This is a memorable incident which happened in my life after my wife had delivery and our son was 1 year old. We used to live in Bangalore at that time. It was January when my wife got the news that her grandmother was unwell and this had prompted her to leave urgently for her hometown in Haryana. It was all of a sudden so we decided I, our son and the maid would come a few days later as I had some business to take care of and couldn’t leave with her. The maid also took care of the baby, and so my wife was okay leaving her c***d with me. Since my teen years I had this fantasy to fuck a maid hardly, but it was just a fantasy. I never got a chance to realize this fantasy as till my marriage I use to stay with my joint f****y and there were always people around. But with my wife’s departure to Haryana, it was the first time in my life I was alone with a maid and sexual thoughts started arising in my mind. Even after marriage I always use to eye our maid Neha as I found her very attractive. I use to fantasize her as a dirty sex goddess and at times when I would fuck my wife I would imagine I was with Neha.
To tell you about her; Neha was then in her forties. She would always keep herself tidy. She had dark dusky skin and was a bit tall. She had a giant ass which would make me grow crazy and even her breasts were very big, almost the size of 2 cricket balls. I would often try to get a glimpse of her assets when she would be sweeping the house or washing clothes in the bathroom, but I was always very careful as I belonged to a respectable f****y and if caught my life would turn upside down. Neha generally wore a sari to work, but at times she use to wear a nighty in which she looked like a whore. I use to dream of sneaking up to her, tear her nighty and fuck her in the ass. She also smelled nice every day, a mix of coconut oil in her hair and sweat in her body. I often wondered how heavenly it would be to lick her sweaty body and armpits.
So, with my wife’s departure to Haryana, I was left alone with Neha and our c***d. Naturally, kinky thoughts started running in my mind and I decided I would have to fuck Neha to satisfy my infatuation with her. I started planning in my head. I knew if I got the courage Neha would oblige to my demand as she had an air of a whore around her. I often felt she was sex hungry in the way she moved around the house and our colony, moving her huge ass in ways which would grow any man’s penis to maximum erection. After my wife left, I got very busy for 3 days with work and didn’t get time to proceed with my plan for Neha. After a lot of thinking, I decided to buy a train ticket for us to Haryana as the distance from Bangalore to North India was long and it would give me a couple of days and nights alone with Neha. Accordingly, I booked a 1st class AC ticket where we would get a private cabin and full privacy. I told Neha to pack her and our son’s bag, and to carry something comfortable to wear for the journey such as nighty as the trip was long. Not knowing my intentions, she had obliged. On the day of the train, she had combed her hair properly and wore a red color nighty which had floral designs. As we settled down in our cabin, I wondered the color of her bra and panty. Meanwhile, Neha was happy to see we had a private cabin with air conditioner, though she urged she was okay to travel in sl**per class. I told her that I needed her to take care of our son and so had booked for her along with us. She understood the situation and was more than happy to be in the cabin. The train departed Bangalore at 8 in the night. I was happy that it was a night departure as it gave me privacy. We had all settled well and by 9 PM my son was well asl**p. I was very excited. My dream of having a maid as a slave was in the process of being enacted. I had prepared for everything. I carried with me a strong alcohol, condoms, some porn magazines, short western cloths, and loaded my laptop with hardcore and very kinky porn videos, and romantic movies. My first step was to get friendly with Neha, so over dinner I started conversing with her. I asked her about her husband and f****y. She seemed upset with her husband as she told me he was a d***kard. I consoled her a bit by telling her not to worry and that a lot of men are bastards. I also told her that divorce was common now days and if she would like I would help her get rid of her husband. I told her that she was beautiful and any man would accept her even though she was a bit old. She was very thankful to my offer and even blushed a bit when I praised her beauty. She seemed to enjoy the dinner and our conversation. I also bought her an ice cream after dinner, for which she was very grateful.
