Turning my neighbour on in pantyhose part 2

So.....there I was. Lucy...dressed up to the nines, crossed legged on the window sill. The guy next door, rock hard, almost licking his lips! I was sooooo turned on. I knew I looked fab today! Big headed? Sometimes you just know dont you? You are about to get to know me better....

Was it wrong to be turning this guy on so much? His cock sure wasnt bothered! He wanted to Fuck me because he fancied me...because I looked like a sexy, hot maid! I would imagine this is one of his fantasy's...I'm just happy I'm succeeding in making it a reality.

So did I stop? Quit while I was ahead? What would you do? You know what I'm wearing right? My sexy tights look amazing! I glimpse down at my thighs...Fuck! They look good. Stop it...not a great time to go hard. This tight black dress shows everthing.

But thats one of the great things about my body...I have a big sexy femine arse and lovely thighs things every woman craves...features I hide as the day to day me, but Lucy shows them off. Lucy is a huge part of me...she's who I'd be if I had a choice...she's who I'll be if things change in the future. I love how I look right here right now. Lips glossy...beauty spot just over my lip, dark eye make up. For the moment these are short lived horny experiences...in the future I will be her...and I'll strut my stuff in front of you...let you stroke my legs. Sit on your cock all lubed up and ride you...I promise!

So, where was I? Oh yeah...smoking hot with my neighbour hoping all his chrismas's had come at once.

I get up....go straight up to the window...biting my lip, which I always thinks looks trei hot! Now this is risky...I open the window a little and call to him to come round to the back of the house. He hesitates for only a moment and strides down the gravel drive. I head to the bathroom. As I arrive at the big window...he appears. I open the window and whisper for him to sit down on one of the outdoor chairs. He obeys...as you would. This window is clear...something I've never fixed as we live in the middle of nowhere. I go up to the window and kiss it. It leaves a huge lipstick kiss of course. I lick my lips...his dick goes hard! Im hoping he gets it out soon. I want to see him stroke it....completely turned on by Lucy, whos become a bit slutty at this stage.
I turn the shower on....mmmmm hot and steamy. He gets up and peers in as I step fully clothed into the shower. As I get in I turn my ass to him...making sure my little giveaway is nice and neat away from prying eyes. I stand for a moment...legs astride and begin to touch between my legs. Hes loving that and as I turn around he smiles. My tights are now wet and very clingy! I reach for the soapy gel and with my satin gloves still on I open it and stary rubbing all over my body. Legs, ass, tits, everywhere! I hitch my dress up to give him a little peek of my butt cheeks! As I look over my shoulder...he quickly un zips his trousers, reaches in and pulls out his huge throbbing dick! He's wanking big time now and really enjoying me.
I pull up my dress while still turned with my back to him...all he can see now is wet heels, sexy wet soapy legs and my hose covered ass. I bend over alittle bit and reach between my legs. I start to push my finger into my ass through the wet stretched tights and pretend to be fingering where my pussy would be. Oh my god....so hot now. I eventually stand up and turn around. He's still wanking and transfixed on me...why wouldnt he be? I reach into my tights and start groping myself down there. Ive taken photos for admirers in the past...through tights I look like I have a sexy pussy so im really lucky I suppose. Hes lookig straight at it now so i hope so. Hes Wanking furiously of course!
I reach out to a drawer and pull out a dildo and start licking the tip...slowly at first but then sticking my lips right round it. I start off reaching round, up and down the shaft, almost swallowing a few times, but I think I know what he has in mind...what Id want to see if I was him. I just stand still with my head slightly tilted to the side. My lips still and wide open start shooving it in and out...in and out. No movement from me other than this huge dildo being trust in and out. Thats what he wants to do...shoove his dick in my mouth. He'd love me to blow him, lick him and suck him but this guy really wants to fuck me...so I would crouch there and let him....just bang me...bang my fuckable lips and mouth! Just to start with of course....

Part 3 to cum

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2 years ago
Wow i justr came in mypanties
2 years ago
Great story line!