My s****r

Richard relaxed in the big old bath after the harrowing day. It brought comfort to be back in familiar surrounding and the bath brought back happy memories of bath time with his s****r, and Mum, whom they had buried today, scrubbing their backs. He could hear his s****r downstairs and was glad that she had also come down for the funeral, it felt such a long time since he had seen her, yet it couldn’t be more than 6 months, since their Mums cancer had first been diagnosed.
As he thought about the day he distractedly stroked himself, out of comfort not sexual relief, but he was hard as his s****r called up the stairs,
“Richard, do you want a cup of tea?”
Richard snapped out of his reverie,
“Yes please s*s”,
Samantha replied that she would bring it up. A few minutes later he heard the rattle of tea cups on a tray as his s****r climbed the stairs,
‘'are you decent?’’ she cried,
‘'I'm in the bath but come in'’
Richard ran some more hot water to make sure the suds covered his erection. His s****r came into the bathroom putting the tea tray down on the floor before resting on the toilet seat, he could smell her perfume. Her gown slipped open revealing smoothly crossed thighs, she absentmindedly pulled it back over her knee. She looked very tired and sad but more beautiful than ever, tall and slim with a handsome face, piercing blue eyes, full red lips on a very pale but flawless complexion, and long straight shiny black hair tied severely back, the sheer white silk dressing gown highlighting her full breasts and rounded buttocks. At 26, she was a more mature woman than the teenager his schoolmates used to fantasize about. Being only 18 months between them they had always been close and at that moment he felt deep affection and pity for his s****r whom he knew would miss their mum terribly.
“Don't be sad Sam”
he said, as she passed him his tea.
“Dad would have been proud of you today and moved by the way you spoke about mum in the church Richard”
she said. At that moment a single tear ran down her face and he instinctively reached up to wipe it away, as he had done many times when she was younger. She held his hand against her cheek and gently kissed it.

She looked at the bath and said
“happy memories, how many times were we in this tub as k**s”,
as if to echo his own memories, before adding
“wish that we could turn the clock back”.
He held her face as she leant down, stroking her cheek and sensing her vulnerability. He wished he could take the tears away.
Her “Can I get in with you”
surprised him but he wanted to comfort her and answered
“Yes of course s*s”.
She pinned her long hair up and slipped the robe from her shoulders and he couldn’t help but notice her lithe body, firm breasts even with an arm thrown across them in coyness, lovely rounded buttocks below a very slim waist and milky white skin, as she stepped into the bath, back to him as she used to of old. With her rounded backside inches from his face he could not resist the temptation to kiss her left buttock and this made her laugh.
“You always used to do that when I got in the bath”,
she giggled, like the little girl he remembered.
He smiled and said
“But now there's something worth kissing”
And she laughed again as she settled between his legs and leant back against him. He felt her backbone against him and her bottom pressed against his groin and it felt warm and soft. She leant over the side to pick up her cup, the movement of her flesh against his groin started to reactivate his erection, it was a long time since he had felt a woman's flesh against his, and he was horrified by his reaction as his erection grew against her back,
“I’m so sorry s*s, I'll get out”.
“It's OK Richard, with Mum gone you are the only one left who cares about me, my husband certainly doesn’t. It’s nice that someone finds me sexy”.
“Oh Samantha, I’ve always loved you and always will, I guessed things weren’t right between you and that bastard”.
He laid his hands on her shoulders gently massaging them and the back of her neck. Her skin felt soft under his fingers and she sighed with pleasure as his fingers eased her knotted muscles. Placing her tea cup back on the floor she cupped her hands over his, and was still a moment as if coming to a decision, before leaning back against him and moving his hands down to cup her breasts. Richard could hardly breathe as he felt the fullness of his s****r’s breasts and noticed that her nipples ripened under his hands, he absent-mindedly stroked them with the tips of his fingers and felt them swell.
“That’s nice Rich”
she said as she laid her head back on his shoulder and for the first time he could see over her shoulder and realise the loveliness of her body, large firm breasts with cigar butt nipples, flat stomach and dark bush.
“Everything will be OK Sammy”,
He said as a rush of tenderness and love swept over him, such that he had never felt before. His erection grew still further and she sighed as she wiggled her back against it. He kissed her exposed shoulder and neck and she turned her face to him before kissing him back with a passion that took his breath away. They looked into each others eyes not fully comprehending what was happening before they kissed again, feeling each others tongues in their mouths, mouth covering mouth, lips against wet lips, breathing heavily against each other. It was as if an unspoken boundary had been broken, years of longing poured out as they kissed so passionately. They stopped and pulled away looking straight into each others eyes, stripping away the conventions to reveal their inner feelings. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as Richard moved and placed his lips against her soft wet mouth again.

