Turning my neighbour on in pantyhose

One of my neighbours whos in his early 50's and clearly a man of taste;) asked me recently had we got a cleaner in?! I said yes a couple of times a week. He seemed happy!
I know why..... My name is Lucy and I love strutting around in front of the window with sexy outfits on. I'm meant to be our new cleaner but I have to be honest, I don't do much, just a lot of bending over and stretching up high!
Yesterday I was dressed as 'Lucy the maid', shall we call her? I had 4 inch black leather heels on, which make my calves look fab!My favourite stocking patterned tights which are as equally shiny as smooth to touch (which you can see in a couple of my photos), a verrry tight black dress which shoes the curve of my ass and huge fake tits! Long black satin gloves and loads of dark make-up, including fake eyelashes and red glossy lips. Id decided to wear my straight black bob.
I looked in the mirror as I walked past and even turned myself on! Id want to fuck me!
As I was dusting the curtain pole on a little of steps we have, I heard footsteps outside our low front wall. I couldn't see who they belonged to as my head was above the top of the window. So I carried on regardless. As I suspected and secretly hoped...they stopped. I knew it would most likely be him. He always walked back from the local pub this time of day.
I held my breath and stepped off the ladder with one leg standing on the inner shelf on the window, which is easily wide enough for me to pose on. I looked down at my thighs and imagined what he was seeing....I started to go hard so had to calm down as I'm not sure he'd be into that;)
I turned around so my back, arse and legs are right in his face, standing there on the window ledge...well as close as he can get to them. Its only about 2 meters! what else does he want from me? I feel sooo sexy.
At this stage he still doesn't know I know he's there...but he must be wondering what exactly I'm cleaning, or does he care?
I start rubbing me satin gloved hands down my arse and thighs. He hasn't walked away yet...why would he? He must think it's his lucky day? I don't want to go disappointing him do I?
I start to climb down the ladder very slowly...I'm a little more nervous now as he's so close...but I Look like a sexy, Fuckable, 30 year old woman, not me, but Lucy!
I grab a duster and start dusting the crystal whisky glasses that I was stood straddled over only moments ago. I take this moment to glance up and notice his bulge is big and hard! He nervously looks away...I want to say...don't worry...you can look, but he moves away. I'm dissapointed but not for long as he's standing behind the hedge that divides my house from next door. It looks really obvious he's spying on me , but he doesn't seem bothered. He just wants to see more of Lucy's legs. I sit down on the shelf and cross my legs really slowly. I take my bright red lip gloss and start applying it. He's staring right at me now. Wonder how his Dick is? I'm going for achingly hard!

More to come

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2 years ago
A great tease is always needed! Thanks
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
this is going into my favorites, and i hope you continue!!!!
2 years ago
Wow lucy that was so hot my little clitty is so hard i think i'm going to cum in my panties thanks
2 years ago
Please continue!!!!!
2 years ago
ohh ey.. Put up your story fast.. M dying 2 read it