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Turning on my neighbour Part 3...finally

Last time I wrote about my experience....where did we finish? Oh yes, I was shoving a dildo in and out of my silky wet lips....toying with the tip and then shoving it in as deep as I can take. My glossy red lipsstick coming off a little on it, which I can only imagine is turning my neighbour on.
I'm finding it hard not to go hard myself;)
Mmmm what to do, what to do? I slowly pullit out of my mouth and call through the window to go to the other window. He obeys immediately, of course. His duck his out now, no disguising he's massively hard!
The next window looks into my bedroom so I call t... Continue»
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[Story] Turning my neighbour on in pantyhose part 2

So.....there I was. Lucy...dressed up to the nines, crossed legged on the window sill. The guy next door, rock hard, almost licking his lips! I was sooooo turned on. I knew I looked fab today! Big headed? Sometimes you just know dont you? You are about to get to know me better....

Was it wrong to be turning this guy on so much? His cock sure wasnt bothered! He wanted to Fuck me because he fancied me...because I looked like a sexy, hot maid! I would imagine this is one of his fantasy's...I'm just happy I'm succeeding in making it a reality.

So did I stop? Quit while I was ahead? What... Continue»
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Web cam

Can anyone help me please? Im trying to find out why I cant broadcast via my webcam? Everytime I try it wont let me....very sad!
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[Story] Turning my neighbour on in pantyhose

One of my neighbours whos in his early 50's and clearly a man of taste;) asked me recently had we got a cleaner in?! I said yes a couple of times a week. He seemed happy!
I know why..... My name is Lucy and I love strutting around in front of the window with sexy outfits on. I'm meant to be our new cleaner but I have to be honest, I don't do much, just a lot of bending over and stretching up high!
Yesterday I was dressed as 'Lucy the maid', shall we call her? I had 4 inch black leather heels on, which make my calves look fab!My favourite stocking patterned tights which are as equally shin... Continue»
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