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We were all hanging out having a few drinks when my friend Heather suggested we get naked and ask my boyfriend if he wanted to fuck us both. I was turned on so much because i knew her reputation in the bedroom. So I chugged the rest of my drink and went to the living room to ask him. Her and i had been trying on clothes in my bedroom when she asked so i got out my bag lingerie and stockings and we got dressed up. I was in all black lace with thigh high stockings and a black lace bra and a lacy see thru robe. I gave heather all white. Thigh highs and a white lacy piece of lingerie the length of a mini skirt. Her perfect ass barely showed. At first Joe my boyfriend didnt come back to the bedroom so her and i got started. We were both so excited and got so wet just looking at each others gorgeous bodies that we couldnt wait for him. we got up on the bed and she was aggressive we pulled my tits out of the bra and she immediately started licking my pussy and she knew what she was doing. i was moaning and grinding around on her beautiful face and she licked me from front to back and sucked my clit while i played with my tits until i came and i gushed out all over her face. I grabbed her face and kissed her passionately and i could taste my deliciousness all over her mouth. so now it was my turn and i was fucking loving it she tasted oh so fucking great and now here came Joe to see what was going on. I think he was a little nervous until he saw what was going on and then it was on. He took out his large hard cock and started stroking it and i was telling Heather how wonderful she tasted and we encouraged Joe to keep stroking it and then she said i wanna suck his cock and i said lets do it together so we got off the bed and dropped to our knees and started sucking him off we were all over his cock up and down and licking and caressing his balls and he was in heaven. We enjoyed sharing his cock and we were licking each other to and kissing. Now we were ready to fuck so back on the bed we go and i let her ride him first and she fucked the shit out of him while i rubbed my pussy and squeezed my nipples watching them fuck right beside me had me so fucking horny that i came again and then i got on my hands and knees and told Joe to fuck me from behind so he did and Heather got in front of my so i could suck her nice round tits and they were perfect size and firm and round. So sexy!
I got on my back and had him fuck me some more while Heather rode my face fuck she tasted so damn good! after a few minutes i said lets suck his juicy cock again so we took turns sucking him and he tasted so good. Soon we were fucking again andeverytime joe and Heather fucked she came i think she came like 6 times all i know is after i come my pussy is tight as hell and it never felt so good when we were all done we had a great big bubble bath in my garden tub and Heather said she would love to do it again sometime! I havent talked to her in years. She moved out of state but if she comes back to visit i hope she gets in touch cuz i want to fuck her again with my new boyfriend Justin.
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2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
I should of done that
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot, thanks for sharing!