All this while, I was trying my best to get a glimpse of her gorgeous body, moving my eyes from her legs to her breasts to her face and hair, with nobody to disturb me. I swear I could have just masturbated looking at her, leave alone fucking. The red nighty really suited her hot busty body. I knew she realized I was eyeing her body but she acted unaware of this. Instead, she was allowing me to feast my eyes on her beauty as I noticed she was playing with her hair in a flirting manner. After dinner I told her that my neck was paining and that I would like to drink some alcohol to soothe the pain. I told her that I would appreciate if she drank a peg with me. She was a bit hesitant but after pleading with her she agreed as I had expected. The whore was falling in the trap. So I took out 2 glasses and poured the expensive vodka I was carrying. She again thanked me for the drink and we said cheers and started drinking. As we were drinking our first peck, we talked about my wife. She told me that my wife was very beautiful and that I was very lucky. I appreciated her concern but told her that my wife would never be as beautiful in her forties as she was. This was a big statement for Neha and she blushed like a virgin. Both of us started laughing and the alcohol helped in easing the tension. I told her that her husband was a bastard as he did not know what he was missing. She was again flattered and blushed. All this while, I kept feasting my eyes on her body, and she didn’t seem to mind or notice. She was quite high in the first peck itself as she was not used to drinking, but I poured her another one though she was reluctant again. It was now 11 PM and the train was completely silent. I asked her if she would like to watch a movie and she again obliged. I put up a romantic movie which had a vague story of husband cheating with wife. As we watched the film, we chatted more. Watching the movie, she asked me why a man cheats on a woman. She was a bit reluctant asking me these bold questions, but I told her we are now friends as we were drinking together. I told her it is because sometimes men have many desires and they think a lot of fucking and look outside their wife to please such desires. She was quite shocked when I used the word fucking but we both laughed at it. She told me that she was sure I was happy with my woman as ‘bhabiji’ was so beautiful. I told her that I was happy with my wife and fucked her every night, but even I had desires which were frustrating me as I couldn’t perform them with my wife. She seemed concerned about my frustration and asked what could bother a handsome guy like me. I acted flattered and winked at her and she smiled and blushed. I asked her if I could be frank with her and she told “please be frank Sir”. I told her I wanted to fuck my wife in the ass but she wouldn’t allow and this was frustrating me. She was quite shocked again as she had never heard of anal fucking. She asked me “Sir I never knew man can fuck a woman in their ass, how is it possible?” I told her that if she would keep it a secret I could show her a video of such a fucking. She said “Sir I can always keep your secret as you have been so kind to me, please show me.”
This was the moment I was waiting for. I shifted to her bed and sat beside her with the laptop in my bed on the opposite side, and put an anal sex movie from my porn collection. She had never seen a porn video before in her life and within the first few minutes of the video starting her eyes were fixed to the screen and she was licking her lips out of excitement. Seeing this as the chance to make a move, I slowly shifted closer to her and moved my right hand over her shoulders. She did not mind at all as her eyes were fixed to the screen where a young guy was undressing a mature lady and playing with the lady’s ass and boobs. I asked her if she was enjoying the movie. She said “Sir I have never seen a movie like this. Now I understand why Bhabiji can’t satisfy you as she is so conservative minded. I wish there was something that can be done to satisfy your desire. Sir when will the ass fucking start?” She had many questions as she was excited. Meanwhile, I caressed her neck and hands and told her to calm down. I told her the ass sex scene will come later and she said okay. I knew she was very hot now as she couldn’t stop licking her lips. I kept caressing her as she watched the film and she didn’t mind. I told her she was very beautiful and she blushed. Without seeking permission, I picked up her nighty a bit so that my hands could reach her busty waist. I felt a current go through my body as I caressed her waist for the first time in my life. It was heavenly. As I started caressing her smooth tummy, she let out a slight airy sound of satisfaction. As I pressed her tummy hard, she showed a bit of reluctance, telling me “Sir is it alright what we are doing?” I told her “Neha don’t worry, no one will come to know. I cannot stop now and I know you can’t stop too. We are both so excited and you are so beautiful, even my wife is no match to your body.” She let out an ‘ummmphhh’ sound hearing my consoling words. I was in no hurry now. I had 3 days and nights in the train with Neha. I kept caressing her tummy. With the nighty now up, I was playing my hands through her legs, slowly moving from her inner thigh to the ankle and feet. As I had expected she wore a red shinny panty. I moved my fingers caressing her panty. I inhaled the coconut smell of her hair and the sweat of her body. From her legs, I moved my hands to her giant ass, pressing them hardly and feeling them in the grip of my palm. I slid my hands under her panty from behind, and with 2 fingers, I caressed the opening of her ass. I played with the hair growing in her ass with my fingers. Neha was almost u*********s with my foreplay and let out an ‘aahhhh’ when my fingers played her ass crack. I told her “Neha you have the best ass in the world. I am mad about you, about every inch of your body. Ever since I saw you I have dreamed of owning your body and making it only mine. I want to give you pleasures which even god cannot give you. I want to fuck you in your ass, I want to drink your sweat, and I want to lick you all over your body.” Neha was madly excited. She said “Sir you are so naughty, I want to be yours too. I want to satisfy you and be your doll.
