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I guess I always knew I harboured feelings for men. I was 19 but had always taken a liking to my friend Karl. He was a surfer like me, a big strong guy. But it was only sl**ping with my girlfriends that I knew maybe the life of a straight guy was not for me. But it became even more clearer, out of the blue, one sunny saturday afternoon.

I accompanied my mum to visit her friend Angie one saturday afternoon. We were heading in town to do some shopping and stopped by.

I must start by describing what I look like to put you in the picture. I am 5'10, frizzy blonde hair and quite a slim toned body. I was dressed in summer surfing shorts and a smart checked shirt with flip flops.

We must have spent a good hour chatting with Angie on and off when I saw Mark walk in. Mark was in his mid 40's, Angie's husband and a good friend through marriage of my mums. He was decked in a dark green dressing gown, 6'1 and a muscular build.

Angie: Hows your head sweetheart? no better?

Turns out Mark was off work. The pair had been out the night before celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and Mark was soothing a sore head.

Mark: A little better sweetheart..nice to see you Lisa

He bent over and kissed my mum on the cheek and started staring at me.

Angie: You remember little Chris don't you mark

We had met briefly once before. Mark took me for an impromtu driving lesson when I called round to pick something up previously with mum last year. He remembered me.

We chatted for a good hour, catching up on old time news but my mum when she has had too much wine started to talk gossip.

Angie: Any new gossip about the girls?

Mum: No none at all but got some home gossip, Chris here came out to me last week.

The bl**d started to drain from my face. I did'nt even have time to prepare myself and I started to feel drained.

M...Mum how could you!

Angie: Oh sweetheart its nothing to be ashamed of. Your a strapping lad that can have any sex he chooses.

I told you that in confidence!

Mum: Its ok its only auntie Ang..she wont tell anyone.

I glanced over at Mark who was checking the football scores. I felt ashamed to let my sexuality known in front of another man. He seemed disinterested.

Angie: I think its very bold you coming out like that...Some men are homophobic but your safe with my mark.

He walked over and pat me on the shoulder as a gesture everything was ok in his house.

Angie: So have you dated guys or dare I ask slept with one.

I started to go red with the twenty questions and decided to play mute by playing on my phone.

Mum filled Angie in all the gaps. How I struggled to find a male partner, difficulties in telling my friends who might disown me or ignore me now that they knew.

Angie: That is a shame...If only we could find you someone sexy and strapping to whisk you off your feet.

Look its no bother. I am happy single.

Angie: *points* him over there would shag anything that moved back in his day.

The girls reminisced about there past exploits, some the gay characters from their youth. I just sank back into my shell until Angie hit a raw nerve.

Angie: What do you think of my Mark?


Angie: Bless I have made him gone all shy.

Mum: Answer her Chris.

Well..yeah he's good looking..I guess.

She walked off and came back with some more beers. In this time Mark had come back into the room.

Mum: What you planning you sneek

Mark: She only wants me to seduce your son *he chuckles*

The girls started laughing.

Mum: He wouldnt do it...he is too shy.

Look can we just stop talking about my sex life!

The room went silent. Mark then walked over and sat down beside me.

Mum: Mark he wont.

Angie: Believe me he will.

I was astounded as Mark started to pull open his dressing gown revealing a hard 11' cock. He sat there stroking it as I tried to fight and resist temptation.

Mum: Angie dont tease the boy.

Angie: Mark has a past too...

Mark then grabbed the back of the neck and squeezed. I started to open my mouth.

Mark: So your a cock lover eh? Why not make me cum?

He pushed me down and his cock pushed into my mouth. The girls continued chatting as I experienced oral on the other sofa.

He started to buck his hips and pound my face as he thrust and moaned.

Mum: *whispers* is he always this rough.

Angie: Its the way he likes it.

His balls started slapping my chin and my cock grew in my own boxers....

(Part 2 soon)

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nice start my panties r super wet