Breathing deeply Sam reached around and grasped her b*****r’s erection as Richard’s hand left her breast and slid down her flat stomach and stroked her thighs which were already parted in anticipation, before he felt her thick black pubic hair. His fingers slid through the dark curls and gently traced a line along her opening lips. Reaching round she grasped his prick at the base and as their tongues touched again, her hand slowly slid up to his engorged knob. “God Richard you feel so big”
She gasped.
“Love me” she breathed,
“I do” Richard whispered,
“No, make love to me” Samantha breathed.
Richard gasped as he fingered her enlarged clit before slowly sliding two fingers deep into his s****r’s tight vagina as she pushed her hips upwards to meet his hand. She shivered, moaned quietly and continued to move her hips against his hand as he felt himself swelling in her fist. With his free hand he turned her face to his and kissed her lips again, gently stroking her cheek. She opened her mouth and he felt her slide her tongue into his mouth and he sucked it before kissing her back, open mouthed.
“I mean it, fuck me Rich, fuck me with your big hard cock”.
Richard gasped
“are you sure Sam, I want to, but are you sure”,
“Yes, oh yes, take me to bed and fuck me hard, quickly Richard before I change my mind”.

He stood up, lifting her up underneath her arms, she turned around as the water cascaded off their bodies and they pressed close against each other. Sam felt his hardness against her belly and she shivered when he slid his hands over her buttocks and lightly traced around her anus with his forefinger. She squeezed his firm rounded bum and kissed his chest before he lifted her out of the bath. They stood dripping on the carpet looking at each other. He was surprised at how light she was, but how hard her breasts were and how shapely her rear was. She was surprised at how big his cock was and how it excited her. He gently dried her off with a towel and she did the same to him before he lifted her in his arms and carried her to her old bedroom. He gently sat her on the side of the bed and kneeling between her thighs, buried his face between her full breasts. He had a pang of recollection and told her about the morning, years back, that he had entered her bedroom looking for writing paper. He had expected her to be at school but she had overslept, and he was mesmerised by her laying naked on the bed, covers having been thrown off in her sl**p. He stood longer than he should have just looking at her fifteen year old naked body, a girl in a women’s body. He was excited by her young firm breasts, her rounded bottom and the 'v' at the top of her thighs, slightly open and covered by damp wispy hair. He told her how he moved to the side of her bed and how he ever so gently stroked her damp lips and rounded bum and then how he picked up a pair of her discarded knickers, which he still had, and locked himself in his bedroom and masturbated six times over them, thinking about her all the time. He told her about the fantasies that he had after that morning, of coming into her bedroom late at night where she would be naked under the bedclothes, waiting for him, and how he would fuck her until the morning, filling her vagina with his sperm.

Sam was thrilled that he thought about her like that and lifted her breast for him to suckle whilst gently stroking the back of his head. Her nipples were so swollen they were almost painful and his lips felt cool on them.
'You know, I used to dream of you and your friends gang banging me. Sometimes I would be taking two cocks in my vagina and one up my bum and at the same time I would be taking your cock into my mouth Rich. In my fantasy you would be huge, sometimes 10 inches and I would take you down my throat. As I would feel your friends coming in my vagina and up my bum you would pull out of my mouth and spurt your come over my face, then you would kiss my face and then fuck me as your friends watched. You would make me come again and again before you ejaculated, pumping your come deep inside me'.
Sam took her b*****rs face in her hands and so tenderly kissed him on the lips before whispering into his ear,
'it was at that time in my fantasy that I knew I had conceived your baby in my womb'.
said Richard
'I can't believe what I am hearing',
what he was hearing coming out of his s****r's mouth was making Richard so excited he could feel his penis swelling to even greater size and Sam could feel his hardness snaking up the inside of her thigh. Sam said
'Yes Rich, I used to dream about having your baby, and even when my stomach was so swollen you used to be so tender as you fucked me every night, until one night I dreamt about you licking my cunt and then fucking me up my bum'.