I want to be your mistress Sir. I want you inside my body Sir.” But I had no intention of satisfying Neha so soon. I did not even open my cloths yet and I didn’t let her touch me anywhere. I wanted her to starve and beg me to let her use my cock. She told me “Sir please open your cloths, I cannot take this separation, I want your body inside me right now.” I felt proud that she was dying to have sex with me, but it was still too early. I told her “Neha I will only open my cloths after you beg me. I want you to be so starved that you become ready to be my slave.” “Sir please don’t take long, I cannot take this, please make me yours.” she told me. I told her not yet and diverted her attention to the porn film as the actor had started to fuck the actress in her ass. I told Neha “Look how the guy is ramming her ass. I will do the same to you.” Her eyes were fixed in the anal action going on in the laptop and she said “Sir anal sex looks so good. Please fuck me in my ass. Do with my body as you like. I cannot wait Sir.” I told her “No Neha, I want you to die of hunger for sex, I want you to feel the frustration I have felt having you around for 2 years but never getting a chance to touch you.” She said “I am sorry Sir of not coming to you sooner, from today I am only yours.” I again felt proud hearing her submit herself to me. I told her “Neha will you be my slave?” “Yes Sir I am your slave.” she told me. “Will you drink my piss Neha?” “Yes Sir I will.” It was 1 PM now and my cock was so erect that I felt it would tear my jeans. As she watched the anal action, I couldn’t stop feasting on her ass. I grabbed them as tight as I could, and I kept fingering her ass cracks, playing with the hair there. I caressed her more, rubbing the vagina area of her panty, and sliding my hands and pressing her all over the body, feeling her body as hard as I could. With her fantastic ass, I had rather forgotten about her boobs and so to not disappoint my slave’s hunger, I tore her nighty from the back and unhooked her red color bra. As my hands cusped her massive boobs for the first time, Neha almost lost consciousness again. I pressed her boobs like a madman, so hard that Neha was in a mix of pain and pleasure. I took out my camera phone and clicked Neha’s picture as she sat in the cabin with her nighty torn and her dark busty body flashing though the gaps of her torn cloths. ‘Aaahhhh Aaahhhh’ was all Neha could say as I dominated her body. But whenever she would try to open my cloths I would stop her, making her all the more frustrated to feel me. I now started licking her body. My salivating tongue was all over her face. I licked her nose, her cheeks and her neck for 10 minutes until they smelled of my saliva. I then moved to her boobs and sucked them like a madman. I bit her erect nipples and gave her love bites all over her 2 boobs, while my hands played with the hair and sweat of her armpits. I moved my nose near her right armpit and the smell gave me a high I have never felt before. I licked her armpits and the sweaty salty hair around it. This even gave Neha a high she had never felt before. She said “Sir suck my armpits, suck and lick my hair and sweat.” As my mouth explored her armpits, she guided my right hand to her ass, as if signalling me to continue with caressing her ass. She took my fingers and guided them to the hair in her ass and then slowly inserted them in her ass. She then took my fingers and licked them. “Sir will you lick my ass too? I have never felt this heavenly. Please lick me every day and every night.” I told her “don’t worry Neha, your body is so tasty I will always lick it.” She let out a ‘uummphhh’ on hearing this. After her armpits, I licked and bit my way through her tummy and then her entire legs. Once this was over, I tore her red panties. She said “ooouuchh…. Sir you are so naughty.” Slowly, I moved my hands to her vagina and felt the warmth of her womanhood. She was very wet inside and I continued stroking her vagina with my fingers. I licked her pussy and drank all her juice. I then started licking and biting her ass, and slowly inserted a finger in her butt hole. She let out a painful ‘Aaahhhh’. I licked my dirty fingers and let her lick it too.
