The Analyst - Chapter 1

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Jan had started seeing Doctor Stevens only after getting tremendous pressure from her best friend, Donna. Jan insisted that she really didn't have a problem that required the services of a psychiatrist, but Donna insisted that she talk to Dr. Stevens, so she went. Jan still believed that she didn't need to go, but had been learning so much about herself and her life that she went each week. Besides, she really liked the Doctor, and could afford the visits, so why not.

I should pause, here to tell you a little about Jan. She is Vice President of Sales with a medium size electronics manufacturer in the midwest. She is respected by everyone who deals with her as a very effectively. Her sales f***e calls her "The Iron Lady" but not in her presence. It is obvious the first time you meet her that she is a beautiful woman who could easily have become a top paid model or actress but in her role as a business woman, she tones the beauty down to "attractive" by her dress, demeanor and sparing use of makeup. She wears very conservative business suits, doesn't smoke and drinks only a little wine on social occasions. Jan is thirty-six, but most people believe she is only in her late twenties. Those who know her a little better are aware of the fact that she has been divorced for about three years from a man who tried for five to deal with her strong personality but finally admitted defeat and went to live with a woman almost ten years his junior and seems to be ecstatically happy, now. Jan has seen three men off and on, since her divorce but is "too busy" to think about a long term relationship. Her only close female friend is Donna, whom she has known since college and whom she trusts with her deepest, darkest secrets. In fact, Donna is one of the few people in the world who know about Jan's "other life", the one that prompted her to insist that Jan talk with Dr. Stevens.

Six months ago, Jan was on a business trip to Boston when she met a man in the hotel bar and found her self talking with him for hours. Dan was unlike anyone she had ever known. From the first, she was fascinated by his quiet manner and soft speech and the contradiction represented by the "fire" she saw in his eyes. He made no attempt to pick her up or hit on her. In fact, she was the one who kept the conversation going and she began to realize that she would have to say "goodnight" to this fascinating man and might never see him again. That prospect made her sad and she resolved not to let it happen. When it was time for her to return to her room, she initiated an exchange of phone numbers and said she hoped they could get together on her next trip to Boston. He smiled as they parted and kissed her very softly on the cheek (somehow, she had hoped for more).

The next trip was only two weeks later. She told herself that it was important that she follow up with the new potential customer right away but deep inside she knew that the Northeast Regional Sales Manager was the best in the company and could easily handle things at this early stage of negotiations. She had never before arranged a business trip for personal reasons and refused to admit to herself that she was doing so now. Dan picked her up at her hotel and they talked of nothing in particular as he drove her to a small French restaurant. Over dinner, she found herself drifting away from the conversation several times as she tried to gain an understanding of what she was seeing and feeling in his eyes. Over coffee, she told him that she really didn't want the lovely evening to end (hoping he would take the hint). He said, "We could stop by my place for a nightcap, if you like." She had to restrain herself from blurting out "Oh, Yes!" and said, demurely, "I think that might be very nice." Dan looked at her for several moments, then took her hand gently into both of his. It was like an electric shock and she only half heard him say, "But, there is something I think you need to know..." When he knew that his words had reached her brain, he continued, "I am a very strong willed man and I require my lovers to place themselves completely under my control. If you don't feel comfortable with that, perhaps it would be better if we had our nightcap at the bar in your hotel."

Jan only partly understood the meaning of his words, but she knew, without question, that she had to be alone with him and the sooner, the better. Her mouth was dry as she nodded slightly and replied, "I'd really prefer your place." They talked a little as they drove to his house but Jan's mind was filled with questions. She really didn't know Dan very well and had surprised herself by saying she would go with him. She had a strong sense that she could trust him and needed desperately to be in his arms and feel his body pressing against hers.

It was a fairly large, old house on a quiet residential street and it was obviously well cared for. Even in the dark, she could see that the lawn was well manicured and dotted with big, old oak trees. He parked the car in the drive and came around to open her door. He took her hand lightly as they walked up the front steps. He unlocked the door and reached in to turn on the hall light before allowing her to enter. When they were in, he closed and relocked the door then, e****ted her to a very modern looking great room. It was clear that someone had remodeled the old house extensively and the great room had probably once been a living room and dining room. She turned and offered herself for the kiss that she fully expected. He took her (so gently) into his arms and their lips met. Almost immediately, their tongues were teasing each other and she felt a great welling up of need and desire. Too soon, he broke the kiss and stepped back slightly, holding her hands in his.

"As I told you," he began, "I will expect you to do exactly as I ask. If, at any time, you want to stop, you must say 'That's enough'. When you say those words, our time together will be at an end and I will take you back to your hotel. Do you understand?" She was shaken by the stern tone of his voice and the seriousness of his words, but she nodded. Jan was beginning to understand that she was to be submissive to his wishes and she found herself both frightened and excited by the situation. "After all", she reassured herself, "I can stop it any time I want." It never occurred to her that she would soon lack any desire for her time with Dan to end.

"First, I want you to remove your pantyhose and panties.", he directed. She started to protest, but he held up his hand. There was no mistaking the meaning of his gesture and she found herself standing before him taking off her shoes, followed by her undergarments as he had instructed. She looked around for someplace to put the items she had just taken off but there was nothing within reach so she just dropped them at her side. "Now, kneel down and open my pants.", he said quietly. Her skirt was short enough that when she knelt, she could feel the soft carpet against her knees, and she reached forward to loosten his belt and unzip his fly. She was moving as if in a dream, now, and lowered his pants and briefs to the floor. His semi-hard cock hung between his legs and she was impressed with its size and shape and wanted to touch it but wasn't sure if she was supposed to wait for instructions, so she did nothing. Dan kicked off his shoes, pulled his socks free and pushed the pile of clothing aside with his foot. He removed the rest of his clothes in silence as she knelt motionless before him. When he was completely undressed, he said, "Show me how you suck cock." The words stung her. "Why does he have to be so direct?", she wondered and looked up into his eyes. He smiled and said, "Remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Using both hands, she guided the head of his penis between her lips and began to lick it with her tongue. She was so aroused that she could feel her juices beginning to leak from her vagina and run down the inside of her thighs.