Richard looked up with love and longing at his s****r, he was so excited to hear his s****r talk like this and it had a huge effect on his erection which was now nearly achieving every inch of the ten inches that his s****r had dreamt about. He took her puffy nipples in his mouth; they were stiffly erect and long. His tongue left her breast and his lips travelled down her breastbone onto her flat stomach. He broke off and looked up at Samantha,
'Can I lick you'
said Richard,
'Oh yes, please'
begged Sam. She lay back on the bed and lifted her slim legs, bending her knees to put her feet on the side of the bed. She reached between her parted thighs and parting her bush pulled her swollen pink lips apart. Richard could see her clit, hugely swollen and moist like a large red g****. He kissed the insides of her thighs and ever so gently licked his s****r's outer lips. She smelt fresh and he could feel her trembling. He gently enclosed his lips around her button and ran his tongue around it. She arched her back as if a bolt of electricity had shot through her and came massively against his mouth. He held her hips firmly as he sucked her swelling clit and rolled his tongue around it, making her come continuously.
'Oh, Oh, Oh my god'
Sam gasped, her body heaving as her b*****r tongued her.
'It feels so good, better than I ever dreamt of'.
She felt his wet finger in her vagina as he kissed her, and she tensed in anticipation as he withdrew it and slowly slid it down between her bum cheeks before it gently pressed against her anus. She felt him slowly push his wet forefinger into her bum and she groaned with pleasure. Slowly it slid into her rear, up to his knuckle. Richard bent and flexed his finger in her and it felt exquisite, nobody had ever done anything like this to her before and it was so exciting. Stimulated in her cunt and rear she exploded into another orgasm of such intensity she almost fainted. When it was finished she gently withdrew his finger and sat up on the bedside. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, tasting her moisture on his lips.
'Stand up my darling'
she said to him. He stood in front of her, his enormous erection waggling in front of her face, and she was able to look at him really for the first time as she knelt before him. Like herself tall and dark, she ran her hands over his well built chest bringing her hands down to his slim waist. She smiled as she stroked his beautiful buttocks and gently wrapped her arms around his muscley thighs, drawing herself close to his firmness. He was her dark haired Adonis.
‘You still play rugby’
was a question that did not need answering. He merely smiled down at her as she kissed his muscled stomach, and there waggling right in front of her was the object of her attention.
She gently took him in her hands and lovingly admired his enormity. He had grown to at least 10inches in length, and she struggled to encircle it with her fingers. Some pre cum dripped from its hugely swollen head and she gently nuzzled her cheek against it.
'Suck me, Sam'
Rich gasped, and he looked down at Sam as she slowly opened her lips around it. Very gently she took his engorged head into her mouth and closed her red lips around it. She rolled her tongue around the head and against the opening at the tip of his cock, and gently sucked. He tasted so good and this was something she had fantasized about for so long, she felt a trickle of warm wetness run down her thigh, she was so wet. She took him out of her mouth and kissed his heavily veined length saying,
'I never did this for my husband Rich, but I have always dreamt of doing it to you, and you are so much bigger than him my darling'.
'Oh Sammy, it feels so good'
Richard said.
'will you come if I suck you some more?' asked Samantha,
'Oh yes if you want me to'.
Without answering Sam took him back into her mouth, flicking her tongue around the nerve-endings of his engorged head. She dribbled her saliva along his cock before masturbating him with both hands and sucking his knob end back into her mouth. Her urgent caressing caused Richard to push forward, the pushing became a thrust as his urgency increased. He took Sam's head in his hands and held it firmly as the imperative to thrust into her mouth increased. She sucked harder trying to take him down her throat, fighting back the choking feeling before controlling her breathing as the choking became a pleasant caress on the inside of her throat. Richard thrust with greater urgency and gasped as his penis completely disappeared into his s****r’s mouth and throat. He held himself there, his length down her throat; her eyes were closed as she gently caressed his balls with her left hand and stroked his buttocks with her right. When she probed his anus with her wet forefinger he could control himself no more.
'Oooh Jesus Sam, I'm going to cum'.
He slipped his hand under her chin and withdrew until just his glans lay between her wet open red lips. He was as taut as he could remember, every nerve ending tingled. He came with such a f***e that Sam initially gagged as his thick warm sperm hit the back of her throat. He ejaculated again and another thick warm flow filled Sam's mouth. He squirted another five or six times before he was spent. Weak legged he looked down at his s****r, she was slightly leaning back on her elbows on the bed, eyes closed, head thrown back and open mouthed, a look of ecstasy on her face. Her mouth was full of his white spunk, which slightly trickled out from the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto her heaving breasts. She slowly and deliberately swallowed his cream, a little at a time before finally huskily saying,
'that tasted so nice Rich'.
She looked so sexy Richard could not stop himself from pushing her back onto the bed. He kissed her mouth and they tasted his spunk on their lips.
'Fuck me now Rich, I want you so badly'.
She reached down between her legs and found him, still incredibly thick and stiff.
'Oh Rich you’re still so fucking huge, slide that fucking great cock into my sopping wet cunt', she whispered hoarsely into his ear, licking it at the same time. She felt excited enough to express herself with swear words whispered into her b*****r’s ear and it had an electrifying effect on her b*****r who had hardly ever heard her utter a single cuss before.