Once I was done with her entire body, I went towards her lips. I kissed her passionately and our tongues played with each other, while my palm pressed her ass with a hard grip. We exchanged saliva and I licked every drop of saliva her tongue could provide. Neha was mad now. She couldn’t wait to touch and feel my body. She told me “Sir if I don’t get to touch your body now I will die. I swear I will die. I want to do all things you just did to my body. Please Sir, please help me.” I felt like a king by now and feeling pity at her, I allowed her to undress me. There was glitter in her face as she unbuttoned my shirt and jeans. She licked me like a true bitch over my hairy chest first, and then she licked my armpits and took pleasure in the smell of my sweat and hair. She slowly slid her hands under my underwear and touched my cock for the first time. Her eyes opened as she touched it. With my massive 9 inch cock in her hand, all she could say was “Sir you have a giant snake. I have never felt something so manly in my life.” Hearing her words, I caught her long hair tightly and jerked her towards my cock in a manner as if forcing my huge cock inside her mouth. She obliged without any complaints as I f***efully pushed my cock in and out of her mouth. I slapped my large cock in her face, hitting her hardly with it. I gagged her with it. I was having an urge to piss, so without asking permission I started peeing in her mouth as she struggled to drink every drop of it. I held her massive boobs with my hands and fucked her boobs with my cock until I cummed all over her face. This was all too much pleasure for poor Neha. She gasped at all the dirty sex we were having. Once I cummed I brought her to my arms and made her rest near my face. We both embraced holding each other tightly, and kissed and sucked each other’s saliva as our mouths locked in an inseparable French kiss, while my hands explored and cupped her ass ever tightly. I told her “Neha today I am the happiest person in the world. I got the pleasure I have always wanted, which is to have you as my sex slave. From today you are my mistress. I will buy you a house, I will take you to foreign countries, I will experiment every sexual desire with you. You are mine Neha, only mine. I want to keep you happy.” Neha was glowing after the best sexual act of her life, and hearing me say these words she glowed even more. She bit me in my lips as an act of acceptance and moved her fingers towards my ass, playing with my ass hair. Like a small c***d she slid down by body and started licking my ass, and moving her tongue in magical ways up and down my ass crack and licking all the kinkiness and the hair that grew there. She then moved to my feet and toes, sucking them as if they were candy. All this was too much to take for me, and my cock was again erect, ready for another session. It was now 3AM in the night. I stopped her from licking my toes, caught her hair, and pulled her towards my cock to make her deep throat it. I wanted to come inside her this time, so I moved in missionary position and for the first time in my life I slid my cock inside the warmth of her wet and juicy dark vagina. At first the strokes were slow as I wanted to make love to her. She was crying ‘ahhhh… aahhh… aahhh’ as my cock went in and out of her pussy, while our tongues explored the depths of our mouth, drinking each other’s saliva as if it were elixir. After 5 minutes of slow fucking her, my movements became harder, and I started pacing my giant cock in and out of her vagina. As the strokes become harder, so did her moans. She was shouting “Sir fuck me harder, fuck me like a machine, fuck me like the porn movie. Fuck me… Fuck me… I am your whore Sir. I am yours. You are a God Sir.” I changed our position and rammed her doggy style in her vagina, my strokes becoming ever harder. I felt like fucking her in every position I could. I was like a madman ravaging on Neha’s body.
I then picked up Neha in my arms and fucked her in a standing position, while our lips locked madly kissing each other. I sucked and bit her boobs. They were now red in color, a sign of all the love bites and abuse. I did not want the night to end but it was going to be early morning and I knew I will have to stop. Though I wanted to fuck her ass this very night, I consoled myself by telling my head that Neha was now only mine and available whenever I needed her. To call it a night, we again shifted to missionary position, and I fucked her harder and harder till the last bit of energy left in me. It was as if both of us were in our own world, u*********s of everything around us, in paradise. As we both proceeded to reach climax, our eyes were closed, our bodies felt like one, our lips were locked. It was almost sunrise as I let out a whole load of cum in her pussy, filling her hole with my love juice, and her love juice flowed exactly at the same moment. Exhausted after the most fun night of my life, I hold her hair tightly with the last bit of energy left in me, brought her very close to me, and told her “I love you Neha, I love you! You are mine”. She responded with equal appreciation “I love you too Sir. I am yours. Take my body.” As the sun rose we had no energy to speak or move. With my cock still in her pussy and the mixture of our love juices oozing out of her pussy into the cabin bed, we slept in tight embrace, our lips touching each other, our faces facing each other, our bodies wet in a mixture of both our sweat. Her last words that beautiful morning were “Sir my ass is still virgin.” I told her “Don’t make me hornier now Neha, we have two more nights in the train and I will need energy, and then we have all our lives together. sl**p now and wake up in a few hours to take care of the baby.” “I love you! Okay!” was her reply. Both of us slept peacefully, anticipating the fun in store for us for the next few days in the train. As my eyes dreamed of good things, I vaguely remember Neha waking up at 8 in the morning to feed the baby, making him sl**p again, and sliding into bed with me again. I eventually woke up at 1 in the afternoon; Neha was still sl**ping in my arms, the smell of our naked bodies and previous night’s lovemaking saturating the cabin. I woke her up, kissed her lips and licked her face, pressed her ass hardly, and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

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