu: Fuck sake woman course im alright, just got a banging head thats all.

He winked at me and slapped my back as he sat down.

Stu: You alright mate? Hows uni.

I liked Stu, he was one of a handful of guys that always made me laugh.

Mum then ruined it by sparking up the row we had.

Mum: He's in a paddy Stu. We had a row me and him.

I started to feel enclosed. I started to go red. I didnt want a man to know my sexual tastes. I had a bond with Stu and mum was to destroy that. Well it was Angie.

Angie: Chris here has come out gay..well in a round about way.

Stu shifted in his seat. I started to go as pale as him.

Stu: Like my eldest mark then are ya.

I gave up and just nodded.

I started to cry a little. I dont know why. Mum leant across and hugged me. I felt her warmth.

Angie: Oh bless you angel...its hard coming out. Dont let it upset you.

Mum led me off into the kitchen. I was able to dry my eyes, grab another coffee and just chat to mum.

Angie and Stu chatted.

Angie: Hey what about that. Wouldnt have put him down as gay.

Stu gulped down some tablets and looked across at her.

Stu: Well you know how mark gained that fascination. Banged rough and ready and he soon saw the gay life was for him.

Angie: Yeah soon knocked that fad into him, but that was his choice.

Stu: Ya know what Ang, the soft lad needs a good raveging..maybe that will make him a man. Go have a quiet word with Tina.

I saw mum leave with Angie as they went upstairs to look at her latest purchases from the catalogue. I walked into the front room to see Stu watching rugby. I took a seat.

Stu: Dont let it get to you mate. We fall for whoever we want. Its no big deal.

'I know but I wanted to tell people in my own time'

Stu: Fuck that. Shit happens.

The two ladies reentered the room, Angie having briefed mum. I was sat on the floor watching the rugby as the ladies sat on the sofa. Stu was in his own chair.

Stu: Hey Chris, come and sit up here with me.

I sat up with Stu perched on the arm of his chair. In time he began to put his arm around me. Just after half time I watched him open another can. I didnt expect what he did next as it was sneaky and crafty.

With his right hand he yanked me off the arm of the chair and pulled me towards him. His hand reached down and he scrabbled to pull off my shorts.

'Hey..what the fuck!..Hey!'

Stu was pissed. He was on his fourth can. I looked over to see both of them ignoring my voice. Stu had managed to get my shorts off and my boxers with. His dressing gown now open showing an erect 9' cock.

His rough hands pushed my left thigh up and his cock grazed that thigh. Time was so quick that I felt his cock start to push into my asshole. His bellend pushed in and started to sink into my pert ring pushing its sides.

I didnt fight back because I didnt want to. I felt liberated.

I let his whole 9' slide in me before I whipped off my own t-shirt.

Stu: Go on mate.

His hands were placed either side of my hips and i started to bounce. I ran my hands through my thick hair as I bounced on his cock his balls slapping on my ass.

'Holy fuck' I started to close my eyes as his meat slide in and out at a rapid pace.

Stu: Glad *humpH* you came out now

'Yes..ugh..Yes..fuck me stu'

He started to pound and pound my asshole. I was in agony with no lube but wanted his cock to stay there forever.

I lent back and kissed him on the lips. Uttering a thank you.

He just grunted and fucked harder. I began to feel that Angie was one lucky lady. I wanted her man to be mine. Well he was for today.

We fucked and fucked. As he felt tired he pushed me to the floor and while on all fours he rammed his meat in again.

I howled with goodness as we fucked and fucked. My nails digging into the carpet.

With a last push and a grunt my mout hfelt dry as his hot seed filled my ass.

He staggered to get up and whiped his cock onto his gown. He staggered off to go and get a shower.

I lay there panting. I looked up.

Angie: Well arnt you a lucky guy.

I nodded.

Angie: See we told you we always look after you.

I punched the air and lay like a starfish on the floor.

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1 year ago
Nice, a little strange though...i would have told mum to sod off!
1 year ago
lucky fucker