My naughty Valentine.

My husband was useless with Valentines Day. It was something we never normally celebrated. At 48 I had gone past caring. 28 years of marriage does that to a woman. However I will always remember the 14th of february two years ago. For that night I had the most passionate sex possible. But it wasnt with Mike. I fell for my daughters boyfriend.

Lee was 19 at the time. He was a lad who was never really right for our Katie. She was lovely, polite and a studious teenager. Lee was a trouble maker. Someone who had plenty of run ins with the police, no firm job or ambition in life. He was on the dole. A Chav, a scally.

He was 6'1, sported a skinhead and would come round and lounge on our sofa in his trackies and footy top. He would barley say two words and if he did speak it was in grunts or abusive language. Especially when he was rowing with katie.

But on the 14th he turned up on our doorstep clutching a bunch of flowers.

Lee: Heya Jess is Katie in?

I tried to lie. The pair had been on dodgy grounds, having been on and off within their relationship. I knew she had found another guy to date on this special night.

'No she has gone to visit her sick grandma in wales.'

Lee: No way she never said... (grunting under his breath)

I felt sorry for Lee. He made no effort. The flowers were half dead and he was still in his muddy trackies. But he looked lost with his puppy dog eyes. I had rented a film and bought a takeaway from marks and spencers. I planned to just have a quiet night. But I felt sorry for him.

Lee: Oh well...I could do with an early night.

I grabbed him by the arm.

'Why not come in for a cup of tea..i'll put those flowers in some water. She'd like those for when she comes back.

He walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I noticed an enevelope.

'Whats that in there?'

Lee: Oh tickets to show and meal at Quenzos

My jaw nearly dropped. Was this the same boy, had he put in the effort.

'Pull the other one Lee'

Lee: Nah straight up...wanted to make it special like. Gonna go to waste now.

My heart bled for him. He really wanted to make an effort.

'Thats a shame Lee'

Lee: Did you want to ring up a mate like...take a girl mate along I wont be needing them.

I considered it but felt wrong. I made a suggestion to him as the best alternative.

'Well us two singletons could go and use the tickets...we havent really spoken that much in the two years we have known each other'

The suggestion was taken up by Lee. It took me no longer than an hour to get changed. A taxi picked us up and whisked us away to the show. Watching Dirty dancing was such a good choice and the food selection was to die for. I rode in the back of the black cab with him in my white and black stripped dress and heels thinking how lucky I was.

'I really enjoyed tonight Lee'

He smiled

The taxi pulled up outside my house.

Lee: Ere Driver..carry on i'll walk from here.

We got out together.

Lee: Oh I left my coat in ya kitchen

I suggested he come on in and get it. I offered him a cup of tea while I was there but that was a bad idea. As I poured the kettle, I could smell the breath on him as he inched closer. He grabbed my waist as he whispered in my ear

Lee: Why dont we finish the night off properly.

I pushed him away.

'Grow up Lee and dont even think about'

Lee: Why not bet ya gagging for it after tonight.

I seethed with anger at his changed attitude. I had spent the night with a man and now it was like having the immature lad back in the room.

'Oh just fuck off Lee...well done you have gone and spoiled it'

He bounded across the kitchen and pushed me up against the fridge. There was no escaping his advances.

Lee: Cant let such a lovely lady not get her fair share.

'You really think im interested in such a devious prick like you....what my daughter sees in you I will never know.'

I wished I chose my words more careful because he stood back, undid his trackie strings to reveal a hard 10' cock flap out from his waistband. My heart skipped a beat. Sex was a mystery to me with a husband that wasnt interested. And here I had a stud right on my plate.

But I was in two minds. One this was my daughters boyfriend and would be morally wrong and two I was sure as hell not letting some cocky lad win over a woman twice his age.

But I didn't need convincing.

'Lets not upset katie anymore than you have'

Lee: So ya keen are ya

I combed my hair behind my ear 'Just dont be rough sweetheart'

I sank to my knees and started to suckle the head of his cock. He started to rock his hips making my head bounce off the freezer door. I started to feel wet in my pants and really filthy as i did it.

His cock continued to grow and he started to pick up the pace. His hands started to run through my hair....

(Look our for part 2)
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1 year ago
w8ing for 2nd part
1 year ago
cant wait for part 2
1 year ago
very hot cant wait for more x
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