Adult Baby Mary!

Me: Mary its time for a diapering
Mary: ok let me get naked!
Mary: Hops on the changing table
Me: Grabs the diaper bag
Me: grabs a diaper, thermometer and baby wipes
Mary: why do you have the thermometer?
Me: so i can take your temperature in your rectum Mary
Mary: oh
Me: sticks the thermometer inside your ass and checks your temperature 98.9 perfect
Me: takes the thermometer out and grabs a baby wipe
Mary: i like to be wiped
Me: goes to wipe Marys pussy and see's she has lots of hair!!!!! Grabs razor and shaves Mary
Me: wipes Mary's pussy and grabs the diaper
Me: lift up mary
Mary: lifts up
Me: slides the diaper under her bottom
Mary: drops bottom down
Me: puts the diaper between her legs and finishes putting it on Mary
Mary: how long do i have to wear it?
Me: you have to wear it for 5 hours so go put your cloths back on.
Mary: ok..... puts cloths back on


Me: come here Mary
Mary: whats going on?
Me: turn around
Mary: why?
Me: just do it Mary!
Mary: turns around
Me: grabs Mary's ass............. Where is your Diaper?
Mary: um i had to take it off to got potty
Me: thats what the diaper is for go get your diaper bag
Mary: goes and Gets the my diaper bag
Me: takes the bag
Me: drop your pants!
Mary: takes off my pants
Me: Mary you will now get whats known as a second diapering... do you know what that is?
Mary: no i dont
Me: a second diapering is where you are punished by and anal exam and then re diapered.
Me: bend over my knee (puts black exam gloves on)
Mary: bends over your knee
Me: sticks a finger inside Mary's ass
Mary: screams!!!!!!!!
Me: you asked for the second diapering
Mary: stop!!!im sorry!!!!
Me: takes finger out and takes gloves off
Me: get on the changing table Mary NOW!!!!!
Mary: gets on the table
Me: Puts a second diaper on Mary
Me: get up and get in your crib your in time out
Mary: gets in my crib
Me: takes Mary's shirt off and takes a picture
Me: turns and leaves the room

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