friends wife and the glory hole

This begins a few weeks ago when i was in a adult store lookin for films. I was racking threw the film when a woman walked in that looked alot like my fiend mike's wife sue.
She headed to the back of the store and threw to another room so i followed her in and there was three booths and the middle one was occuped so was the one on the right so i went in to the one on the left and closed the door. I could hear a slurping sound coming from the next booth and there was a 5" hole in the all so i had a look and her was Sue naked rubbing her clit and suckin a cock from the other booth. Ihad always want to fuck her ever sins mike had told me about how tight she was and how gd her blow jobs are.
I got a hard on instantly seeing her suck on some randoms cock i took my dick out and started to rub it, i put cock threw the hole and waited untill i felt a hand wrap round my pulsing dick and started to wank me off it was insane i was in heaven,
Next thing i feel is her lips wr****g round the tip of my cock then her tounge licking the shaft it was the best blow job i have ever recived, after about 15 mins of being sucked off i was close to blowing my load when she suddenly stopped sucking my dick and started to comment on how big and hard i was (11") so i suggested that she put her pussy to the hole and i would fuck her gd and proper so she move her pussy up to the hole and i could feel her soaking wet cunt lips at the tip of my head then i could feel her slowly easing bak on to my hard cock. She was so tight and wet she was loving every second of having my dick in her, i could hear her moaning " Oh yeah oh Yeah FUCK ME i love your big cock FUCK ME HARD MAKE ME CUM!" we continued fucking for another 15 minuts until i could feel her twitching on my cock it felt so fucking good it made me blow my load in her tight little pussy she eased off my cock i asked her to clean me up and sucked me clean. After i did my jeans bak up i seen a bit of paper fall threw the hole it said " oh you have an amazing cock you were the best fuck i have ever had thank you".
A few days later i got a call from mike he was upset and wanted to meet so i suggest the pub, half an hour later i met him and he was worryed that sue was having an affair i told him she wouldn't do that but he wanted me to go talk to her. So i said i would in a few day but that was not good enough for him he wanted me to go see her now so i said ok and told hime to wait here till i come back.
Before going round to mike and sues i went home to get that note and clean up a bit i got to there house rang the door bell and waited Sue answerd and inivted me in for a drink we sat chatting for i while till she asked me why i had came round.
I told her about mike being worryed she just said he was parinoed. I then asked her if she had like sucking on randoms dick in that adult store a look of horror came over her face "you saw me in there"
"I did more than that Sue" i the put the note on the table
she smiled "so your the one who fucked me"
i asked if she liked my cock in her she said she fucking love it and grabbed me by the hand a led me to her bedroom kissing me and stripping along the the way says she wants it again right now we got to the bed room and i pushed her on to the bed and removed her thong her pussy was dripping wet already i started to lick and suck her clit she was moaning "eat my pussy ooo its good" after 5 minuts she sat up and said she wanted my cock in her pussy i said "only if you get on your hands and knees and beg for my cock tell me how it made you feel"
she did straight away " please i must have your meat in me its the best" she was waving her pussy and ass around i moved up behind her and rammed it in balls deep and began fucking her she was screaming " I love it o fuck me hard its so fucking deep its so big, i only want it"
I asked her if she was my slut She screamed " yes yes am yours do what you want with me"
i began rubbing her arse hole
she turned and said "thats nice i have never dont it before i want oyur big cock to break my ass it"
i said " only if you clean it after?"
she agreed so i keep fucking her and slowly eased a finger in her arse hole i spat on her ass hole to lub it up and i pulled out of her pussy she moved to get sumthing out of the chest of drawers and she pulls out a dildo and says she wants to be double stuffed so i put the dildo in her pussy and eased cock in to her ass, it felt so tight round my cock it was amazing she began crying out its sore take it out and i keep pounding away at her till she stopped crying then started to moan "ooo it feels good deeper give it to me harder" i started to pound deeper in to her ass spanking it at the same time she was Screaming " i love you, i wont fuck any one else am yours this body is yours" after about 10 minutes of pounding her ass i was getting close to cumming and so was she, she was starting to shudder.
We both started to go for it harder and faster the close we got she starter to buck and scream "Oooh god am cumming yes yes fill my ass" as she did i shot a big load in to her ass as i pulled it out she spun round and licked me clean it was amazing.
We lay on there bed for half an hour she was telling me that we have to do this every day so i agreed and told her not to get clean up untill after she had kissed mike when he got home she agreed and i got dressed and went to the bar.
when i got there mike was straight away well is she i told him not to worry she just not that in to sex and that he should invest in a doll, he agreed and when home and text me 20 mins later thanks you have save my marrige i asked what had hapend he told me she ran up to him as he came in the door and gave him a big kiss with tounge and all, i was aught at the thot of him kissing his wife after she has liked my cock clean.. sucker
I see Sue 3 to 4 time aweek and she is my little slut now only fucks me
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2 years ago
Good other than the spelling
3 years ago
Yes....learn to spell....what could have been a good story is very hard to read due to the spelling....
4 years ago
Learn to spell!