This is essentially the story she told Dr. Stevens on her second visit. The first visit had been spent getting to know one another a little and learning to feel comfortable in the doctor's office. The second time, Dr. Stevens had said, almost immediately, "Tell me about why you decided to see me." Jan really didn't know how to begin so she just started talking about how she had met Dan and ended up becoming his "slave" and how "out of character" it was for her to behave this way but she didn't want to stop. Dr. Stevens rested her chin on her fingers as she listened to Jan's story and when Jan had paused, reflecting on the scene she was describing, the doctor asked, "How did you feel when he was in your mouth?" "I wanted to taste his sperm.", Jan blurted out, then said, "I'm.. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that." The doctor leaned forward to touch her hand and said, "Of course you should. If that's how you felt. I need to know your feelings and I don't want you to hold back because you think you may shock me."

After a short pause, Jan went on. "It was really weird. Dan is an O.K. looking guy but not the type I would usually be attracted to. But, when he told me, straight out, that he wanted me to suck him, it was as though there was nothing else in the world I wanted more than to make him come in my mouth. It only took a few minutes before he tensed and I felt the fist spurts hit the roof of my mouth and I had to start swallowing. He told me not to swallow but just let it run out my mouth so I did as he said and I could feel it running down my chin and neck. I've never really enjoyed the taste and feel of sperm before, but I remember thinking how beautiful it was at that moment."

"When it was over, Dan told me to get down on my hands and knees and I felt him lift my skirt all the way up and lay it on my back. I felt very strange with my ass exposed like that but I couldn't do anything else. Besides, I felt a thrill like I've never known before and wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me. I think I knew he was going to use my ass, but I pretended that I didn't know what he intended and just waited, kneeling on the floor while he went to a table and took something out of a drawer. In one way, I dearly wanted to look to see what he was doing, but in a more powerful way, I didn't want to know. So, I stayed with my eyes focused on the carpet before me as he returned and started applying some kind of lubricant between my cheeks. He came around in front of me and held out a vibrator that was very narrow at the end, but gradually widened a little. About half way along it's length, it became much wider and stayed that width to its very large base. Dan said, 'This will help you become ready for me and I think you'll find it quite interesting on its own. Have you ever had a man in your ass?' I looked up at him and said (quite truthfully) 'No.' Then, he went behind me and I felt the tip of the vibrator nudge against my anus. He turned it on very low and moved it around a little before working just the end into my opening. As he held it there, I was aware that my vagina was positively flowing and I waited for more. He was so slow and gentle, that there was never any pain as he moved the narrow end in and out in a kind of rhythm and pushed more and more into me until he reached the place where it bulged out wider. Dan put his hand on my back and said, 'This may hurt just a little, but it won't last long.' I tensed at his words and he said, 'No. You must remain relaxed.' and he pushed forward steadily as I felt myself stretching to accept the wider part. There was a sharp pain as I opened farther than I would have thought possible, but it started to disappear almost immediately as I felt the whole vibrator sliding in to the depths of my bottom. He turned up the speed and started fucking me with this devilish toy as I grunted and groaned and found myself pushing back to meet each thrust."

"Suddenly, he pulled it out. I gasped and I felt him place the head of his cock against my slightly open anus. He pressed forward steadily until his stomach was resting against my cheeks and his legs were tight against mine. I could feel him all the way up inside me and I started to come. I kept coming as he fucked my ass as deeply as he could until he finally came and slowly withdrew."

Dr. Stevens was quiet for a while, then asked, "Jan, why do you think you liked it?" "I think it's because I'm always in control at work", Jan replied, "and I really don't have a very exciting life outside the office. I know I was searching for something before I met Dan, and now I feel like I've found it. The other thing is that it seems so 'dirty'. I was raised in a very strict environment and all through college and my career, I've worked hard at being very serious and straight. I remember thinking, as Dan's sperm was dripping down my chin, 'If my sales people could only see their boss, now!' It was really very exciting to think about but, of course, I could never let anyone know I did anything like that (let alone, loved it). It's hard enough for a woman to be taken seriously in the business world without having people think you're some kind of nymphomaniac or pervert."

"Do you think you're a nymphomaniac or pervert?", Dr. Stevens asked. Jan thought for a while, then replied, "I guess I don't know. In a way, what I let Dan do to, and with, me seems perverted but when I'm with him, I just feel so free. That sounds funny, doesn't it? That I would feel so free when I'm being his slave? Dr. Stevens was quiet for a few minutes, then said, softly, "Are you going to keep seeing him?" Jan's response was immediate. "I don't think I could stop. And, I don't think I want to. Do you think I should?" "I won't tell you what to do", the doctor answered, "but I am a little concerned for your safety. Suppose Dan decides to go too far and no one even knows you're with him?" Jan said, "I really don't believe that will happen, but it's a good point. Would it be all right if I leave a message on your answering machine when I'm going to see him, so at least you'll know?" Dr. Stevens agreed, and told Jan she wanted her to think through what she was doing and why, so they could both understand it more fully. Jan said she would.
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