She widely parted her legs drawing her knees up to her breasts and as he leant over her she guided his penis into her. Finally he was making love to her. All those years of longing were released as she felt him enter her wet cunt. She felt his fat penis forcing her wet vagina wide open, and the feeling of his slick skin and veins sliding against her engorged clit brought her to another crashing orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she convulsed, bubbles appearing on her mouth and for a split second Richard thought that she may be fitting before she gasped ‘oh my God’. She felt so stretched and he thrust into her so deeply that she experienced feelings that she had never encountered before. Her contractions were so strong that they rippled through her whole body making her toes curl. Her b*****r kissed her passionately on her wet open mouth as she silently gasped in orgasm, all the time hearing him saying he loved her. She ran her hands down his back and wrapped her legs around his waist as he quickened his thrusting. Richard dropped his mouth to her swollen nipples and aureole and sucked each one into his mouth as she continued to jerk as she came against his thrusting.
'Fuck me my darling, fill me with your spunk and give me your c***d'
she gasped breathlessly into his ear, before sliding her wet tongue into it. As his s****r urged him to cum, Richard had never felt more potent, he was aware how large he was inside her, he could feel her tightness rippling over his prick, and he could feel his knob pressing against the opening to her womb. He could feel the heaviness of his ball sac wedged between himself and his s****r. He wanted to hold onto this moment for as long as possible, he wanted to pleasure his s****r for as long as he could. She whimpered in pleasure, as he thrust harder, her wetness squelching in the silence of the room, and her panting. She clung to him clutching his buttocks and then her finger, moistened by her own wetness, found his anus. Gently probing she slid it in up to her knuckle and massaged his prostrate,
'Cum my darling'
she gently begged breathlessly in his ear. The effect was electrifying, oh the release. She felt the ejaculation deep inside, his body spasmed intensely. She could barely gasp,
'Oh, oh'
as she felt his jets of hot sperm flood into her, she was vicelike around him, feeling his every ripple, Cumming with him, only on his ninth squirt did she begin to come down.

When he started to cum his body took over and began to spasm involuntarily. The sense of release was huge as his spunk spurted into Sam's contracting vagina. His first couple of ejaculations seemed to go one for ever and he was aware for the first time of his ball sac emptying and refilling. The fact that he was fucking his s****r only added to the pleasure and excitement; he wanted her to enjoy it so much. Gradually the length of his ejaculations decreased until after about the tenth cum he rolled onto his side pulling her with him. Side by side facing each other, still inside her, he kissed her so very tenderly on her mouth. Utterly spent they lay gently kissing and holding each other. Samantha could feel her b*****rs semen seeping out of her vagina, it ran back over his cock and balls and down her thighs. He had one hand underneath her, stroking her buttocks and he stroked her face with the other.
'What if I have made you pregnant'
he asked doubtfully,
'don’t worry, you have and it's wonderful'
Sam whispered.
'what do you mean, how do you know?',
Richard replied.
'I know, I know I have conceived and we're going to have a baby'
she beamed, face flushed. He looked into her eyes saw them sparkling and sensed the conception that had already taken place deep inside her beautiful body.
'Will our baby be alright?'
he questioned.
'don’t worry my darling everything will be fine. I am so, so happy to be having your baby'.
Sam smiled at him. He leant up on one elbow and stroked her breasts before running his hand down to her belly which he gently massaged. He could not get enough of her, stroking her thighs, her bottom, her back, her beautiful face, not daring to believe that they would or could be together.
'We can go away and live as man and wife'
he said softly to his s****r. She looked up at him with such love before bringing his head to her and kissing his lips tenderly.
'I would be honoured to live as your wife'
she said to him before, totally spent, they both eventually fell asl**p in each others arms.

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2 years ago
Loved it
3 years ago
Nice story, brought back memories of my brother
3 years ago
awsome. gently yet passionate love scenes.
One feels that this was a long time in happening.
Great story. look forward to enjoying more of your cretive writing.
3 years ago
That was a great and very erotic story. Well written with a good storyline. You took a topic, normally deemed dirty, and made it into a beautiful love story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
OMG! I would have married my two older twin sisters whom I fucked on a regular basis as a teen-but polygamy is illegal in this country!
3 years ago
Very nice indeed. It was well written in the erotic sense verses the dirty sense, love both but this was very fitting... Very good ...Thanks
3 years ago
That was sooo good. Beautifully written. Whether deliberate or not, the use of "vagina", rather than being naive, fitted in so well with the sister's slightly reserved character.
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Vry good