My First BBW

This occurred in October 1973.

At the time I was in the military and had just got off duty and was leaving Nellis at about 7pm, it was already dark. As I exited the base and made a left turn on to N. Las Vegas Blvd, my headlights caught a pair of bare legs in flip-flops. I slowed and saw she had dirty blonde hair and was a BBW with her thumb up hitch hiking. I pulled over by her and stopped the car. I asked her if she need a ride somewhere. She said she did and got in. She got out a cigarette, lit it and gave it to me, then she lit up another one for herself. I liked the idea of her giving me a cigarette from her moist lips as I could taste her and I could tell she like the way I took a draw on it long and slow. I asked her for her name and where she was headed. She said her name was Cassie and she had no particular plans on where she was going. I asked if she was hungry and she was. I then headed to Jerry's Nugget in North Town so we could eat.

When we got to Jerry's we got a table near the middle. It was really busy and noisey so we each ordered a breakfast and I started a conversation. Where were you coming from I asked. Cassie said she had come up from San Bernadino to see her husband at Nellis but they had an arguement or over a bitch he was seeing. Cassie also told me she had a k** with him but he just sent money but almost never came to visit them. Our food came and we started eating. Cassie was quite hungry and i enjoyed watching her eat. We looked into each others eyes as we ate. Cassie told me she was really pissed and wished she could get out of this marriage and find a guy she could love and would love her and her k**. I asked Cassie when did she get into town and she told me she had been in town for a couple of days that she had come up with a guy she knew back home. She also told me she had fucked him the night before as payback for the ride. I asked her where she was staying and she said she slept in his van. I wanted to know where she was going tonight. Cassie said she was going to the bus station to wait for the bus to San Bernardino. I told she could spend the night at my place and i would take to the bus station in the morning. Cassie jumped at the idea. On the way to my place Cassie asked me to stop and get some beer for us to drink. I stopped at a store and told Cassie to get the beer while pumped gas. Cassie tphen told me she was only 19. I then got the beer myself and we went to my place.

At my place Cassie opened two beers for us. I looked at her feet and they were a little dirty. I told her to go into the shower and clean up and she could put on one of my Tee shirts and for her to give me her clothes to wash. She took off her clothes in front of me then lifted the beer to her lips, took a big drink and then put the same beer to my lips and i finished it off. I then leaned over and kissed her first closed mouth and then open mouth running my tongue around the inside of her mouth as we classically swapped spit. I told her I was going to put my tongue in her pussy the same way and she quivered. I dropped to my knees and kissed the stink that was her sweet, well used pussy. I licked her only enough to get her scent on my face and deep in my nostrils. Cassie released a wet facial on me and was it ever great!!! I then kissed her and took her to the shower. As she showered I washed her clothes but before that I deeply sniffed her filthy panties and it was dick hardening. Cassie came out of the shower with only the towel around her shoulders. I could not wait any longer, I grabbed the ends of the towel and pulled her to me and the tongue wrestling began. I began to think I could not get enough of this slut. As we kissed Cassie grabbed by manhood massaging it to life (as if it needed help) bring me close to that first nut. I held back and pushed her down by her shoulders to her knees. It was her turn to orally service me and this she did like a new born calf getting its first milk from its mothers titt! I loved seeing that BBW on her knees working me over challenging me to a duel but I was not going to shoot first. I pulled myself away and got on the floor and we started kissing again. Her cock sucking mouth tasted even better after blowing me. I really wanted to nut in her mouth but my first load was reserved for her cervix, I wanted that first volley to be buried deep in her baby making womb where it could do the most good. I worked her into a sixty-nine and we slobbered each others sex weapons until we had to take a break for a beer we were so thirsty. While having our beer she asked me how many babes i had drilled and how many k**s I had. I asked what made her think I had k**s. She told me a guy like me doing her as quick as I did knew that a lot of babes had been through what she was going through and loved it! I told her I had fucked a lot of women in various states and throughout Asia, and yes some of them had k**s by me a few of them more than one. She asked if I was a father to any of them and I admitted "not really", I enjoy fucking as do the women I fuck and we all know what can happen. Cassie then locked her mouth to mine and told me to put a baby in her. I then slid my dick into her deep and comenced fucking with long slow strokes. Cassie joined me in the rythem moaning at first working her way to "oh damn", "shit", "fuck me baby", "fuck the hell out of me". And I did as we created a big wet spot on the bed. Finally she started quivering and cumming and i was ready to release my baby making load into her cervix on que. I filled her to over flowing. We relaxed for several minutes and I lowered my head to inspect her battered cum dripping pussy. I was happy with what I had done to her and started eating her cum filled pussy again. Cassie came back to life and we fucked all over again. I shot another load deep in her and we fell to sl**p afterwards. I woke up a few hours later and saw she was still sl**ping. It was a peaceful sight and I could not resist as I went down on her sl**ping pussy. I ate for probably a half hour and then went back to sl**p with a hard dick. Next morning I woke and made us breakfast. Cassie woke and was drawn to the kitchen as she could smell the aroma of bacon, eggs and pancakes. Cassie tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and we went into a deep good morning kiss. I told her I had eaten her out while she was sl**p and she said she had dreamed I was eating her pussy and it seemed real. Cassie had not taken a shower yet and I love a pussy that stinks a little, so I dropped to my knees and eat her until her legs began to shake as she came drenching my face. I got up and Cassie licked her juices off my face. We then sat down and eat (breakfast).

Cassie said her husband nor any other man had ever fucked her as well as I did and now she knew she had to go back home to San Beradino. Cassie asked me if she could move in and I reminded her she had a husband. She said she did not care but was worried me might want to come after me. I told not to worry about that I could take care of myself and, having been in combat, would beat him mercilessly if he tried anything. Cassie knew she wanted me but she had to get back to her c***d as her mother was baby sitting her. I told Cassie if she lived with me she could expect me to fuck her friends and I was not going to change. I also told her I would not be much of a daddy but i would probably be better than the clown she was with. Then I told Cassie the conversation was getting much too serious and I went to my knees and eat her out again. That changed everything as she once again became a sex a****l. We fucked on the kitchen table in front of a big window, a female neighbor came by and watched for a while. I fucked her until I couldn't hold back and unloaded a big wad of cum deep in her baby factory. Cassie told me she wanted to catch the noon bus home and we only had an hour to get her to the bus station. I told Cassie you don't have much time to clean up and she told me she did not want to that she want to smell and taste me all the way home and relive every minute we had spent together. We kissed and went to the car.

The bus station was at a downtown hotel and one could drive their car under the building to the bus loading area which I did. Once parked I turned off the car, Cassie took out my dick and gave me a really nice wet blow job. Cassie asked me to unload in her mouth and on her face so she could savor it all the way home. I did and used my fingers to wipe away the cum from her face into her hungry mouth. We then kissed long and wet until it was time for her to board the bus home...

I did not hear from Cassie for a few weeks but when she did call the first words out of her mouth were "guess what, I am........"

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Great story.